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    Ratzie33 has inspired me to take a look through my change drawer here at work, and I think I may have stumbled upon something rare. I have only seen one of these before, on a youtube video I believe. Just wondering what you guys think this will grade at? It's a rare 1970 overdate on a 1983 overdate on a 1974. Thanks!
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    Sadly, I never got to know B. Max Mehl, as I was born in 1954 and he passed away in 1957. He was my grandmother's uncle and my grandmother was thrilled when she learned that I was a serious coin collector at a young age. Over the years, I have acquired a number of Mehl catalogs, checks and a poster from family members, as well as forum members. My most treasured remembrance of him and my grandmother is one I have posted about previously, but will mention it again now. This time, however, I will add a bit more information....My grandmother was born in 1909 and for her wedding gift, her uncle/B. Max Mehl, gave her a gem 1909-S Saint, along with a handwritten note of congratulations. The signed note, which contains the name of his wife, Ethel - the same as that of my grandmother - reads: “May your life be as bright and full of solid happiness as is the enclosed. Dec-30-1930“ When I was young, my grandmother promised me that she would give me the coin one day. Fast forward several years to a time when her son/my uncle told me he had the coin and would be giving it to me. He also told me that my grandmother (who had apparently forgotten her promise to me) was about to have the coin made into a necklace, but he convinced her not to do so and to keep the coin for me. Whew! For many years, I have had the coin in an NGC holder, with a label which includes my grandmother's name. Needless to say, I will always treasure it and the handwritten wedding congratulations note which accompanies it.
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    I just want to know when Quintus is going to propose to Richie, its a beautiful bromance.
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    No coin shortage at the liquor store today. The hag in front of me was paying for her bottle of vodka in quarters, dimes, nickels, and cents. Slowly. She came up about 25 cents short and had to start over.
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    Well, your dare has been answered.
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    Follow the lead picture post.

    I love the date...
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    As I see you are pretty new here, I can see why you have no idea who Mark Feld is. This is a man that you would rather have on your numismatic side, than to ridicule him.
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    The poster evidently does not want, and never did want, honest opinions. Even if the damaged coin is sent to a TPG, the poster will not accept any result except the one he initially expressed.
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    Bologna. You've been told by numerous people, including experts, what you asked about - the coin isn't a "special matte finish" example. But you don't really want to hear or deal with reality, when you can live a dream, instead. If you actually thought there was even a decent chance that the coin was special and valuable, you would have spent the money to submit it for authentication, long ago. Your (in)action speaks far more loudly than your many words.
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    Ok, I'll give in. Looks like a Matte Dime to me. I would send it in to have it graded!! Your persistence has convinced me that you are far more knowledgeable than anyone else here.
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    Gold coin as brooch

    That's the pin.
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    Reminds me of a joke: Two ships collided last night. One was carrying red dye. The other was carrying purple dye. Both crews are believed to be marooned.
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    Ah, don't feel bad. My first apartment (yes, in NYC) was $63.94/month. Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, the Walking Halves were all common in change. I recall finding an Indian Head penny, 1894, VG, in change. Morgan dollars were at the local bank. Ask any teller. My brother and I took all our Silver Certificates down to the Subtreasury's Assay Office on Wall Street (I believe June 1967, if memory serves) and redeemed them for a small plastic bag filled with silver granules. I remember wondering why we could never find pennies older than 1909 or nickels before 1913 or dimes before 1916, etc. Nothing remarkable about all this back then in the 1960s until we began organizing the change my father brought home from work and realized some dates were a lot harder to find than others. Enter the Red Book which uncovered the mysteries what with mintages and pricing. I was a type collector like everybody else. Proof sets were only two dollars and change. The very first coin I bought was an 1909-S VDB, BU, purchased from Stack's for $200. My mother was horrified: "You paid $200. for a penny???" Yes, I did. Is there anyone out there who would think twice about spending that much on that coin today? It's all relative. Silver? Ha! Ha! Ha! My brother (deceased) still had an original roll of BU Kennedy halves from '64 that he picked up at a bank and held onto before and after the advent of clad coinage which pretty much dampened my enthusiasm for coins for obvious reasons. So today I would have to say I have nothing to complain about. Great memories. Running boards on cars I never saw, but I got to see the old wooden train cars on the Myrtle Avenue el in Brooklyn before they tore it down in '73 and old coins could be gotten from antique shops along with Civil War-era copies of Harper's Weekly. Great stuff! I have had my moment in the sun. Now it's time the young whippersnappers out there had their share of fun. Happy Collecting to all, and to all a good nite!
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    1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Question

