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  1. I still want to get a few for a type collection but have not yet pulled the trigger on them yet.
  2. What kind did you get? I start making my Christmas list soon!
  3. Hey fellow collectors. I cherry picked my own album for these two and sent them to NGC. I am not going to try and complete the variety set so I put them up for auction at Great Collections. The first is the Friendly Eagle variety of 1971D. The second is the 1973 Proof DDO. It is graded PR68 Cameo and is a pretty tough grade. Check them out and fill your collections! Friendly Eagle 1971D NGC 1973 S Eisenhower DDO FS-101 Proof 68 Cameo
  4. Anyone got a definite answer? I have quite a collection of Washington quarters, but the modern ones have been really tough to keep up with and Im losing steam making the effort to fill the albums! Personally, Id like to see the thing change to the Laura Fraser version or even get redone completely! Looking at Google says that it might still be up in the air.
  5. ANA membership was free a few months ago, not sure if it still is though.
  6. While I would agree with you to some degree, there are series where the designation could have something to do with it. Take the Walking Liberty series. They are notorious for being weakly struck at the thumb and skirt. The Liberty nickels are know for having several weak stars at the rim. There are probably more examples that are escaping me at the moment. The FBL and FS are the ones I like the least as it has such a small portion of the design and on the reverse. Id like Full Shield Rivets over Full Head on my SLQs, but that one is probably not going to change at all.
  7. Already have FS, FB/FT, FH, and FBL for Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt and Mercury dimes, SLQ and Franklin halves. This covers lots of popular series in the 20th century, but leaves off lots of others. Is it time to get more added for other series? Personally, I would like something added for coins in the Barber series and Liberty nickels and think that stars around the rim would be a good one to add. Maybe even Walking liberty halves with a thumb or skirt lines. Thoughts?
  8. Been thinking about this question for some time and I will start by saying that I have been a fan of the NGC star designation for years(check my sets if you don't believe me!). Unfortunately, I think that the plus grading system has hurt the value of the star. Points are the same in the registry for a star coin, which is designated for exceptional eye appeal. The plus is upper ends of the respective grade. What are your thoughts??? Which would you rather have a "+" or a "*"? Riding the fence with this dime that has both the plus and star designation...
  9. I collect Canadian quarters loosely. I have a set in a Dansco I created. Even picked up a few slabbed. A few of them are outstanding!
  10. You have a great set and have had a great run! The way I see it, there will always be someone with more money and resources to build sets. Just waiting for someone to jump me in the Washington arena!