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  1. We are fortunate to have Roger Burdette on this forum.
  2. From the other posts in this thread, I can see why.
  3. Joined a long time ago, but have not been active.
  4. The specific gravity of a regular copper-nickel coin will be approx. 8.92. The s.g. of a wartime alloy coin will be approx. 9.32. Properly done, s.g. is accurate to roughly 0.1, so that should work. Personally, I do not think that the color indicates wartime alloy. TD
  5. Have known JT and Bill for a long, long time. Sorry to see JT go.
  6. I too am not convinced it is bad. I can think of one plausible reason for a 1933-S to exist like this. TD
  7. Looks like random post-mint damage to me.
  8. What Conder said. A perfectly normal coin worth one cent.
  9. Nice! Finally found my way back into the NGC boards.
  10. I knew that some of the larger Seated denominations had been restruck circa 1871 with 1863 and 1864 dates and the "In God We Trust" reverse, but I did not know that they had done the half dime as well. Perhaps they sold complete sets of the 1863 restrikes.