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  1. Appears new guy was kicking tires. Still available. Get a good deal here ( not free but wholesale pricing can be worked out )
  2. $775 plus $10 priority shipping paid by check/money order. Returns ok minus shipping
  3. Coin Soldier, Check your messages. Jim
  4. agentjim007

    Check out my new $.

    I like this one because it looks original and conservatively graded.
  5. Buy all three at $350 colonial + $125 Buffalo + $75 Morgan shipping included.
  6. Offers consider. Terms: returns ok minus postage. $7.25 priority shipping in a flat rate padded envelope. payment by check/money order PCGS MS66 1938-D/S 5c. True view photo is too large. See PCGS. $170 includes Buffalo book pictured. PCGS VG-10 VERMONTENSIUM. True view photo is too large. See PCGS $475 1890 Album toned Morgan. Choice uncirculated. $100
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    ? For large cent guys.

    Thanks, that confirmed