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  1. I haven't posted in a while so wanted to update my NEWPS for the year. I started off pretty well so far, mostly things for my primary collection but a few oddballs. I got a couple of the attractive 18th C. 6d's, a couple of shillings, and a nice Anne pattern 1/2d. Overall I thought the NYINC and pre-Long Beach auctions were pretty decent. Some very nice material in certain areas and prices seemed realistic for the most part. There were quite a few really nice ancients in various auctions but I had been saving to concentrate on filling a few holes in the British collection so only picked up one piece. And I managed to spend almost my whole 2016 coin budget in just 35 days. 1703 Vigo Sixpence in 62, a fairly common date but it was pretty. 1714 Anne Pattern Halfpenny, PF63 BN, P-728, listed as rare. 1736/5 Shilling in AU55, really a tough date listed as R2 Very Rare in ESC, currently only 2 graded at NGC. I am a sucker for some of the Geo. I and II shillings, there are some really tough coins in the series. 1746 Lima Sixpence in 65, reasonably common but very high grade. 1821 Shilling in 65, this was a big upgrade from my previous coin, really not very rare but it's a one year type so a lot of people want one. One new ancient, a tiny little Ionia 1/24th Stater c. 625-550 BC. among the earliest known coin types. And for my highly unspecialized "Pretty Coin" collection, an 1896H Liberia 1 cent in PF66 RB, this was from a dealers inventory and not an auction. A little on the scarce side in high grade but not all that rare. I've also started a type set of French Republic 20th C. gold 20 Francs, just because. I know, but it's just so difficult to stay focused some times. Both of these in 65.