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  1. As I attempt to continue to grow in my knowledge and understanding of the grading of coins, specifically Barber coins, the more questions I have. Only in the AU range are there as many grade variations(4 Grades: 50,53,55,58), not counting the plus designation. While the AU range seems a bit clearer to me, VF still escapes me. My question is this and it may not be a simple one to answer. What are the biggest differences in the Very Fine grade range that separates VF20, VF25, VF30 and VF35? What are you looking for to determine that the coin in question is a VF30 and not VF35 or VF25? The ANA grading standards book I have only defines the difference between two grades, 20 and 30.
  2. Up for auction on Great Collections is a very rare variety of 1859 Canadian 1 Cent. PCGS certified as AU55 and has a pop of 1 with only 2 greater in MS(MS62 and a MS64). 1859 Canadian Cent DPN9 T5 AU55
  3. erwindoc

    Wanted: Barber dimes

    Hello fellow collectors and dealers. Im looking to start a new Dansco album collection of Barber dimes. This set will hopefully consist of coins grading Fine-XF with no problem coins please. I would really love to try to acquire a lot of these via trading. I have lots of odds and ends available, so send me a PM of what you have available and what you might be looking in return. I only have a few dates so far, 1914, 1903 O, and 1913. I know there is someone out there just sitting on a bunch of these, so lets negotiate!!!
  4. erwindoc


    Cant tell from your photos, but the mint mark on the 36D concerns me a bit. Brilliant coin with all that gunk around the mint mark is screaming to me that it was added. Double check really close! Looks like it might have an old cleaning from the images too. Same thing on the 35D in terms of cleaning.
  5. Wow, census on the 57P is still pretty low in 67FT!!! I know where one is, but the owner isn't to keen on selling right now
  6. Its a good one, hard to believe its 12+ years old!
  7. erwindoc

    Cool Buffalo nickel

    I was in at it and bidding at the MS65 level, but dropped out when it went over 1200. Pretty nickel!
  8. I have quite a set of star quarters already, but I know there are some out there that I don't have that might be obtainable. Let me know what you have and pics if you have them! My set can be viewed by clicking below to see what is open to upgrade.... Washington Quarter Registry Set
  9. Yes, would have been like Christmas morning!!!
  10. erwindoc

    Canadian Cent Variety 1859

    Does NGC recognize the DPN9 T5 Variety of 1859 Canadian Cent? I have one Id like to submit for grading and correct attribution as it is a fairly expensive variety. I can find it on the PCGS site, but I couldn't find it on the NGC site.
  11. NGC Grades 16,000 Morgan Dollars from New York Bank Hoard! Super cool story! I would have loved to see these before they were opened! Maybe now is a good time to find a nice 67 or two for my collection!! Let me know if anyone knows where I can find one!
  12. erwindoc

    When will NGC.......

    Pretty coin! I previously successfully crossed, at grade, two ANACS holders. Now, Im looking predominantly for coins already in NGC holders to avoid the hassle. Its getting pretty tough to find coins that I want though!
  13. Wow, I didn't realize how low the star population is on the 43D. The above example is only one of only 6 coins that have graded as a star! Id love to find one for my registry set!
  14. I agree! Look like they could have come out of the same set!