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  1. I have a sealed box of (4) 2 coin sets with the Kennedy half and a sealed 5oz puck. All are first strike eligible. Figure the sets at $75 ea. And the 5oz puck at $260. $560 includes shipping and PayPal.
  2. 1795-Appealing coin in hand. Detractions obvious with a glass. Looks original to me ( minus scratches). $2150 includes registered mail. 3 day return ok minus my postage cost. Pay by check/money order. Now $2k same terms
  3. See true view on PCGS for reverse photo. $160 returns ok. Add $5 if you want the book because I'll have to ship in a priority envelope. Pay by check/ money order.
  4. Appears new guy was kicking tires. Still available. Get a good deal here ( not free but wholesale pricing can be worked out )
  5. $775 plus $10 priority shipping paid by check/money order. Returns ok minus shipping