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  1. As part of my all-things-Mississippi exonumia collection, I try to get elongated cents from every place that we go in the state that has a machine. I have also purchased a few Lloyd Wagaman creations. (He was an author, token collector, and issuer of limited edition elongateds). It is a very inexpensive way to add to the collection. I think it is great that your son is interested in them. By the way, you have quite a handsome son, and a very lovely wife, and she sounds like she is a real catch. I hope the pregnancy continues to go well.
  2. Very cool circulation find. It is a nice find, but, unfortunately, you didn't hit the jackpot. In that condition, it is worth about a dollar.
  3. As Mohawk stated, they are not proof coins. They appear to be regular business strikes. The picture is too small, fuzzy, and far away to give any kind of opinion on condition or worth. They do appear to be uncirculated, but even guessing at a grade would be impossible.
  4. This is what the "money coin" looks like (pictures courtesy of our hosts' Variety Plus):
  5. It will not change the diagnosis of damage. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole coin, though, just to get an idea of the extent of the damage. As Mr Lange stated, the missing "FG" could be the result of damage, or as Conder101 replied in your other thread, it could be the result of over polishing the die, or possibly a grease-filled die. None of these would add enough value to your coin to make it worth the expense of having it graded. But, welcome to the forum,and to the world of coins
  6. Try canned air. Or a rinse under running water, followed by an acetone rinse to dry/remove the water.
  7. When I saw the condition of your safe and coin boxes right after the fire, I was really fearful that some of them might have been irreparably damaged. I am glad that wasn't the case. I am happy for you. How things going with day to day living? Have you started to rebuild?
  8. You Tube is not a good place to learn about coins, in the same way that Etsy is not a good place to buy coins.
  9. Welcome to the forum. It may be hard to believe, considering the fact that the coin is over 70 years old, and pieces that old are almost never encountered in circulation any more, but, in the world of coins, it is common. Wheat cents are bought and sold by the thousands, and usually for 3 to 4 cents each, at most. Even if it were a scarce variety ,the scratches on both side would severely limit its value. Cool find, though.
  10. And, it's on sale! Pretty cool old book, but way out of my price range.
  11. Welcome to the forum. I assume that is an inventory code or something similar.
  12. Get hands-on experience and advice from an expert grader ( I assume) ? Yes. I have never taken the course, or any grading course, for that matter. I have only learned from pictures, looking at lots of coins, and practice. I have no doubt that I need to learn much more, so I would definitely consider taking the course if I had the time and money.
  13. That is correct. It can also be an Ultra Cameo and grade less than 70.
  14. Welcome to the forum. 70 is a grade - the top grade, in the world of coins. "Proof" is a method of manufacturing, usually with highly polished fields and frosted devices (dates and lettering). A "reverse proof" is one in which the opposite is true: the fields are frosted, and the devices are polished. "Ultra cameo" signifies a coin in which the contrast between fields and devices is especially strong. Hope this helps.
  15. I am not an Ancients guy, but I had that same reaction after comparing the OP's coin to pictures of genuine examples. Looks like a copy to me.
  16. Welcome to the forum. First, a little clarification: " proof " and "mint state" (ms) are not the same thing. A mint state coin is one that has been struck for circulation or for inclusion in a mint set, from regular business strike dies, on a regular press, and has never been circulated. A proof coin is one that has been struck for collectors, on a polished planchet, using polished dies, on a medal press, usually multiple times. There are exceptions, but generally speaking, those are the differences. There is a lot of difference in an MS 67 coin, and a PR 67 coin. Now, as far as worth, the NGC price guide lists the 62D at $2200, and the 63D at $3000. These prices are just a guide, and are probably on the high side. A quick look did not show any for sale on Ebay, but you might do a search for recent auction prices from Heritage, Stacks, Great Collections, or elsewhere, and get a better idea of actual prices realized.
  17. Welcome to the forum. Can you post a picture of the reverse? The condition of the entire coin has a bearing on the value.
  18. I reserve negative feedback for items clearly not as advertised that cannot be resolved with the seller. ( I think I have given one neg in all the years I have been buying on Ebay.) In this situation I would probably leave a neutral with an explanation.
  19. None, whatsoever. I was just sharing what I found when I searched the subject.