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  1. Biggest Story of the Year

    I guess I don't appreciate the significance, since I don't know as much about gold coins as I do other coin series. Great job though!
  2. Coin Photography - U.S. And World Gold

    Tom Bush takes excellent photos!
  3. Interesting census error

    I would say no, but mistakes happen. If you let them know, I bet it gets corrected.
  4. Sometimes it stinks to be self employed! Perhaps one day I can arrange a trip to go!
  5. Post your Barber Halves

    Just started dabbling with the series and thought I'd share some recent acquisitions!
  6. 1957 PD Washingtons for the B toner Dansco

    Sweet looking quarters!
  7. Random and Unsolicited Request for a Cert Number

    I dont mind people contacting me as someone may have coins that upgrade my collection, but this person just flat out asked me for the cert number of one of the coins in my active collection. I just thought it was a bit fishy, that's all.
  8. I got an unsolicited email from another person asking for the cert number of one of the coins in my collection. I have not had any dealings with this individual now or in the past. Anyone else get a random request? I never bothered to respond and just deleted it.
  9. Lincoln cents brights

  10. Low flat rim

    Could this be PMD, either from the counting machine or something else?
  11. 1941 Mercury Dime

    Not claiming to be an expert, but it doesnt look like the example NGC lists. I think I see strike doubling.