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  1. Melt plus $100 for both coins delivered at the Central States show or add $80 for PayPal fee and registered mail. No returns on bullion deals.
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  5. What's your thoughts on this 37 buffalo

    fake nickel and from the little bit of the label looks to be a fake NGC holder.
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  8. Ebay coins for sale.

    nothing now.
  9. Sold on eBay. Bought these for a dealer who wouldn't honor our deal after they didn't sell out first day. Then Monday offers to buy at less than half original deal. I wouldn't do it ( I would rather take a loss) so now I have 2 sets that will probably go back to the mint before return period ends. Available at my cost $285 + medium flat rate box + PayPal fee ( I will ship first to well known dealers and wait for a check, no PayPal fee). These are open sets ( open sets can be submitted for first strike before time period ends if that's what you want to do). No problem sets, no returns.
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