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  1. 2014 D dime

    Ditto to both. When the dies used to mint coins become worn, all sorts of interesting things can happen to the devices on the coin. Letters, numerals, etc. can spread out and become almost blurry looking around the edges, details can disappear, and even doubling can occur. Take a look at some pictures of some late die state Capped Bust halves, just to name one popular coin, to see some extreme examples of die wear. Add to that the normal (or abnormal) wear that the coin receives during the course of its life, and it can appear very different from a freshly minted coin from new dies. Also, as Woody pointed out, environmental factors can affect the appearance, as well. That, and what Conder said, may account for your coin having that almost cast look to it. Is it an interesting coin to study and compare to others? Absolutely. Is it worth a premium over a normal dime? Sadly, no. But keep looking!
  2. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

  3. Coin value estimate 1949s fbl pl half

    And that, ladies and gents, is why Jason is the resident PL guru.
  4. 2017s proof silver eagle

    Am I seeing this correctly? Someone paid over $600 for three of these coins, and someone paid over $400 for just two of them? I understand that the PCGS and NGC populations were low at the time of the auction, but surely this person (or these people) had to realize that there would be more 70s coming. Here is a link to the page from whence cometh (cameth?) the screenshot. LINK
  5. hi

    Thomas, may I speak my mind? There are enough resources which are easily available, that you should be able to find pictures of a 1917 DDO Lincoln. While the date on your coin is worn, I believe that there is enough left of the motto to be able to tell if it matches the doubling in the pictures. Regarding your attempt to sell this coin on Ebay: Far be it from me to stand in the way of someone trying to make a living, provided it is an HONEST living. But when I see someone trying to pass off a coin as something that it very well may not be, I compare that to the used car salesman who rolls back the miles on an odometer or puts sawdust in the transmission to quiet the noise. I know - caveat emptor, and all that, but wrong is wrong, plain and simple. If you succeed in selling that coin as a DDO to someone, and it really is not one, you are giving this hobby a bad name, and you should be ashamed. OK, now everyone who thinks that I am being too harsh can flame away. Here - I will even provide a picture for you, so you don't even have to try to find one yourself:
  6. do you know the year of this coin?

    I have tried enlarging and reducing the picture of the obverse, but it is just too blurry to give a definite answer. In hand, does the loop of the missing numeral appear to be the same size as the loop of the first nine? On the '68 and '69 Roosevelts, the loop of a nine is an upright oval, while the top loop of an eight is a smaller, horizontal oval. The only other option would be a zero, but it doesn't appear to be that large of an oval. Hope that helps a little.
  7. If I had to grade them strictly from the pictures, I would not give either of them a dcam designation. In hand, they may look completely different.
  8. proof walkers

    The sun looks a little iffy on both of those coins, frost-wise, but it could just be the pics.
  9. TIPS for navigating the new boards quickly

    First of all, let me welcome you the the NGC forum. Now, a few things: 1. This kind of post is best placed in the Marketplace forum. 2. Pictures of the obverse side of the coin (the front) are necessary. 3. This forum is frequented by people who are knowledgeable in the are a of numismatics, and are quite good at discerning which coins are FAKES, and which are real. Just food for thought...
  10. Is the Clad Quarter Market Strong?

    This thread made me curious to see what dates of clad quarters could still be found in circulation, so I went out and bought the Harris albums for pre-state/territorial clad quarters (1965-1998). After three weeks of saving coins found in pocket change, I have almost half completed the set. Interestingly, the 1965, 66, and 67 were some of the first ones found. So far, most are in the Fine/Very Fine range.
  11. Grade or not ???

    I can't see anything on these coins that would make me want to clean or conserve them. Put them in coin flips or 2 by 2s and enjoy as they are. Oops, almost forgot: Welcome to the forum.
  12. 1958 D Lincoln cent

    It appears to me to have been pulled from circulation, so I am going to say AU55.
  13. My 2000th post. Post something with a 2 in the date.

    Thank you for playing, guys. I was beginning to develop a complex.
  14. 1965 Lincoln SMS "CAMEO"?

    I would give it a star. Or at least a