    I have a '64 Kennedy that I sent into our illustrious hosts that had enough nasty hits on it to grade MS63 at best, but it had wild peripheral toning. It came back MS65. I did it to prove a point, but err, umm, I guess I proved "two points". The "best" part is that the toning continues to develop new colors in the NGC slab. Heck, it's probably a 66 now.
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    There is enough going on in Texas to be concerned. I personally know 5 people who have been infected. 1 in 10 Texans have been diagnosed. I'm concerned that I might infect others, I'm concerned about my family and my employees and I have a duty to them and to my investors. Collecting is a 100% selfish pursuit for me. This isn't about being a tough guy. Being careful is a moral decision that should be easy for anyone who cares at all about others and has a sense of responsibility to others who count on them. If a year from now we find that the mortality data has been overblown, so what? The give-up is insignificant and the downside is potentially catastrophic.
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    Ultra Rare 1970 over 1983 over 1974?

    I saw this one on Youtube and am sure it will grade MS-72 Deep Cameo. A guy on there told me so.
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    Ultra Rare 1970 over 1983 over 1974?

    Add up the denominations and average the dates. The very rare and very dangerous 1975 and two thirds 36 cent piece. Woo Hoo! And hey! The average coin in that picture is a 12 cent piece.
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    1970 over 1941 Canadian 25 cent

    If I have dissuaded the likes of you from engaging in what you call numismatics, then I have done this hobby a great service. Were you a complete greenhorn, you would be due more forbearance, but you have been slapping this garbage up for almost a year now and refuse to learn.
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    Starter Set for a Six Year Old

    You're welcome!
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    Post your most recent acquisition: US

    I am actually excited I found THE addition to put me back in first and DID not BREAK THE BANK. This set belonged there anyway :-). Its been a Long time coming. ( See Signature line for set )
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    I can answer that question - because the opinions matter/count if they are what he wishes to hear, but otherwise, not.
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    1964 John F. Kennedy Half Dollar

    Since it came from the First National Bank of Boston, it's got "wicked awesome toning. A real pissah."
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    B-b-b-b-but we'z haz jus' seed da 'scovery coin. We's iz trooly blesst.
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    On the contrary, I'm very positive that I'll never see a legit special matte finish 1993 D dime.
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    Just Bob

    1982 d small date penny

    That is not true. I have been looking for a 1993D Roosevelt dime with a Special Matte Finish. None have ever been found, but I hope to be the first, and I intend to sell it for a huge profit - after posting it on here and talking incessantly about it, of course. It has been my lifelong dream to be the discoverer of this coin. Oh, wait - someone beat me to it. Never mind.
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    To those who post in this forum I wish to express my heart felt gratitude for providing this amount of entertainment.
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    1909 VDB with polished rim

    Ratzie is off meds again.
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    *Warning, the following may contain fiction. Fiction is an addictive product* The 1804 dollar is reverently regarded within the hobby as the "King of American Coins" or, by the more patriotic, as the "President of Coins". Generally, it is assumed by numismatists that this title refers to the rarity of the coin, and it's extremely high desirability (this is what is known as "supply and I want it" theory in action). However, this is a grievous error, and not one that can be attributed by NGC's "Variety Plus" or "Mint Error" tiers. While you recover from the shock of this realization of this lifelong falsity that you have foolishly believed, allow me to explain the real reason behind the regal title of the 1804 dollar. Numerous years ago, back when calling someone meant yelling to the field for them, and a mouse was a creature, not a retro tool for operating a computer, the coins of America depicted allegorical images of Liberty, not just random people who apparently did stuff other people thought important (Thus goes the reasoning of the rather rebellious, modern coins). Anyhow, the coins of those long gone days prided themselves on being images of patriotism and freedom. But this soon led them to think they were rather important, and over time, royal. As a result, a plot was formed to overthrow the human government, and form their own monarchy. First though, before they could unleash futuristic weapons such as the nickle-clear missile and ma-cash-ine gun, a king was needed (actually, there was a rather interesting debate in whether it ought to be a king or emperor, but remembering what happened to Julius Denarius, the coins went with king). After drawing straws (with markers), the art experts proclaimed the 1804 dollar's to be the winner, and thus crowned was the "King of American Coins". You may be wondering why we aren't ruled by Halfs-Burgs and Medicoins, but that is simply because the mint janitor accidentally stepped on the weapon's base of the regalistic coins, thus ending any chances of victory. But, knowing they could have won, and could still one day succeed, the coins sent a rather foreboding warning on the "V-Nickels"... Perhaps, one day, we may be ruled not simply by the vice of greed, but by the object of greed. Which, of course, is donuts.
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    I don't really "collect" coins except temporarily for research or to verify something. I cannot afford to hold on to $$$$$ in non-performing assets, regardless of how much pleasure that would bring.
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    Alex in PA.

