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  1. e1cnr

    1 of us doesnt belong!

    The upper left and then left coin got punched so it has a black eye. Must have been in a fight with someone.
  2. e1cnr

    1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    Wouldn't either of these kill all cartwheel luster?
  3. e1cnr

    1804 US Coin

    It is not a real US coin. I am not sure metal content, if silver cold be a couple bucks. Before you buy things like this, you should be able to find what real ones look like and compare.
  4. e1cnr

    PCGS' major grading error

    It looks like die 2 according to varietyvista, including die crack on eagles head. So is James Wiles wrong and where does PCGS get its info? http://varietyvista.com/09b WQ Vol 2/RPM Detail Pages/1952DMMS0042.htm
  5. From the picture, I can not tell if it grades higher than XF. Is it in a cointain?
  6. e1cnr

    Time to once again play roll the dice

    I think you won
  7. e1cnr

    1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    Peace Dollar Fanatic, have you checked with VAM World to see if your coin has the diagnostics of any of the recognized VAMs ? http://www.vamworld.com/1921-P+Peace+VAMs
  8. e1cnr

    1964-d quarter type c 65' reverse?

    You have the common Type A reverse. The link below is the best reference material I have seen on Washington reverse varieties. http://www.heartlandcoinclub.com/Documents/Washington Quarters Reverse Design Varieties (RDV) From A to H, and Beyond.pdf
  9. e1cnr

    Why does NGC cert lookup require grade?

    I have sometimes wanted to see what else was in the submission and checked the coins before and after, going to be harder now.
  10. e1cnr

    1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    An interesting thread from ATS https://forums.collectors.com/discussion/655431/1921-and-22-matte-proof-peace-dollars in it is a link about PCGS grading some of Mint director Bakers' estate http://numismatica.com/tag/peace-dollars/ and then USpatterns link to early peace dollar patterns http://uspatterns.stores.yahoo.net/j2019.html
  11. e1cnr

    proof walkers

    There are not many CAMs in the early 36-42 proof sets. I also do not think there are that many (? <10%) sitting in a closet with an old collection, since they are now at least 75 years old. https://legendauctions.hibid.com/lot/23363366/50c-1942-pcgs-pr66-cameo-cac/ https://coins.ha.com/itm/proof-walking-liberty-half-dollars/1938-50c-pr66-cameo-pcgs/a/1151-5812.s?hdnJumpToLot=1x=0&y=0
  12. e1cnr

    1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    Peace Dollar Fanatic, are you suggesting a collector altered the surface of this coin somehow (acid, sandblast, pickled?) similar to how collectors lacquered their old copper?
  13. why would they want it? to put on their fake slabs?
  14. e1cnr

    1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    very nice - maybe one of those satin finished this link is to a Heritage auction with die characteristics and an interesting video https://coins.ha.com/itm/proof-peace-dollars/1921-1-satin-pr66-ngc/a/1201-5344.s?hdnJumpToLot=1x=0&y=0