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  1. Is there a reason that my post has been censored or not approved yet? Did I violate a posting rule? I have some valid concerns which I would like to obtain feedback in the way of replies from the community. This is part of the major problem. My issues, which are others, continue to get swept under the rug for decades. NGC should be serving the Numismatic community. We are your customers. What better way to fix a possible concern or internal problem other than to discuss it with all working to fix it. Throw it out there to see if this is a big issue and get recommendations. That should be NGC's goal. Getting a single submission moving will not fix the overall problem. I should know - decades. It should not take a lifetime to fix something or at least progress. Additional research does not constitute sitting on a shelf. That's an internal choice by someone internally. Doing things like they have been done for decades doesn't make sense. Just think where the world as a whole would be if we all operated that way. Thanks
  2. I have been professionally dealing in rare coins for over 45 years and will state firstly the coin market is no different from the stock market. The ups and downs are cyclical. Coins have suffered somewhat obviously due to the stock market strength. Most investors realize this upward growth will have an adjustment at some point. Consequently, hard assets like coins have adjusted. Over time we continue to witness housing market booms and busts along with the stock market. Each investment has its' risks which ultimately the potential investor has to evaluate and be comfortable with. When dealing in coins I have always had one rule I try to stick with. Buy for the enjoyment and buy something that if I get stuck with for whatever reason I won't have a problem with it. In the end, the best that anyone can do is investigate before you invest. No one can predict where any one investment will be 5 years from now or even 5 weeks from now. What's nice about coins is the fact you can enjoy the best of 2 worlds. You receive pleasure in collecting and the good chance of a return in the future. Personally, I get more satisfaction with coins than I do looking at a piece of paper or stock chart. Of course, these are just my own opinions from decades of my own experiences. I might add not all of the sectors of coins have declined recently. I know California fractional gold continues to get re-discovered by collectors and dealers pushing the interest and demand. Above all, whether you collect or invest in coins pick an area that suits you.
  3. I have been submitting coins to all third party graders for decades. I deal mostly in California fractional gold, etc and have to submit under NGC specialty gold which is more than the normal fee. My last order received mid-Sept is still sitting like a dead duck in the water. Why? Oh, sure I get the typical line when calling in that these take longer to grade due to research, blah, blah, blah. Seriously, all of these at NGC right now are Hart tokens. The graders that these are forwarded to are supposed to be experienced. After decades of submitting these, there should be no research required firstly after processing these. I am positive the graders are not slow learners or have some sort of mental disabilities. Secondly, do the research and complete them. Having to do research does not include letting them sit on a shelf for a month. I could certify and grade these 11 coins in less than an hour. I would just bet NGC graders process more than 11 coins an hour. On top of that turnaround times are usually 5 days per NGC website data. I am not expecting exactly a 5 day turnaround time but 30-60 days is pathetic. Someone in NGC is purposely holding these types of coins for some reason. Having to do research, which any experienced grader should not have to, is not a valid excuse. Why has the NGC grading process not improved or progressed? I am simply tired of getting the same old answer to an issue that has been around for decades. Thank goodness auto repairmen don't make this same excuse after years of making car repairs. And FYI NGC - No one is replying to your site generated emails. I have not received a reply to 3-4 emails sent over the past couple of weeks. And I am lucky to send that many in a year. Another unacceptable item to your customers, again if anyone should care. Quit making an excuse - the same one at least.
  4. How can one tell when a coin was certified through NGC - month and/or year?
  5. I recently discovered PCGS has one or more graders that do not understand the basics of California fractional gold identification. Even a beginner understands that a genuine has to have one of the four words on the reverse: DOLLAR, DOLL, DOL or CENTS. This is NOT a one time mistake by PCGS. I have discovered several examples: #1. A customer of mine sent me the attached photos of a Cal TOKEN he submitted to PCGS very recently. It is a token even though it has a BG-933 obverse. It is not a BG-933 as it does not have a BG-933 reverse. #2. PCGS Coinfacts even had 2 example BG-933's showing. One a genuine and the second an MS64 token example labeled a BG-933 such as the one pictured here. They have since pulled the incorrect reference photo. #3. In an upcoming Heritage auction a token again is shown incorrectly attributed as a BG-788. You simply cannot have 2 totally different die designs used as the same variety. I have been specializing in California fractional for over 45 years and have run this mistake by 2 of the contributors to the Breen Gillio reference on Cal fractional. They both agree that PCGS is making a huge mistake by certifying tokens as fractionals. I would appreciate your opinion.
  6. I realize the graders in NCS and NGC are only human but where are the checks and balances? Certification fees continue to go up and delays in getting coins back seem to increase. It's expensive and time consuming to return coins. I have specialized in fractional gold for over 45 years. Mistakes are frustrating to say the least. Unhappy customers, returns, delays, capital tied up further, etc. when mistakes are made. Attached is the most recent attribution goof from NCS. Attributed as a BG-723 which is OCTAGONAL. This coin is actually a ROUND BG-818. Other issues I have had - cat hair on holders returned. Hint: Please leave your pets at home or check your shirts and blouses. The most obvious error I had from NGC was an MS65 Cal fractional with not 1 but 2 holes through it at the top of the coin. No details grade. I won't even get into how NGC continues to change the landscape in fractional and token Cal gold on a regular basis - what they will and will not grade. I have even received actual Period 2 BG fractionals returned inelligible just because they are damaged or simply because they had not graded that BG variety yet. Many fractionals including British Columbia pieces slabbed with NO attribution at all. It's not rocket science. Dealers and collectors depend on companies like NGC. Consistancy and accuracy is a must though. My 2 cents worth if there are any ears out there.