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    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    I know several other members here have an interest in prooflike coins, so I thought I would share an image of my newly designated PL buffalo nickel. There is one other PL buffalo nickel listed in the NGC census for the series, a single 1936, but it has never appeared at auction as best I can tell. I have been unable to locate any images, and before this, I had always wondered what one would look like.
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    1795 FH $1 for the Registry Set

    I've wanted one of these for some time now. This was my big ticket purchase for the year. It's graded PCGS VF30. I always wonder what transactions these suckers witnessed in their lifetime... maybe part of a land purchase on the wild West frontier (say, near Pittsburgh)? The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.
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    Do I have a 3 gram small date 82 D? Of course not, so far there is only one known. And since no one here owns it, by your requirements no one is allowed to say anything about the coin you have. So you poor pictures and ask "Any opinions" but you don't want any opinions from anyone here because they don't own the one known. You have my opinion, you don't own one either. I have been studying numismatics for 51 years, I have been a variety specialist for 35 years. I am a member of Early American Coppers, Liberty Seated Collectors Club, John Reich Society, Colonial Coin Collectors Club, Civil War Token Collectors, Conder Token Collectors Club, Publisher of the Early date large cent census (The Score) for eight years, my early date set is currently ranked 17th in the country. I have discovered one new variety of seated half dime, three new varieties and three sub-varieties of Conder tokens. I have written two books dealing with a numismatic subject. I have been a contributor here for over 15 years, and I like to think my opinions are well respected here. OK those are my credentials, what are yours. Oh and no one has said you shouldn't send in your coin for grading. You want to send in what we think is a copper 82 D large date go right ahead.
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    You've just insulted 2 of the most experienced people on these boards. I suggest you take your attitude somewhere else. I have now blocked you, and after your responses to us, I'm guessing nobody else is going to be willing to help you here. Ever. Goodbye.
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    Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    These arrived in the mail today, 1820 O-101, O-102 and O-103, not sure I could do that again if I tried!
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    Well for starters it's a large date, so it isn't the rare copper small date.
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    Can you tell what date this is?

    I would say 1889.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgivng everyone.
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    For the love of copper

    I haven't contributed to this thread in a while. Here's one I got fairly recently:
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    Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Biggest purchase for my 2 Cent Piece collection, PCGS MS65 CAC.
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    No Mistakes

    No offense but to put it into terms you might understand better, your request is kind of like a newbie coming into the forums and saying "I don't know anything about US coins but I think I would like to buy one and I want to spend $250 to $300 on it." Kind of like "I have money, someone take it away from me!" If you don't know what you are doing, take the time to learn, and spend small amounts while you do so.
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    1931s error penny

    Thank you sir..Ill post the results the penny as soon as Anacs returns it to me graded.. Hopefully Im not grading a fake penny as you mentioned but if it is fake at least I can say that I tried. If not fake than I can say I found a error 1931s penny ! Jim
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    1795 FH $1 for the Registry Set

    What beautiful coin Sy. Nice choice.
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    1795 FH $1 for the Registry Set

    Pretty, and out of my pocketbook range.
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    1795 FH $1 for the Registry Set

    Good, honest wear...Nice color....Problem free....History by the truck load.......Way to go!!!
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    1795 FH $1 for the Registry Set

    Great coin, lots of history there, congratulations. 18th century type coins are on my list, maybe next year.
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    1964 Kennedy halves

    If they are truly all uncirculated and with the same general appearance, list them on eBay at $10 each with free shipping, using a good picture of a typical one as a stock photo along with text clearly stating that the photo is a stock photo and that you have several coins. You'll net a little over $6 each after shipping and fees for those you actually sell. Mail in a normal envelope with the coin sandwiched between some pieces of corrugated cardboard from a cut up box. No sense investing in bubble mailers for these.
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    lincoln cent

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    Have been following your Dansco toner collection for a while and I love this stuff. Are any or all of these coins raw ? Also allow me to mention that I've seen Dansco coins tend to 'brown' over time and I hope yours keep that beautiful mint set color. Good storage conditions may be the key.
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    1953 PDS Washingtons for the B toner Dansco

