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  1. So I ended up buying one of these and now don't want to keep it. Mint cost was $1,335. They selling at a premium on eBay but if you are wanting one at a lower cost shoot me message. Thanks. 20XG mint item number.
  2. Can only get about one roll right now but pm me or post here what you have here. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I did report it to the hosting site and will see if they take it down or not. It is a local site in the middle of rural Tennessee so I don't have high hopes. I will message the seller as well.
  4. Just found these listed locally, what is the best way to squash it?
  5. Not sure if this is authentic or not but if it is there is obviously a lot of corrosion. Can anyone help identifying this coin from these pictures? This is not my coin, just someone locally who is asking for help figuring out what it is. Second question is would it be safe to tell her to give it an acetone bath to help clean up some of that corrosion?
  6. Posting to test my account on the new forum but this article doesn't surprise me at all I would guess for every individual caught there are 10 still getting away with it.
  7. I am sure everyone is at the FUN show right now and I haven't been on here in quite a while do to other priorities in life but saw this on Yahoo as a headline. Congrats RWB on the sale and hope it exceeded your expectations. link