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  1. 1 of us doesnt belong!

    I wonder why the cat didn't choose the persimmon...
  2. NEWP - optional GTG

    Not trying to be rude but it looks Scotchbrited
  3. Possible 1st???

    It's the proverbial White Hiney Niny variety...
  4. 1959 d gold colored penny

    I have a couple of these in the mint packages..They aren't gold so much as more of a bright bronze look...
  5. 1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    I hate that I Like that coin so much.
  6. 1886 S Morgan VAM 1A & 1B?

    a couple thoughts.. Is it a hot 50? No. Is it a top 100 on the VAM list? The only one I know for that year is VAM 2, S/S... That carries a premium but I wouldn't think that much... so no your VAM while interesting is not considered as sought after. Someone may pay extra for it but as always ,it comes down to the coin.
  7. 1968 s penny rainbow color

    Maybe he should have said aurora.
  8. 1968 s penny rainbow color

    But it's Rainbow...
  9. Steel Pennies

    The 43D looks like it was rusting at one point... Might have been Merced???
  10. Does Heritage Allow Returns for Auction Wins?

    Heritage has gotten a Lot of my money in the past and to be completely Frank They have gone way over and above to earn it.. I don't see this as thier problem. NGC is the Guarantor and they should have first whack at fixing thier coin/problem.
  11. $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle XF

    Yea I don't do business with APMEX anymore..
  12. Doubling submission 1874 one cent

    Longacre Doubling?
  13. Does NGC Offer Tours?

    I went to thier HQ back in 2001 (? I Think) and you won't get passed the front desk. BUT The Lady that helped me with my Submission was a JOY and EXTREAMLY helpful... That was when NGC became my TPG of choice.
  14. SEGS coins

    You did well...