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  1. erwindoc

    2018 Awards

    Oh my goodness, I just looked through the link and saw my quarter set in there! I had no idea! What an honor! Thanks NGC!!!!!
  2. erwindoc

    Question about saints

    I have only dabbled a bit in the series, but I chose a few coins that spoke to me and are pleasing to my eye. Two of the three I own have a bit of toning which I think is a plus.
  3. I have a 1963D MS64 for $25 delivered and a 1963P MS63 for $20 delivered. NGC was pretty tough on these two coins as they have exceptionally clean cheeks/fields and nice luster. Get some nice coins at a low price! The shadow over the 63D is a piece of paper I used to lower the light source and there are no spots on these coins!
  4. Still for sale, would make a great addition to any collection.
  5. erwindoc


    I would say that it is at least VG8, bordering on a VG10. I can see at least 4 letters in the "LIBERTY" motto in the band. Very solid rim. Doesn't change the value very much though. Id like to have an album full of those. Great looking coin!!!!!
  6. Im selling this quarter from my collection. It has been professionally imaged and is as lovely as the images show. Asking price is $260 delivered, but would consider reasonable offers. Would consider trades, but cash is king!
  7. For Sale on Ebay...ends in a few days 1910 Ebay Link
  8. erwindoc

    Request a new slot here!

    Per my CoinWorld magazine(dimes only), these are some of the different variations. Some overlap, but you get the idea. This would be a smaller set than the ones you listed above. Just something to consider. No stars: 1837-38 No drapery: 1838-40 Drapery: 1840-53 Arrows at Date: 1853-1855 Drapery: 1856-60 Legend Obverse: 1860-73 Arrows at Date: 1873-74 Legend Obverse: 1875-1891
  9. I know this is a long series in any denomination. From the collectors out there, how many different MAJOR differences would you consider it has. Not talking about die varieties here, but the more significant design changes.
  10. erwindoc

    Request a new slot here!

    The seated liberty series is a very long one in each denomination. It is often broken up into several subtypes in books and by specialists. Any chance there could be registry sets created that only require one from each subtype rather than just the dates sets created now?
  11. Maybe Ill buy some of my old clad dimes back!!!
  12. Mark, you have some fantastic dimes! Good luck with the auction. You should post a link when they go up!
  13. As I attempt to continue to grow in my knowledge and understanding of the grading of coins, specifically Barber coins, the more questions I have. Only in the AU range are there as many grade variations(4 Grades: 50,53,55,58), not counting the plus designation. While the AU range seems a bit clearer to me, VF still escapes me. My question is this and it may not be a simple one to answer. What are the biggest differences in the Very Fine grade range that separates VF20, VF25, VF30 and VF35? What are you looking for to determine that the coin in question is a VF30 and not VF35 or VF25? The ANA grading standards book I have only defines the difference between two grades, 20 and 30.
  14. Up for auction on Great Collections is a very rare variety of 1859 Canadian 1 Cent. PCGS certified as AU55 and has a pop of 1 with only 2 greater in MS(MS62 and a MS64). 1859 Canadian Cent DPN9 T5 AU55