    While I'm not a toner guy - I like them.
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    Six Mile Rick

    Lincoln cent

    Even reverse and out of focus --- you left out the strongest part of the signs. Large date -- LIBERTY is strong, wide and visible. Small date -- LIBERTY is weak and the letters are thin.
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    Six Mile Rick

    Lincoln cent

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    Lincoln cent

    It looks like a large date but it is hard to tell with a blurry backwards picture. The easiest tell is that the loop of the 9 points to the bottom of the 7 on a large date whereas it points toward the middle on s small date.
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    1982 3.0D lincoln memorial pennies

    Well all your images are reversed, they all appear to be of large date coins, and they are all common worth about one cent each.
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    Matt G

    conserving a slabbed coin

    Thank you for your question. You will not lose the pedigree as long as the coin is submitted in the original NGC holder. Our graders will examine the coin to see if conservation will benefit the coin, if they approve NCS we will conserve, regrade and holder the coin with the original pedigree.
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    Ancient Coin Grade Question

    There are several ways to "silver plate" a surface. Today we use electroplating. Back then they could use the dip method of dipping the coin or planchet into molten silver but that would apply a pretty thick layer, more than we see on such coins and probably more than they would want to apply. One method of applying a very thin silver layer was to rub the planchet with an amalgam of silver and mercury. The mercury would also bond to the surface of the copper/bronze planchet and leave a thin coating of the amalgam on it. It would then be heated vaporizing off the mercury and leaving a very thin plating of silver on the surface of the planchet. After striking the coin would be pickled in a mild acid to remove oxidation leaving the white silver surface.
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    1968 S DDO Linclon Memorial Error

    I would presume that after the mods seen this post that the OP is probably not able to respond anymore.
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    All look nice Sy! Love that triple D mm. Pretty cool.
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    Where are all the NGC coins

    I understand you well coinman but I suspect many properly graded NGC coins are tucked away for a while by straight thinking collectors. For instance look in NGC Coin Explorer to view auction prices. Then hit view all auction prices realized for any particular coin and you can see that by far most coins sold are PCGS coins even though certification numbers are similar for NGC graded coins. Then look a little closer yet and recognize that you will see that same PCGS coin sold 3 or 4 times for about the same money. This doesn't assure me that my PCGS coins are more marketable; it tells me that PCGS has overgraded a significant number of coins that nobody wants in their collection, but are still coveted by the cult like PCGS followers. Oh wait maybe that's why there are so many PCGS coins available.
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    It is a heavily damaged junk cent. It was left in a parking lot and run over for 30 years. It is worth one cent, if someone will take it.
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    Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I got these two along with some other lots (Barber halves, peace dollars and some notes) at an auction in Nevada last week:
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    The color of gold coins will vary depending on the alloy, fuel used for annealing planchets, and the whitening method in use. After the change to 10% copper alloy, the Mint's goal was called "orange gold" which was felt to be the most desirable color for coins.
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    Where are all the NGC coins

    The old saying still stands true today buy the coin not the holder. I also have more NGC than PCGS Anacs,ICG.Segs, and Accugrade. Collection=confidence.
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    In Memory of Eric Newman

    Interested members can find his biography, "Truth Teller," available at Heritage Auctions and selected book sellers. Yours truly was the lead author collaborating with the excellent Joel Orosz and Len Augsberger.
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    In Memory of Eric Newman

