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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to the show. Has NGC said anything about having a lunch or an evening get together? Last year was fun. Being able to walk around and chat with the NGC folks was great. Who plans to be there?
  2. The software here is not very friendly. I have to use Chrome to even be able to post. When the software changed here, I had a lot of problems. When I ask a question, it took several days to get an answer, if I ever did. All this sure took the fun away from being here but I'll keep posting as long as I can keep it working. The image upload really needs to be fixed. On other sites, you can upload any file and the software will adjust the size of the image before it post. I don't want to edit every image just to post it here.
  3. This came from Mark Feld, many years ago. I still love the coin.
  4. It's a dime. I can't upload the reverse.
  5. Next should be any coin dated 1824 or any Bust Half.