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  1. I sold a friend a coin recently and he subsequently crossed it over to PCGS successfully at grade. I removed it from my set, but must have forgotten to delete it from the coins I own cause I got a request yesterday asking to transfer it to another set. I have confirmed that the person that made the request does not own the coin. What should I do? The coin in question is no longer in a NGC holder and I know it.
  2. Got lucky enough to win, "Best Classic Set" with my Washington complete set, including proofs. Total surprise as I have lots of holes in the set still.
  3. Roger, where does one find info about the patterns you are referencing?
  4. Anyone here collect them? I entered my boys in a contest and they got the Whitman book on Pattern coins. Of course, I flipped through it. Some are really impressive works of art!
  5. Sorry to hear. Check ebay or great collections for some auction trends.
  6. I had a few already registered to me for other grandfathered-in sets that I couldn't use for new sets. They were automatically added when I used the auto-build feature. Previously, I remember it taking at least a business day, sometimes it was less than a few hours.
  7. I was so excited when I read the message that the NGC registry was allowing PCGS coins back in the registry. I knew exactly the first coin I wanted to add as I saw it on a dealer's site a few weeks ago and wished it was in NGC plastic. It is from VDB coins and cant wait to get it in hand! Show me yours!
  8. Im so glad that this is an option again! I have a couple of sets that are SO close to completion and I have(and several major dealers too) have struggled to help me fill them with NGC only coins! Great decision!!
  9. For sale in the link below are a selection of proof silver eagles and a vintage 7070 with the gold page (#6) included! Ebay Listings
  10. Hello, I would like to request that NGC consider a United States World War 2 set that would include Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels, Mercury dimes, Washington quarters and Walking Liberty halves issued between 1941-1945. I know this could be a custom set as well. It would be a good multi-denominational set consisting of 76 coins. I would also request that there be no error or variety coins included from these years as there are many that are out of reach of most collectors.
  11. Per NGC Coin Explorer, this 1887 proof Liberty nickel has a mintage of 2,960. I don't think that I currently have anything lower.
  12. Interesting debate ATS.....PCGS CAC Registry Wonder what our hosts will do to counter?? What are your thoughts about a NGC version?