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  1. $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle XF

    Yea I don't do business with APMEX anymore..
  2. Doubling submission 1874 one cent

    Longacre Doubling?
  3. Does NGC Offer Tours?

    I went to thier HQ back in 2001 (? I Think) and you won't get passed the front desk. BUT The Lady that helped me with my Submission was a JOY and EXTREAMLY helpful... That was when NGC became my TPG of choice.
  4. SEGS coins

    You did well...
  5. 1995-P 10c Franklin Double Die ??

    I see what you are saying ,(The inner part of the O of OF and the D I And M of DIME) but it could be Machine doubling. Hard to tell with the pics.
  6. 1901S Barber 25c - Altered Surface?

    Is there a library that can be looked at for educating ourselves Bill...
  7. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

    Nice coin. Any story behind it?
  8. First Strike, and Early Release BS!!

    Thank you .I have been trying to teach her the difference between money and Value.. She thought that because the Price guides said one thing That It's Value was set. I have been trying to explain that It's actual Value is set by others IE the Market ... I think at the time the NGC price guide said the 64 AH at pr68 cameo was valued at 1.800.00. But in fact the actual value was $800.00 because that was offered and the amount that was exchanged.. The other coin was valued at $500.00 I believe but again it's actual value was $295.00 because of the Monies received... $16.00 plus certification, WHICH at the time was free because I used my free submissions from when I joined and rejoined NGC.. $1.100.00 from the sales and she was really quite happy and I think she learned some things. As well as how to sell. She realized that the Pics were terrible and that she may have left some money on the table but she realizes that she did pretty outstanding... She was genuinely happy that THEY got Value for thier money.
  9. First Strike, and Early Release BS!!

    No the Kennedy's were Accented Hair varieties that we sent in years ago for grading.. Both were bought in original mint packaging and picked as regular sets.. I think we paid $16.00 for both sets.. Here are the auctions She did alright.
  10. David Baptista (Truthteller) Passing

    Truth and I went round and round on the open forums and was always fun to tussle intellectually with.I would always defer to his integrity where coins and the hobby were concerned. A good guy who didn't mind telling the TPGs what he really thought.. I heard something this week , Life is a Mountain, Death is a feather... Rest easy Truth.
  11. Do you like the looks of this SAE?

    I Love that look... And it's young... 'That cobalt blue is something I wish all silver would tone to. It's just a really nice coin.
  12. First Strike, and Early Release BS!!

    No they are still in the mint packaging as we received them. So they are what they are.. Actual first day mintages.. Whether they "Look" it or not that is secondary as she enjoys them and even took them to school for the class to see.. It's funny that the Mint has actual first day mintages and the TPGs have actually basterdized the classification and I don't even know if these qualify.. After 10 years (She's 16) she let go of a couple Kennedys on ebay last month or so and made a nice profit..
  13. Happy New Years

    You know I think It's about to resurge... I have been out for a while but I am getting a lot of people who never had an interest ask for help in collecting... Happy new year and may you all prosper and remain healthy in 2018.
  14. GSA Morgan Worth a shot at an upgrade?

    Yea it's August but I'm gonna post anyway... This is where the adage "The reverse can hurt the grade but it definitely won't get the grade... That reverse is DMPL or UCAM IMO but the obverse is killing it... That little bit of haze ... It's a GREAT coin though.