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  1. I must say that those are really lovely coins, all of them. I like that you created a really nice collection of coins representing your Grandfather's birth year. It's funny because I've never done that so extensively, but have, in the past, purchased coins based on the birth year of a family member, and I've been contemplating doing that again. I do have one thing to say about one of your indian cent coins. I think there is something wrong with it, or maybe it's just the way you took the photograph. At first I thought my eyes were crossing, or I was about to have another attack of vertigo. It looks a little off kilter. I was wondering if you'd send it to me for further observation.
  2. I agree - I rarely carry cash; let alone coins. I use a checkbook to pay for my haircut since my barber does not take credit/debit. Everything else is either purchased using credit/debit. I like to keep $1,000.00 in my wallet at all times. edited to correct spelling: I'd like to keep $1,000.00 in my wallet at all times.
  3. I'm looking for rolls of mercury dimes, silver quarters etc... Where is the best place to buy this kind of stuff at very competitive prices?
  4. I can't believe this thread hasn't been pulled.
  5. In the past, I bought quite a few coins from Harry Laibstain, a lot of good coins. I also enjoyed competing with him at auction (and losing). I haven't looked at his website in many years, but I recalled that he did have a buyback policy. I went back to look (at his entirely different site) and he still has a buyback policy, however (and I don't believe he had this before but I could be wrong), he qualifies this with the buyback dollar amount being contingent upon the market. So, technically there was an agreement to buyback, but not at a given price. What I think needs to be understood here is that leeg HAS been one of the most consistent posters on this board, and as such, has shared really fine coinage with us, and without a snobby attitude. I would suspect that he's put quite a bit of money in many dealers pockets and has been a great customer. What especially needs to be understood is that leeg had a life event and this coin, and thus the dealer, got involved with it. Give him a break for gods-sake. I haven't seen any libel at all here since fact and feeling were written. Leeg might very well re-engage with Harry in a positive way, who knows, and continue their relationship. I doubt Harry will lose business over this. Stuff happens. He's got great coins. I would also like to point out that if you talk about a dealer on this board, either the dealer(s) are reading the board (which they do) or someone will talk to that dealer. I complained about a dealer (NOT the one mentioned in this thread) once on this board and received a phone call from them the next day. I felt like my privacy was invaded, I mean, this is a 'collectors' board, not a dealers board, and I chose to vent, not further negotiations with the dealer. I said something in a public forum and a friend of the dealer obviously felt they needed to intrude, and fine, that's what happened. Funny, I got permanently banned from the PCGS board for coming to this same (intruusive) dealers defense..years ago..during one of their scourges, only to find later on that the very same dealer is back on the PCGS board, and none of my appeals at different levels ever got me back on the board that I contributed immensely to. He's probably never been aware of that. In another instance, at a show, I commented about a dealer who overheard me. I regretted my big mouth, but I'm human, he's human. Despite that, he continued to be very good to me over the years and probably taught me more about coins than any other dealer ever did. Stuff happens. There's a lot of strong feelings being expressed in this thread. There are a lot of issues. If there is one thing that should not happen, is for leeg to leave the forum for something like this. Hell...I was thrown off the PCGS forum for no good reason, but I'd go back, just because I had quite a a few friends on the board, invested a lot of time and effort in the board and have the right to be there. The NGC board has always been a great place so far as I could remember, so leeg, don't let the board lose you to a bunch of hooplah when the bottom line is you've got a lot to say about coins that a lot of people will benefit from.