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  1. My 3 afib procedures ,My NASH Cirrhosis and encephalopathy aren't an excuse to "lighten up".. Even when I was flatlining... On the contrary.. Be a Man Quinton.
  2. I have a responsibility to expose fraud... It's my comic book code.
  3. It's amazing how fitting this as a response to some of your ramblings. What does minutia mean in Latin? Minutia Has Latin Roots Minutia was borrowed into English in the late 18th century from the Latin plural noun minutiae, meaning "trifles" or "details" and derived from the singular noun minutia, meaning "smallness." In English, minutia is most often used in the plural as either minutiae or, on occasion, as simply minutia.
  4. Talk to the spellchecker... I don't waste time on minutia ...
  5. There's lots of people who've erased and changed posts on these boards.. Lotsa clique...
  6. Its all about how much bling you can pimp your slab with... Think grafittie on headstones...
  7. A good friend of mine has 5 restaurants here in Richmond... He relayed a story of another acquaintance who got a loan from the first relief act , the one were if you paid wages you wouldn't have to pay it back... He bought a Bently...$300K.. I said well he's going to have to pay it back and H (My friend) said "Sure... but the interest is only 1%.... If your new York resturaunts are closing it's because they are getting millions for pennies and they are sweating it later... If you need any more real life lessons explained I Suggest you call the friends you paid for...
  8. New York is a ghost town... Never to regain it's bloviated status... Sad really...