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  1. Just Bob

    1964 John F. Kennedy Half Dollar

    I would start right here: Link to NGC's Variety Plus
  2. Just Bob

    1982 d cooper cent?

    That is a large date.
  3. I get mad every time I see those pictures.
  4. You have to understand that posting a picture of a coin that is obviously not yours is something that some of us are going to have fun with. I would like to see pictures of your actual coin, though. Edited to add: I see now where you have replaced the Ebay pics with pics of your coin. Looks good ! The only way that NGC will grade/slab these is if they are listed as a so-called dollar by Hibler and Kaplan, or as another type of medal, or as Rick said, as an impaired coin. You could try asking them on the "ask NGC" forum, since a company representative monitors that forum, or you could email or call their toll free number. This is the info from the Ebay auction: 1922 Brilliant Uncirculated U.S. Peace dollar counter-stamped 1993 Middle East Peace accord included it's certificate of Authenticity & its box. Beautiful rare uncirculated Peace Accord counter-stamped dollar. It comes in an air-tite capsule as shown. This is a 1922 brilliant uncirculated United States Peace dollar counter-stamped for the 1993 Middle East Peace Accord. The Peace Accord between the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israel disintegrated after a Zionist extremist assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Rabin on 4 November 1995. This coin is a very rare and interesting commemorative of the accord, and an encouragement for a future peace. From the following site http://www.angelfire.com/indie/frimerke/we find out that 50 of these were issued IN Norway, and presented to, among others: Johan J Holst (the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs) Terje R(architect of the agreement) Mona Juul (architect of the agreement) Jan Egeland Yitzhak Rabin (Israeli prime minister) William Jefferson Clinton (US president) Yasser Arafat (chairman of the Palestinian Authority) Sheik Yassin (head of Hamas) Mahmoud Abbas (architect of the agreement) Ehud Barak (Israeli Chief of the IDF) Yossi Beilin (architect of the agreement) Ron Pundak (architect of the agreement) Shimon Peres (architect of the agreement) A few undistributed pieces appeared on the auction market in the late 1990s after the dissolution of the host organisation. They are very rare, and while some sold at auction for as much as 1500 euros, a few have sold around 2005-2006 on eBay, mostly from an American coin dealer who obtained about eight pieces from a Christie's New York auction. These brought lower prices, averaging about $500 to $750. This group of coins has since been dispersed, mostly to collectors in Israel and Saudi Arabia. There is another coin website where you can see how many of these coins have been sold and for how much and where!! Certificate of Authenticity tells us the following: Originally minted over 70 years ago by the United States government, the Peace Dollar was issued to mark the termination of hostilities between the U.S. and Germany, and is the first coin ever minted to commemorate peace. Of the over 190 million Peace Dollars that were struck by the Unites States mint from 1921 until 1935, only 10,000 Brilliant Uncirculated specimens were selected to bear this special Middle East Peace Accord counter-stamp. This very unique counter-stamp, desined by Dan Rosen, contains an illustration of two doves symbolizing peace, as well as the courageous participants involved: The Israelis and Palestinians.
  5. That looks amazingly like this coin, which sold today - the same day as your post - on Ebay. Even the scratch on Liberty's cheek and the glare and shadow on the holder are identical. So did you sell Grandpa's coin, or did Grandpa sell it to you? Link to the auction
  6. Knowledge is key. Buy some good reference books that deal with the areas that interest you.
  7. Just Bob

    Off center copper 1972 penny?

    Rick is right. Interesting, but not really uncommon. Keep hunting.
  8. Just Bob

    Die clash 1997 penny?

    Looks like another Lincoln cent was sitting on top of this one, and something caused this cent to tone where the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse of the top coin was contacting this coin. On a die clash, the reverse would normally be centered on the obverse, and would be rotated 180 degrees from the obverse. There are exceptions for rotated die, mis-aligned die, etc., but the above description would be the norm. And, not to be picky, but just for the sake of accuracy: Monticello is on the five cent piece.
  9. Just Bob

    Removing Verdigris

    I can't take credit for that idea. I learned that from two seasoned collectors, Conder101 , who I quoted above, and another poster who went by "michael." (if you go back and read older posts, his avatar was Pikachu. He didn't use punctuation or capitalization, but he was very knowledgeable. When I came back to these boards, I noticed that he was no longer here. I have often wondered what happened to him.)
  10. Just Bob

    Bubbles and chips

    NGC price guide HERE Numista Bahamas listing HERE
  11. Just Bob

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    Cool. I like low mintage pieces, even if there isn't a large market for them. It's nice to be one of a relative few who is able to own something.
  12. Just Bob

    Bubbles and chips

    The plating has been chipped off on the left side, and has been compromised on the right side, which has allowed the inner zinc core to be exposed to the environment, and has caused oxidation of the zinc.
  13. A cast lead piece? Very cool! Considering how soft it must be, it looks well preserved.