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    Post your most recent acquisition: US

    My newest purchases:
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    Distracting mark but I couldn't refuse the price..."sweetness of low price is forgotten after the bitter taste of poor quality remains forever..." I may be a little to hard on it?
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    I must have missed something. What's up?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope that you enjoy yourselves today and think about family, friends, and those no longer with us. (And of course be thankful that we have the means and time for our hobbies).
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    Do you have any show stoppers

    I don't. I collect within my means which doesn't add up to much after paying the bills. Still manage to find some nice coins. My Alabama in AU is pretty nice:
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    These two came last weekend.
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    Welcome to the Forum. I have seen instances in which NGC has slabbed a coin with the reverse forward, especially when the reverse has spectacular eye appeal - usually beautiful toning.
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    Aww! You spoiled my fun.
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    BHM #2502, Tercentenary of the founding of the Birmingham Free School. 58mm.
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    Eagles Nest

    Ah, now this is a pickle.

    Then again, if you pass on the first coin and get outbid on the second coin you have nothing but what if's
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    My latest purchase. NGC AU 58
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    He has 14 posts, 12 of them in coin marketplace showing off coins or offering them for sale on a website, 1 post showing an 1839 O half that was slabbed as a PF-64 by NGC which he apparently cracked and sent to PCGS and they declined to call it a proof. The last post is the one here where he is apparently miffed at PCGS for not apologizing, probably for not calling it a proof coin.
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    I'll speak for myself and say I am waiting...the suspense is tense...what is up no phone call yet?
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    The Queen's collection

    Interesting new book: Monarcy, Money and Medals: Coins, Banknotes and Medals from the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen. just ordered it. I've seen the Crown Jewels, but not the coins in the collection. This is just a sampling of the rarer pieces. 184 pages, illustrated hardcover.
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    "Representative KJ Kim expressed his intention on the launch ceremony, saying, "We will build a growth engine by constructing a structure in which blockchain platforms based on the Philippines-based boxcorn and mit messenger will grow together through mutual growth." " If that ain't political doublespeak, I don't know what is.
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    My guess... 1. 58 2. 63 3. 35 4. 45 7. Environmental damage. Will see...
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    Unknown coin please help

    Looks like a New Jersey copper piece from that picture. Do you have an image of the other side?
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    Downgrade service question

    I don't know if the cert number changes or not - that's a good question for NGC. However, my understanding is that if NGC decides to downgrade the coin, they will come up with a cash offer to compensate you for the difference in value between the old grade and the new one.
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    Light Rim Toning 1880 S NGC MS 64+
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    Early Commemoratives For Life

    Here is a counterstamped Stone Mountain: One of many Marketing programs by the Stone Mountain Confederate Monumental Association.
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    Post an unusual/extraordinary coin/medal.

    These papal medals by G Bianchi range from 73 to 82mm in diameter and date from 1854, 1869 and 1874. He seems to have gotten better and better (or perhaps he just had more elaborate interiors as his subjects)?
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    For the love of copper

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    Another something from the "unusual" department: How about something oval and bi-metallic, with an uncommon denomination?
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    For the love of copper

    Got a bit nostalgic digging around in my old flying eagle pattern files. Here's a pair of patterns purchased in 1990 that eventually went to Dr. Korein's ANS collection. Uspatterns.com has some great images and research on Gobrecht dollars in general and the copper versions specifically. http://uspatterns.com/gobdolincop.html Judd-59 & Judd-64
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    For the love of copper

    This pattern was purchased as J-165b (bronze) but metallurgical analysis ultimately determined that it was copper.