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  1. I just got a call they cancelled the 2 day grading seminar I signed up for. Now I am not sure if I will go, maybe summer FUN.
  2. Registered Mail is most secure. I would not worry about name on address.
  3. The spots are in the same positions so it is the same coin. It is amazing/deceptive how lighting/overexposure can change our looks of a coin.
  4. FSH - $170 delivered (USA) PAYPAL verified addresses 3 1909 VDB cents - a MS65RB, MS64RB and MS63RB group I was starting a grading set and got tired - post here and pm
  5. I sent my first submission in today and was wondering if NGC has always started moderns at 1955? There are other services that seem to start with the clads in 1965.
  6. If you are buying raw coins, you want to be able to see how you are doing and if you need a 'correction'. One way is to send in a batch to get graded. Especially if you do not have the time or money to take a grading class.
  7. unbelievable they get to keep the coin and money back the buyer has had problems buying and selling with negs and neutrals https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/pasteiner?filter=feedback_page:RECEIVED_AS_SELLER&_trksid=p2047675.l2560
  8. If I gave you a die number, you could tell me about the die?
  9. I would not recommend going if you are over 80, over weight, diabetic, smoke, or have other health issues. If not, when will you continue on with your life?
  10. I hope to go and sign up for the intermediate grading class
  11. GovMint is a mail-order / phone sales operation that typically sells at 50% over retail. They do not mint anything but sell stuff from around the world.
  12. are you saying the die pictured in this CoinWeek article is not from the mint? https://coinweek.com/us-mint-news/non-cancelled-martha-washington-obverse-die-offered-for-sale/#:~:text=The first known non-canceled Martha Washington die was,is listed in standard references as Judd %232180.