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  1. Here are my NGC CAC slabs. All of these r currently listed on great Collections and ending 4/7
  2. Nice coin. When I saw it I checked to see if it would be an upgrade to my set and then realised I had sent my set to great Collection for them to sell. Definitely a nice coin good luck on selling it
  3. Pattern Coins on Great Collections. Most have the obverse on the 3CN
  4. Complete set of Proof 3 cent nickels on Great Collections. Several have CAC Stickers and nice toning also a couple OGH. Currently ranks number 11 on the registry. /
  5. Circulated set of 3 cent nickels (minus 1 - 1887) for sale on Great Collections. Also have a few varieties listed. Currently listed at #4 on the registry.
  6. Currently have a partial set of 3 cent silvers on Great Collections. Several CAC and toned and even a CAC GOLD sticker. This set currently ranks #8 on the registry.
  7. Currently have a set of 2 cent pieces on great collections. This set currently ranks 23rd on the boards
  8. The following 2 cent pieces are listed on Great collections. This set currently ranks 23rd on the boards
  9. Currently have a PCGS Kennedy Proof set listed on eBay it is all the proofs and silver proofs from 1964 to 2014 Open to trades if you would like to make an offer. Look at this on eBay
  10. The link provided is only bringing up my own items
  11. Here are a few Copper's that I wanted to share while they are still mine (sent to great collections for them to list)
  12. I have always thought Todd did a good job on photos. Here is a few photos of some Patterns he did for me years ago.
  13. 2 cents mint set, 3 cents nickel mint set, 3cent nickel proof set, patterns and some 3 cent silvers they are in the registery under my name