    1974 experimental cent

    Dear God.
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    NGC coin dealers and Grading

    Hello and welcome to the forums; it sounds like that dealer is close so I would call and see about stopping by to discuss the coin you have. Keep in mind that just because a dealer is affiliated with NGC he/she is not obligated to send in coins for customers. Also you can join the collectors club here for $25 online by going to the NGC main menu and click submit for a drop down menu and submit again and then how to submit. The associate level allows you to submit your coins directly to NGC, just follow the instructions or contact customer service if you have any questions.
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    No, but it shows that it is possible that it could be done outside the mint. Since you claim it was done inside the mint it is up to you to show that it was and wasn't done by someone with one of the sandblasters shown above. Oh and just because you sandblast the faces doesn't mean you have to blast the edge as well.
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    Book cover - advance photo

    I'm hoping to have this out by December 2020, but it might be later. Ignore the price sticker -- just part of the mock-up.
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    I'm not sure why you came here to ask about a coin that you seem to already know what it is. You've tossed out the opinions of some pretty darn knowledgeable members here and are dead set on your opinion. Send it in to be graded and then you can do what you want with the TPG's opinion.
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    Coins Stolen From Packages

    I kind of wonder how anyone knew there were gold coins inside. What do people do? Write all over the parcel "GOLD COINS ENCLOSED--DO NOT STEAL"?
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    Category transfer

    You simply add them to the new set and delete them from the old set and retire or delete the old set. You must first create the new set if you have not done so, also you do not have to delete them from the old set unless you do not want both sets. Your coins can be listed in multiple sets at the same time.
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    The San Diego Zoo issued coins?!
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    1891 d cam quarter dollar

    Wow, that's incredible cameo on that counterfeit. Let us know what it grades.
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    Like colds and flu? I do appreciate hopeful/wishful thinking, but I think we'll be dealing with this for a long time. I suspect it will mutate to be less fatal (quickly killing your host is not a good strategy), and we'll tweak the vaccine every year like we do with influenza, but we're its reservoir now. A wildly successful life form doesn't just burn itself out. Humans arguably are wildly successful. It took us 100,000 years to populate every corner of the planet. This virus did it in 6 months. Think about that! Stamping out smallpox took generations and an international effort. I've only been to a few minor local coin shows, so it's not a big deal to me in that regard, but I sympathize with others.
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    Computerized Grading

    This post probably cost me about 100 hours of fun :-) I spent a couple weekends trying to do this following this paper: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01795304/document --it's not all that difficult but the problem is that it requires a lot of high quality pictures per coin, per grade, per year, per quark (ie. 1909 VDOB) back and front--i estimate about 1M pix for US coin base all up. Then it requires the user of the system to take the same high quality photos. There are big issue with normalizing glare of high end coins. net is only a HA, or TPG has the base of photos. It's pretty easy to take 1 photo and munge it up into many but the score goes down significantly. Biggest issue I had is with identifying date--it's a much more difficult problem than identifying a license plate. Note that PCGS has been doing ML "assisted" for a while https://www.pcgs.com/goldshield "With PCGS Gold Shield, each coin is imaged in high resolution, registered, and checked against PCGS’ vast proprietary imaging database. Our Gold Shield system benefits from artificial intelligence and machine learning, helping our graders quickly identify and remove counterfeits from the market." Interesting enough they let their patent expire: https://patents.google.com/patent/US5224176 I'll spend a couple more weekends on it as it's an interesting rabbit hole for a geek that likes coins...
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    Who supplied the Omega counterfeits that come out of so many FCI "packages?" I presume others managed the coin laundry ---
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    What is the difference?

    All I can contribute are these pictures
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    Neither of those cert numbers are valid when I attempted to verify them on the PCGS site. If you have not done so I suggest you try and verify these two cert numbers yourself, here is a link to the PCGS site. https://www.pcgs.com/resources Up in the right hand side you will see an icon for verify, click on it and input your numbers, both the numbers you provided in your op (501172604, and 501172603) are not currently valid. Some reasons for this might include a typo error in your request/post, a mechanical error on the part of PCGS, and other reasons. You would need to contact PCGS customer service to determine the problem and see what can be done to resolve the issue. Note I do not work for NGC just a collector giving you some free advice.
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    French 20-franc gold rooster

    Never chalk up to reason what can be explained by a deep dark conspiracy, I always say.
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    You need a slab like what Digital Coin Grading Service used. The coin was in a "well" in the front shell and the back shell closed it off. The effect was like that of a coin in an Airtite mounted to the surface of the slab. It provided a clear 360 degree view of the edge of the coin.
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    Ultra Rare 1970 over 1983 over 1974?

    wow, I've seen the all Philly version of this error, but you have the mint mix of 1983 from Denver! rumor has it that there usually is only three of these at any given time in the world
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    1942 s struck in foreign planchet

    "Reese’s edge" Yum.....that's the best part of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup !