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  1. 1910 on a flying eagle cent???

    the punched damage on the reverse has pushed out the obverse around LIBERTY
  2. outrageous auction fees

    The new normal. eBay, for most sellers is nothing more than free or slave labor less than minimum wage (but very flexible).
  3. variety is too minor for attribution

    it looks like it could be DDO-022 http://varietyvista.com/04a JN DD Vol 1/1943PDDO022.htm there is not a doubled eyeball like in FS-106 ? you could always send it to James Wiles for attribution - maybe it is a new discovery
  4. variety is too minor for attribution

    can you take pics good enough to convince us that it is FS-106 ??
  5. variety is too minor for attribution

    I would prefer them to say "we did not see the variety you saw" if that is a true statement. But as is, it feels like they saw it but there was not a great wide spread on the letters to warrant it attribution? Does anyone know what the statement means? I suspect this is the case. There are many DDO's for 1943-P and you could have another with some similarities http://varietyvista.com/04a JN DD Vol 1/DDOs 1943-P.htm
  6. some of the reprocessed and copper plated tone up well
  7. 1792 half disme – new documents found

    I suspect I will never own one, but find them interesting and always on the lookout for things most people do not even know what look like guess the grade of this snagged pic
  8. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    Good luck on your submission. I hope it works out like you hope.
  9. Unusual slab...dark history.....

    Selling precious metals is not easy. Ordering and not paying or returns/chargebacks when prices go down hit the company hard. They are not the first precious metal seller to go broke.
  10. Unusual slab...dark history.....

    they made those in the mid to late 80's . on the lower right was a dollar value (yours is covered by whiteout) in 1989 ? the FTC sued them and PCGS for investment related issues Tulving had something to do with guaranteed buybacks
  11. do you have it in hand yet? I suspect there are some lighting tricks and possibly even outright photoshop making some marks look much less apparent than they actually are.
  12. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    Here is a walking liberty half that got more https://coins.ha.com/itm/errors/1945-s-50c-walking-liberty-half-dollar-double-struck-second-strike-55-off-center-ms63-pcgs/a/1191-3797.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515
  13. Please help me find a coin

    you missed this one last month - you are correct, there will be another in next couple months http://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-S-CLAD-PROOF-LOUISIANA-STATE-QUARTER-NGC-PF70-ULTRA-CAMEO/272736521575
  14. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    You will never know the 'true value', as that is not how any collectible market works. I guess you could get it certified and list on eBay for $25K and drop it 0.1% every time listed until sold... and then take away the 13% ebay/paypal/shipping or consign to Heritage and take away the buyers and sellers premium from total collected.
  15. 1959 Double Struck Benjamin Franklin 50c coin

    If Fred offered $8800, I would take it and skip the time/risk and bother of doing anything else. a somewhat similar quarter sold at Heritage -. https://coins.ha.com/itm/errors/1959-washington-quarter-double-struck-second-strike-60-off-center-ms63-pcgs/a/1181-5126.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515