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  1. Perfect opportunity for this.
  2. That's cool. As a college student doing research with Wikileaks as your only source for a doctoral thesis you would be laughed out of any decent collage. So find your safe space and ogle your mediocrity. Sorry it took so long to respond I was on vacation. And yes the fishing was wonderful thank you for asking.. Many species including a sap it appears.
  3. Well anyone can put anything on wiki. And the others were basically biased themselves. I posted an article from Mon, 02/20/2017 Truthfully your "research" is pretty weak. But good luck with your schooling.
  4. So could you site some examples of your research please. I am sure you don't want to unjustly defame them. In other words
  5. And with all the dealings we are having With the Chicoms and the fact that the president of Taiwan is over here spending more time than usual and we are adding more sanctions to Chicoms. The last paragraph from the article makes me think Silver may be moving. We don't do politics.
  6. You know those anacs holders gave a beautiful cobalt blue to Morgans …
  7. Always wondered why NGC didn't have a YouTube channel … Seriously. They have all kinds of weird guys talking foolishness about coins so why doesn't one of the big guys do something to promote coin grading.. I realize the ANA is squeezing every cent they can to stay afloat but if you do rudimentary beginner stuff you could have a pretty good channel... Unless this is already being done then nevermind.
  8. May as well again huh … well I am leaving my mistake because I earned it... Man I got to up my game.
  9. Is that green stuff kinda slimy? Was it stored in a soft flip?
  10. I want to say yes but it's hard to say.. This is the same area of a different coin that pcgs has graded 1963 D DDO FS-101
  11. And you are wrong. Throwing out "it's not authentic" is pretty lazy IMO.