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  1. Iluvbullion

    1oz MS libertad variety new slot

    Can someone tell me which TPG graded the MISSING FEATHERS 1987 1 Oz Proof, and, do we have access to any pics? Thanks
  2. Thanks for helping here, I am looking for an updated list of Varieties of Mexico Silver Libertads, Bu & Proof. Trying to complete a set, and, I hope 1 of the experts can respond. I see a 1988 1 Oz Bu was a DDO(as usual, the Obverse and the Reverse got mixed up...the Obverse is the Coat of Arms side, NOT lady liberty side)(, and, I am aware of a 1982 1 Oz BU and a 1987 1 Oz BU double die, anything else out there? Tom McGrady, are you out there? Thanks Calvin G.
  3. 1997 Canada 1 Oz. Silver Maple Leaf (#1 KEY DATE COIN, mintage 100,970) NGC Graded --- Blemish-Free Coins No toning or as made mint dings naked-eye visible. Stunning in hand. New clean holders, no scuffing. MS 69 $369 Each MS 68 $200 Each Very Limited Quantities. FREE SHIPPING/INSURANCE/TRACKING/PRIORITY MAIL. Check or Money Orders clear 5 days prior to shipping. Sorry, but, have to add 3% if Paypal credit card option. Thanks for looking!
  4. Iluvbullion

    5 Oz ATB LIGHT FINISH(SATIN) Designation

    I just looked at the composite..looks like ONLY the 2010 P Grand Canyon is included in the set, and given points. NGC, you REALLY make yourselves look unprofessional by doing this. MAN UP, and make it a COMPLETE set.
  5. Hi gang..been awhile since I chimmed in here...I used to do a lot of 5 Oz ATB 25c coins, especially the rare(except 2010-P Grand Canyon, with over 392 graded) Light Finish Coins. NGC USED to recognize 5 of these, and, I was responsible for having them even add the OLYMPIC Light Satin(satin finish, PCGS), to the mix, after my discovery coin was found in 2014. The folks at NGC took out, I believe, all but Hot Springs and Grand Canyon in the registry set..please correct me if I am wrong....I was THE only member with all 5 coins registered at the time, then, 1 day, my score dropped, as NGC took Yellowstone, Gettysburg, and, Olympic OFF the registry Must Have list, mumbling something aboyt "too rare to find, so, we decided to nix it"...I THOUGHT making a true registry COMPLETE set included any and ALL known varieties... These are legitimate rare coins, with big money values(A 2011-P Gettysburg PCGS SP69 First Strike was sold for $7,500 in 2014, and, an similar Olympic Light Satin sold for $2,500---I paid $2,700 for a Hot Springs Light Satin, and, used it as my "qualifier coin, to study the finish, and, compare finishes on other ATB's.)--(and, would be even higher, if both PCGS and NGC included ALL of them in their registry sets)...are we not, as collectors, supposed to be able to make the call on whether to spend funds on rare coins, to make a true complete set? This should not be a political issue, or, a "too hard to find" issue for determining a set, which, it appears it is, if I am correct. IF all 5 known coins WERE in the registry set, NGC would make MORE money as people sent coins in for reconsideration, and grading! So, will someone current and top dog with 5 Oz ATB's, fill me in on what is the latest on Light Finish Coins in the NGC ATB registry status? Did anybody get anywhere convincing NGC to re-add the 3 coins? Or, are they staying put, and, discriminating against us collectors still? An example for me, would be the mercury dime registry set..does NGC have the 1916-D as a "must have" coin? Or, is that considered "too hard to find" also? IMHO, if NGC does NOT allow ALL known issues of a denomination into a complete registry set, with varieties, then, they are doing a huge disservice to the collecting community, and, shame on them, as it is NOT a TRUE COMPLETE SET! Got THAT off my chest, didn't I? CG