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  1. 20th century US by type for me. Some series I love more than others thought and have expanded into date/mint mark and even registry caliber stuff.
  2. I am actually arguing the point that the varieties don't need to be in there currently, but I will respect the decision of your senior numismatic team.
  3. Thanks! I'm sure they will chime in eventually, but it is the weekend.
  4. Im curious why the main Washington quarter registry set includes two varieties in it? Why not move the two 1950 OMMs (S/D, D/S) into a newly created variety set and include a few more coins? There are lots of major DDO/DDR/RPM/OMM that could be included. None of the other series from that era, from cents to halves include varieties in the main set and each has a separate variety set as an option. The link to the main set composition is below... NGC Washington Quarter Set Composition
  5. Sorry, but Im not seeing a DDO on the original photo or the blurred close up.
  6. Nice bright white example for sale, freshly back from grading. I thought it would grade much higher, (and I still think its really nice) but NGC has spoken and it is MS62. Asking $60 delivered. Would consider trades too. Cert number is below so you can look up images. Cert # 4738338-001
  7. How about a 1946-1964 Set of Roosevelt dimes that includes the regular issues and proof coins? I looked this weekend and couldn't find one. I was able to find all the individual ones though!
  8. Looking to start a registry set. Let me know what you have!
  9. Blast white example; asking price $200, OBO. Perfect for the registry set collector! Rarely come up for sale as most are in strong hands. No MS68s graded yet in FT and only one has earned the plus designation. Trades considered too.
  10. Really looking forward to the hunt for these quarters!