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  1. Always use buy it now with too high a price (but not too high to scare off legitimate buyers) and make an offer. Then you scrutinize the buyer best you can. Check feedback of course, how long on eBay, primarily buyer or seller, anything else you can think of. I like long time on eBay and primary seller. They rely on trusting buyers and normally treat their sellers the same way. Others too but check them out. If they are sellers google them see if they have a store. Or just sell to a dealer problem solved. NEN has always been fair with me. They need to make money but offers have never been insu
  2. I have a sealed box of (4) 2 coin sets with the Kennedy half and a sealed 5oz puck. All are first strike eligible. Figure the sets at $75 ea. And the 5oz puck at $260. $560 includes shipping and PayPal.
  3. 1795-Appealing coin in hand. Detractions obvious with a glass. Looks original to me ( minus scratches). $2150 includes registered mail. 3 day return ok minus my postage cost. Pay by check/money order. Now $2k same terms
  4. See true view on PCGS for reverse photo. $160 returns ok. Add $5 if you want the book because I'll have to ship in a priority envelope. Pay by check/ money order.
  5. Appears new guy was kicking tires. Still available. Get a good deal here ( not free but wholesale pricing can be worked out )
  6. $775 plus $10 priority shipping paid by check/money order. Returns ok minus shipping