    The guy was an icon in Numismatics, man 106 RIP
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    As much as it hurts me I do have to agree with Bill Jones on some of his points. I just purchased a coin to replace my 1872 PCGS MS63 RB CAC 2 Cent Piece with a 1872 (of course) PCGS MS65 BRN CAC example. The reason being is that the 63 example was dipped and IMHO that is the reason it got the RB designation. I'm not a professional by any means but I will wager that anyone that collects copper would agree with my assumption that my coin was dipped..... a long time ago but it was defiantly dipped. I really did not see the "problem" when I purchased it because I got caught up in the excitement of obtaining an MS 1872 2 Cent piece with a CAC sticker on the slab, or maybe I just trusted the CAC sticker and ignored my instincts? Lots and lots of coins have been cleaned in the past and the past has taken care of some of the "altered surfaces" with time. I'm now wondering if this has become part of the norm as far as coin grading is concerned. Guess I have to be more observant in the future and less reliant on the grading services. Ray
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    Actually, it does look like all of your pics came through. But they are BIG pics.
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    Good looking additions!
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    Tracked auction lots

    I sometimes win bargains - sometimes I lose. Set your prices and be satisfied with the outcome.
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    The ire is disproportionate because PCGS has always been that way, and that's what we expected. That is the atmosphere at PCGS, and if you liked that sort of thing then you could join their club. Collectors are angry at NGC because up until a few months ago, they gladly accepted both. That is the reason many people participated in the NGC registry - because they accepted both. The rule change comes across as arbitrary, sudden, and a greedy money-grab.
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    The Prince & the Pauper


    I joined NGC 3 days ago just for the fun of starting a Competitive Set in NGC and PCGS coins. My big mistake was believing the internet that I could put in both NGC and PCGS coins in a set. I now have to compete against people who have both in their collections. Do you really think I would PAY to have my coins re-graded to NGC? You can keep my money for the year, but you will never see another dollar of my money. This was done for pure greed.
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    Note: there is no one in agreement with such a poor decision. I have no reason to use NGC anymore. PCGS is now the only company I will use. Nice going Mark.
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    Adam D Smith


    I've been an NGC guy for almost 10 years now. One of the main reasons being that PCGS and NGC coins were allowed in the registry. This just seems elitist and foolish. I don't know why Salzberg has taken to openly bashing PCGS lately. He just comes off as petty.
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    Big Tiger, Thank you for you inquiry. As of January 3, 2017, NGC Registry sets no longer accept PCGS coins. Mark Salzberg, NGC’s chairman, wrote a heartfelt letter to explain the reasons behind this change. You can read the full letter here: Mark Salzberg's Announcement.
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    I was all ready to set up with PCGS about five years ago when I realized that I couldn't post my NGC coins there, so as disappointed as I was, I walked away from the idea of a registry set. Later when I found out that NGC allowed PCGS coins it was a perfect fit for my collection so I displayed my sets proudly here. I am sorry to say now however that I feel like NGC has abandoned me. If I can't display EVERY coin in my set, what incentive do I have to buy slabbed coins for internet display? I could put the whole set on USA Coin Book but there is no competition, awards or much collector support at this time, but it would be better than either PCGS or NGC since you can list ALL of your coins whether they be raw, slabbed, damaged or whatever the case might be. While I loved the collector community here and have enjoyed reading everyone's journals and posts, without the registry angle I can't see myself using the site much any more. Further, I will now forever be inclined to buy PCGS coins instead, not just for the added prestige of the PCGS brand, but also because I feel that NGC has lost all sense of loyalty to collectors, the very life blood of your business. Whatever the extra cost, was it really worth losing life long customers? (I started collecting NGC graded coins in 1987!) Ali, you've been very good to us, no personal complaints at all there. Maybe if you forward this to the people responsible for the decision to eliminate PCGS coins in your registry they'll see it from a loss of profit angle and see fit to reinstate the old policy. If not, I am fairly certain other serious collectors will see it the same way and stop wasting their time here too, afterall, why would anyone want to display only half of their set? Not to seem ungracious, many thanks to NGC for the award last year, it was appreciated and will be cherished for the rest of my life. Would have liked the chance to keep trying for another over the coming years. I hope we can change a few minds. Thanks for your ear.
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    NGC and PCGS. There are a great many holders from each company with CAC stickers. I don't know where you look, but it appears that there are currently over 1000 NGC CAC coins on EBay.