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  1. The U.S. coin that found in phillipines.

    Where did you find them? You could try selling on eBay.
  2. 45 Rolls of Morgan dollars

    did you buy and sell these? I am curious if you cherry-picked some of the end-roll toners or gems and if they are getting grade? if so, those would be some nice pics when you get them back.
  3. Full Step Jefferson Nickels

    do you use a felt pen to make steps look stronger?
  4. 1943 copper pennies stolen

    I feel your pain, having a $25 bag of cents stolen
  5. Is the Clad Quarter Market Strong?

    I am fairly certain I will never see a XF 1982/3p/d clad quarter routinely sell for $8 in my lifetime. Although I will continue to try to buy graded 65's for under $20.
  6. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    Once you get it back, you will be able to see if it is / is close / or a mechanical error.
  7. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    Are they like PCGS where the bulk submission fee is related to graded values?
  8. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    maybe they meant MS 66 PL ?
  9. 1957-d-washington-quarter-reengraved-tailfeathers

    congrats on a couple grand from original $5 purchase.
  10. Camp Davis Peace Dollar

    It is a Mel Wacks counterstamp - you might want to read this (I had a couple and sold them before I knew what they were) http://www.tokenandmedal.org/Journal/Journal_files/Counterstamped_Coins_of_Mel_Wacks.pdf
  11. 1982 quarter

    it looks in 64-65 area. The uncirculated 1982 and 1983 P and D are harder to find uncirculated because the mint did not have uncirculated mint sets those years.
  12. Annual Dollar Coin sets

    There are 5 of the smaller dollars and an uncirculated silver eagle. As far as I can tell, they are no different than the others that are circulation strikes.
  13. When I see someone selling a coin that is obviously a fake, I stop looking gat their other coins - you knew their 1804 was bad.
  14. How do you grade a Cent like this?

    details - environmental damage corrosion by the IN