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  1. LAST CALL! Sold close to $1k face! Congrats to those who have bought. Still have about $20 in Franklin's & $100 in Quarters. I separated a few rolls of purely wartime Washingtons, a few rolls of 40's.....50's.....& Unc. 60's. Plus some mixed date rolls. Feel free to send a message!
  2. I've had a really good response from the other forums......don't fall asleep on me NGC! Bump with some pictures
  3. Hello Guys & Gals Now is your opportunity to stock up on a small or large selection of 90% US coins! I just received 64lbs of Quarters & Half Dollars......no Dimes or Dollars. I think they were bought in bulk ages ago....Lot's of BU 1964 Kennedy Halves, BU 1960's Washington Quarters, Tons of war time Quarters & Franklins. If there is anything you don't want, let me known. Asking $125 per $10 face. I've done quite a few transactions on this board and am very proud of my reputation in business. Have no fear as I've also packed and shipped over 2,000 packages, so your coins WILL arrive safe & sound.
  4. Awesome old set that was actually a gift to me when I was 13! I upgraded the Album to a Dansco since then of course. I kept a few of the coins from this set for my new set and thus the extra holes. It's a nearly complete set, minus the 16-D, both 21's, the short set & a few strays. $115 OBO DELIVERED via Priority ....Paypal gift or add 3% ......Boomerang thumb not included.
  5. This is a real treasure. I always pictured it being used on the cover of an Error book or used in a magazine. These aren't the best photos....just re-using some old shots I took a couple years ago. Six-figures worth of coins have passed through my hands in the last 5 years, but this coin has always remained my personal favorite..... and it hurts to part with it, but other obligations dictate this piece must be sold. If you clicked on this post, you're probably educated enough to know what it is....1900 $5 Half Eagle with a HUGE lamination error. It comes in a custom lucite holder with a gold lettered description of the coin....which also cost a pretty penny. Delivered to your door, $700 via Paypal (add 3% if not using the gift method). And yes, the odd pink clip on the reverse rim is just my finger holding it.
  6. I only saw the top two photos on first glance and was amazed......then knowing it's slabbed to boot.....how on earth did the pawn shop slip up on that?! Great find, beautiful coin! I'd go back there often.
  7. Alright, off to the Bay for $0.01 then. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263833067086
  8. Just a couple modern pieces, but they look nice and fit my type set well.
  9. I'd love to get these sold. If anyone wants to make an offer, that would be ok.
  10. I just bought these from a friend as a favor. I'm not really interested in stacking silver myself, so now is your chance to grab some at a reasonable price. I'm asking spot plus 10%. The photos show everything, most all of the coins are from branch Mints! Plenty of "D's" & "S's" in here! 16 Quarters (including 1 Canadian) ranging from 1896 to 1964-D.........Spot is $44.96 20 Dimes (including 1 Canadian) ranging from 1937-s to 1964-D..........Spot is $22.60 1-Half (a 1941-S Walker).........................................................................Spot is $5.61 And last, but not least; a 1994 1/4 oz. Mexican .999 Silver Libertad that I'm too lazy to list on eBay even though it's slightly more rare........Spot is $3.88 $77.05 - Melt $7.70 - 10% $3.00 - Shipping Total will be $87.75 preferably by Paypal, but check is accepted if you are willing to wait the extra 10 days for funds to fully clear.
  11. Sadly the time has come to sell a few of my "Unicorn Coins"! I mixed a few random pieces in to the auction schedule to garner more views, but I'm a little worried they aren't getting enough exposure. ENDING SUNDAY NIGHT! I've been dealing in coins for quite a while and these are pieces from my personal hoard, coins you'd gladly sell to your best friend....no issues gems. If you love low mintage Type Coins, please have a look at the 1885 3-Cent Nickel in PR-65......Business strike had a mintage of only 1,000....Proofs were 3,790! This example has choice surfaces with hints of color! https://www.ebay.com/itm/263557752057 How about the 3rd lowest mintage coin from the SLQ series in MS-65+? 1927-D! Blast white....freshly graded "across the street". https://www.ebay.com/itm/392002943350 Also a nice rainbow toned Proof 1906 V-Nickel that I purchased back in 2014 at the Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money during all the gold Kennedy madness. It's a stunner....mintage of only 1,725 https://www.ebay.com/itm/263557766148 Classic MS-65 CAC 1882-S Morgan in a rattler. What makes it more special is the deep "soup bowl" strike on the reverse, which just doesn't photo well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263557787333 I also have two coins being listed tonight for 1-day sales (an NGC Gen2 slab Morgan & raw End-of-Roll toned Peace), so be sure to check back on Sunday to see them! Thanks so much for looking and please don't let these beauties slip through the cracks.
  12. Amazing coins everyone and obviously, I'm floored by the 1913 Nickel holder! Great buy, Mark! Here are a few of my newest acquisitions from a buying trip in the San Diego area:
  13. The rubs in the field between stars 1-5 are rather unusual, but I'd say you have an incredible coin! It definitely needs to be graded.