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  1. When all this started, I was actually looking forward to having a lot of time off. I even made a list of things to take care of. It didn't work out that way. My work doubled and there is no time to even do the normal stuff I need to take care of. I'm worn out.
  2. But you made it. Had a great time meeting you. Fun evening. Learned a lot from you. Like last year the Rosen Centre is still the closest hotel to the show. About a 6 minute walk. Rosen Plaza is about 15 minutes.
  3. A lot of folks thought Don was tough when he wrote the new rules, years ago. Maybe he was more fair than he got credit for. One thing is for sure, you must be very careful of what you post over there. Friendly chat should be allowed. It should be part of any coin forum.
  4. Lets go back to Cents. Maybe we can get more folks to join in.
  5. Thanks for posting. Good to see something positive.
  6. I still come here everyday to see what is new. Wish it was more active but it's cool to see old friends still posting.