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  1. 1957-d-washington-quarter-reengraved-tailfeathers

    It surely was not re-engraved to strengthen tail detail, but more likely a rogue mint employee having fun.
  2. 1957-d-washington-quarter-reengraved-tailfeathers

    what makes you think thousands were struck? how many quarters an hour/day can one die make ?
  3. 1957-d-washington-quarter-reengraved-tailfeathers

    I think Casman sold the PCGS example for over $10K, so don't let it go cheap or offer it in a Heritage/GreatCollections/Stacks auction for maximum value when you sell. PS, I have looked at well over 1000 1957-D quarters, trying to find one of those.
  4. Can anyone tell me about this coin?

    somebody has also scratched it up by cleaning it, which will lower its' value somewhat. Do not use jewelers cloth or try to shine your coins, as it lowers value for most buyers.
  5. Dealer buy prices for junk silver coins

    or has more overhead.... I once had a brick and mortar offer me 50% of melt for a roll of 1964 halves - not sure what a pawn shop would give. eBay usually does well, even with all the fees and shipping, but takes a couple weeks from listing to cash in hand. The last local show I went to had a buyer that was paying very close to melt and cash and carry.
  6. what is the cert number so we can look at it?
  7. Superior Strike Designations

    a couple ACG's if I recall correctly - full tail on buffalo nickels and full beak on Washington quarters
  8. 1967 mint mark S penny??

    Is there any damage on the reverse of the coin?
  9. 1967 mint mark S penny??

    It could be a dropped letter (S from TRUST) error
  10. 1945 P Jefferson - DDR-001 (I think)

    last picture top left can see last O of MONTICELLO looks doubled http://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-Jefferson-Silver-War-Nickels-1942-1945-Uncirculated-11-Coins-/192324010917?hash=item2cc76783a5%3Ag%3AOK0AAOSwsm1Z06IL&nma=true&si=IkOjk8MkLPSUq2nd9fdjToQp6do%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  11. 1945 P Jefferson - DDR-001 (I think)

    very nice, did you see it when bidding or was it a pleasant surprise. if you don't like it that way, I will trade you with a normal one
  12. 1945 P Jefferson

    I do not see any DDR characteristics, just the OMM (overmintmark) - there are 91 listed for 1945-P - I suspect RPM-032 http://varietyvista.com/05 JN RPMs/1945PRPM032.htm
  13. 1910 on a flying eagle cent???

    the punched damage on the reverse has pushed out the obverse around LIBERTY
  14. outrageous auction fees

    The new normal. eBay, for most sellers is nothing more than free or slave labor less than minimum wage (but very flexible).
  15. variety is too minor for attribution

    it looks like it could be DDO-022 http://varietyvista.com/04a JN DD Vol 1/1943PDDO022.htm there is not a doubled eyeball like in FS-106 ? you could always send it to James Wiles for attribution - maybe it is a new discovery