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  1. I can't do the July show but I'll be there in January.
  2. It sounds like you are going to sell them raw. I would have them graded but that's me. You need to find someone that can image the coins for you. The images posted don't allow folks to grade or value the coins. You really need that to get fair prices. The members here may be able to help you with your imaging. Nice group of coins.
  3. The older you get the more you will like something with quality glass. More of the coin will be in focus. Much better on your eyes. Anything over 10X is not good for grading. A 20X can be helpful if you need a really close look at something like a mint mark. This is my favorite glass. Not cheap but once you start using something of quality, you will fall in love with it.
  4. Stop trashing my thread with your garbage. Go away. Many have left this site because of your need to screw up others threads. Create your own threads and screw them up.
  5. It was created by a tiny chip in the die. Cool to find but pretty common.
  6. It's the same with Lincoln cents, Jefferson's, Washington's and others. Some stuff just belongs together. Thanks to all that help keep this thread alive.
  7. Sure, all Bust Half Dollars fit just fine.