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  1. Boy, this thread really got hijacked. To The Hogster: it is a pleasure to have you on board with us.
  2. If what you think you see does actually appear on the coin, it was not put there by the mint, so your coin is not an error. This is not me being a "hater." This is me being a realist who is trying to keep you from wasting your money on shipping, insurance, membership fees, and grading fees. Your coin is not going to be declared a mint error by NGC. Your coin, your money, and your call. Be prepared to be disappointed with the results, should you decide to send it in. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  3. Looks like an early stage of VAM 1-B, before the cracks became breaks.
  4. The '61 looks like a proof. Did you find it in circulation?
  5. In addition to being a partner in a real estate firm, B.F. Lampton owned a general store in Darbun, MS from 1916 to 1940. Although Chatham only lists a $1.00 and $.05 token, denominations of $.10 and $.25 are also known. I own examples of all but the $1. Here is the $.25 piece.
  6. There absolutely are. I have at least 5 different varieties growing in and around my yard, all wild.
  7. In my opinion, no, it would not be cleaning. It would be conservation. I collect Three Stooges memorabilia.
  8. Would you mind repeating that in plain English, so that those of us who are not inside your head can understand what you are saying?
  9. It's market graded. The coin is actually a 63, but the grader thought it was worth more, so he gave it a two point bump. Seriously, though, overgrading famous rare coins is not new. Bruce Morelan openly admitted that his 1804 Dollar was over graded, and said that, in his opinion, most of the other examples were, as well. I will admit that I do not have enough experience with gold coins to know if allowances are made for the difference in hardness of the metal, as compared to copper/nickel, etc. I do recall Mark Feld stating in a post some time back that this may be the case. However
  10. I really don't understand the point of having this coin "certified." Everyone knows what it is. Why bother having PCGS (or anyone, for that matter) confirm something that is already known? I also don't understand the point of assigning a "grade." A number is not going to have any effect on the price that this coin brings.
  11. That is a stock photo. Your coin may look different in hand.
  12. I doubt any of us is going to convince you that your coin is not genuine, so I will just advise you to prepare yourself to be disappointed, should you decide to send it in for authentication.
  13. Rather than just hand you the answer, I will give you a link to a website or two to study. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panamanian_balboa https://en.numista.com/catalogue/index.php?r=decimo+de+balboa&ct=coin&tb=y&tc=y&tn=y&ttpt=y&tt=y&cat=y&ru=&ca=3&no=&v=&d=&i=&a=&dg=&m=&f=&t=&w=
  14. William Head, Sr opened his drug store in 1902, and ran it until 1940. His son, Will, Jr., who had joined him in 1920, continued running the store until he closed it in 1976, at the age of 80. These tokens were used in the very early years of the 20th century. There were two styles, both for a 5 cent glass of soda water.
  15. Although it makes it seem that NGC is doing something different for RARCOA, it does not state anywhere that the "extra scrutiny" is by NGC. In fact, the site says, " Collectors will have the opportunity to recognize superior quality coins quickly and easily knowing they have undergone RARCOAS’s additional scrutiny AND certification process at NGC." (italics mine.) Even the quote by Mark Salzberg does not state that the "extra scrutiny" is by NGC. In my opinion, if the graders knew who submitted the coins, no matter who it was, objectivity may be compromised. My take is this: Rarcoa
  16. I am going to go out on a limb here, and just go ahead and say that all three of these coins are fake. The chance of any one of them being real is next to nothing, and the chance that all of them are real is 0.
  17. As a general rule of thumb, a "details" coin will sell for 2-3 letter grades lower than a normal coin. In other words, you should look at VF or Fine prices to determine the value of your coin. And, remember that most price guides give retail prices - the price you would expect a dealer to charge you. What you could actually sell the coin for would be even lower that that.