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  1. That has always been one of my favorite designs.
  2. Just Bob

    1909 error?

    Sorry, it isn't clear enough to tell anything when I blow it up on my phone .
  3. We have been blessed this year, financially and otherwise, and I was able to add several pieces to the token collection. I also picked up a few pieces for my VF/XF type set. I traded some and gave some away. My biggest numismatic accomplishment this year, though, was adding 22 books to the library.
  4. NGC has certified only 16 1982 bronze small date cents in MS67,.with none higher. (As of 12/14/18) If the competition for registry sets is fierce enough, that could be what is fueling the high prices. When someone on here srates that the small date Philadelphia cents are not worth a premiun, it is usually in response to someone who thinks they have struck it rich after finding a small date bronze Denver cent in circulation.
  5. Just Bob

    1982 small date copper penny

    Welcome to the forum, C370. The Redbook, which we all know gives high retail prices for the coins in it, lists a price of $125 for a 1982 small date copper alloy cent. If someone paid $3700 for one, there must have been something special about it, such as having a desirable error. I can't imagine any other reason to give that much for a common coin.
  6. Just Bob

    Interesting 1916 (P) Mercury dime

    I read some time back that the first Mercury dimes were supposedly minted on overweight/thicker planchets. which accounted for the bold strike and wire rim. However, the mint had been minting dimes to the same specs since 1873, and the Mercuries were supposed to follow suit. That being the case, it never made sense to me that they would start with thicker, heavier planchets, so that explanation never seemed plausible. Mr Lange's explanation makes a lot more sense.
  7. Just Bob

    Another pennie

    That is a thumb print.
  8. Add Zebo to my list of positive buying experiences. Thanks, Zach.
  9. Just Bob

    1965 year of mint for jefferson nickel

    This is true. In fact, they continued minting all denominations with a 1964 date into 1965, and, for some, into early 1966.
  10. Just Bob

    Hello from hell...Paradise lost

    I'm glad you and your family made it out safely. I am very sorry about your loss, though. I hope the restoration goes smoothly for you, and for the whole town. What was in the destroyed safe, if I may ask?
  11. Just Bob

    Proof VS Business Strike

    From the PCGS website: Full Steps (FS) is the designation following the numerical grade of some regular-strike MS60 or higher Jefferson nickels that have at least five separated steps (lines) at the base of Monticello. From the NGC site: Since 2004, NGC has used the 5-Full Steps (5FS) and 6-Full Steps (6FS) designations for qualifying Jefferson Nickel
  12. Just Bob

    1957 d penny ddo?

    I save everything.
  13. Just Bob

    1957 d penny ddo?

    Welcome to the forum. The picture is a bit blurry, but I don't think it is doubled. Looks like a die chip to me.
  14. Just Bob

    Wafer thin 1940 D Washington quarter.

    For the record, I am in the Conder101/AegisIII camp. I think it was soaked in acid and then returned to circulation. You should probably post pictures of your odds and ends, too.
  15. Just Bob

    Steel Imposter

    There is an old plater's method called the "Mathers and Martin" method. To make 100ml of the Mathers and Martin solution: Sodium hydroxide - 10g Sulfur - 15g Add water to 100ml For legal reasons, that is as far as I go.