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  1. Just Bob

    1943 No Mint Mark Copper wheat penny?

    Just want to isolate and repeat this for future readers of this thread.
  2. Just Bob

    Charmy's June 2018 LONG BEACH SHOW REPORT w/lots of Pics!

    Love the capped cents and the "penny teapots." I would really appreciate it if you would give your dad a big "Thank you for your service to our country!" from Just Bob.
  3. Just Bob

    1943 PDS Washingtons for the Registry set

    Beautiful color on all three.
  4. That coin has been on my watch list since shortly after you put it up. You would think that I would have learned by now to go ahead and pull the trigger, instead of waiting around until someone else buys it out from under me. I seem to do that a lot.
  5. Just Bob

    dude standing outside the balcony?

    OK, since we have already gone there: Somebody call Jim Carrey!!
  6. Just Bob

    I need multiple feedback

    Repost this on the US Coins forum. I imagine you will get some feedback there.
  7. Just Bob

    <2012P VOLCANO DDO?

    Here is a link to an article by our hosts: CLICK ME
  8. Just Bob

    Know this coin?

    I believe I have found your answer. The letters at the bottom of the obverse were throwing me off, because on my phone, it looked like it read "O.G." I finally figured out that it was "S.C." for South Carolina. Then a look through Trantow's Catalogue of Lumber Company Store Tokens produced the answer: The obverse once said,"F. RHEM AND SONS / RHEMS / S.C. Tokens were issued in denomination of 10c, 25c, 50c, $1.00, and $2.00. Trantow lists your $1.00 token as an R6, meaning 25-74 known to exist.(My second edition was published in 1998, those numbers could have increased since then, but still, it is an uncommon token.) Rhem operated a general store and turpentine distillery from 1870 to late in the 1920s. He later had a real estate company. A note on Tokencollector.com says, about this particular series, " Virtually all bi-metal tokens are worn slick."
  9. Just Bob

    <2012P VOLCANO DDO?

    I certainly was not directing that at you or Mohawk or anyone else in particular. I was just wondering aloud about the way things are determined. The market has decided that a die gouge has no value unless it looks like a spear thought the eagle's breast, or that a die clash is insignificant unless it makes Ben look like Bugs. It's just the way things are.
  10. Just Bob

    <2012P VOLCANO DDO?

    So, who was it that decided that MDD coins were not collectible? I save all of the ones that I come across. They may not be worth anything as far as the coin market is concerned, but they certainly are not normal.
  11. Just Bob

    dude standing outside the balcony?

    Well, I was going to make a joke about it being a jumper back when you posted it, but I was afraid it would be in poor taste.
  12. Just Bob

    1792 Quarter Dollar

    And now you have your verification.
  13. Just Bob

    1792 Quarter Dollar

    Welcome to the forum. Since there are only 4 known examples of that pattern in white metal, I would bet yours is a copy.