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  1. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    Here is a walking liberty half that got more https://coins.ha.com/itm/errors/1945-s-50c-walking-liberty-half-dollar-double-struck-second-strike-55-off-center-ms63-pcgs/a/1191-3797.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515
  2. Please help me find a coin

    you missed this one last month - you are correct, there will be another in next couple months http://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-S-CLAD-PROOF-LOUISIANA-STATE-QUARTER-NGC-PF70-ULTRA-CAMEO/272736521575
  3. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    You will never know the 'true value', as that is not how any collectible market works. I guess you could get it certified and list on eBay for $25K and drop it 0.1% every time listed until sold... and then take away the 13% ebay/paypal/shipping or consign to Heritage and take away the buyers and sellers premium from total collected.
  4. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    If Fred offered $8800, I would take it and skip the time/risk and bother of doing anything else. a somewhat similar quarter sold at Heritage -. https://coins.ha.com/itm/errors/1959-washington-quarter-double-struck-second-strike-60-off-center-ms63-pcgs/a/1181-5126.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515
  5. 1975 "no s" dime found

    does the neat package look like this?
  6. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    It is from Denver - why do you need it graded? are you going to keep it or plan on selling it?
  7. 1669 -s

    Is there anything special about it? - It is worth one cent and maybe more if special
  8. NCG Coin Explorer and PCGS Coinfacts?

    I do not think so if it was a crack-out. If it was a review or re-holder resubmission, the cert number stays the same, and that is part of the file name so old pic would be 'covered-up'. On the coinfacts page for a coin, on the upper left is a button to show all pictures. Some of the issues (like 1881-S Morgan) have over 50 pictures... I do remember seeing a coin (but don't remember which one) where 5 of the top 7 coinfacts pictures were definitely the same coin. I am not an employee at PCGS and just a collector (an occasional eBay seller) , but these are my impressions.
  9. What are NGC's standard for PL and DPL Morgans?

    I am bumping this old thread because I am curious what is used for PL designation in modern circulation strikes. Are there any written guidelines or standards?
  10. NCG Coin Explorer and PCGS Coinfacts?

    Coinfacts at one time used pics of items that they did not have pics on, now they mainly use TrueViews that come from 'secure' submissions or purchased by submitter.
  11. Toned coins on eBay use with black light

    on the third, I see the reflection of florescent lighting from the ceiling - the others also have natural or white light. are you saying a blacklight is also being used to bright out colors? I might have to try this to see if I get any differences.
  12. Eisenhower 1976-D PL

    oops, you are correct - the NGC grader responded with -> (but over 10 year old thread) We use a consistent standard on all denominations and metals.
  13. Toned coins on eBay use with black light

    I am not sure I have seen this - could you link an example?
  14. Eisenhower 1976-D PL

    I found another thread and it looks like 2" clear reflection for PL
  15. They said it was not possible to find one in circulation

    that year had quite a few quarters struck on US nickel planchets - is it clad with a copper core? does it stick to a magnet?