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    I was trying to explain to my friends the concept of the Registry and the awards each year. I finally explained to them that these were the Coin Oscars. They liked that.
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    All the way from Estonia, a high relief medal of Pius XII.
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    Single Finest of Series

    Well I barely got it under the wire but I remembered to utilize my $150 submission credit for my Premium Membership before it expired this year. I decided to use it to just add the final 5 silver $1 coins for my BU Bahamas sets. The Bahamas BU silver series running from 1966 through 1973 has long been a favorite side-collection of mine. I had already completed the 50c coins with the dancing Marlin and the silver dollar sized $2 coins with the Flamingo couple in front of a setting sun ( both gorgeous designs to my eye) but had not completed the silver $1 series with the Conch shell lying among the coral bed. I guess that I'll go ahead and add the large $5 coins soon ( over 1.2 ASW per coin) since I actually own all of them already from the 2-dozen or so mint sets I have been using to assemble top sets with. Every coin in my 3 completed series/sets has come via my own submissions and crossed-finger grading. Props to NGC for recognizing the variance in mints, finish and packaging for various years of these Bahamian issues and nailing the appropriate grading criteria. To start, the 1966, 1969 and 1970 coins were minted at The Royal Mint and each year had some packaging issues. The 1966 coins tended to bounce around in their mint-issued snap box and although BU, often have quite a few contact marks and scuffs. The 1969 coins are a bit of a disaster as they were in an ill-fitting, hard-plastic single, flat piece that allowed considerable friction on the coins even though remaining in an unopened mint packaging. The 1970 coins were placed in the snap box and managed to stay in place in their assigned concavity better than the 1966 coins, but the case was lined with that faux-velvet, red flocking which often comes loose of the case and attaches to the coins leaving residue and spots. To give an idea of how much the variance in just packaging affects grades of the Bahamian Uncirculated Sets: my $1 conch series has grades of: 1969- MS64, 1966- MS65, 1971-MS66, 1973- MS67, 1970 MS68 and 1972- MS69.. I couldn't have done that if I tried. In 1971 the Bahamas switched to the Franklin Mint for their national coinage and the quality is amazing. First of all, the 1971-73 Uncirculated silver coins were done in a matte finish ( long before the burnished look became in vogue for ASE collectors.) This matte finish truly is stunning with the cartwheel effect it plays in unison with the silver and light dancing around the coin as it's tilted in hand. A slight and often unnoticed design change also occurred on the obverse in 1971- the nation began referring to itself on its coinage as The Commonwealth of The Bahamas instead of the prior coin's inscriptions of "Bahamas Islands. " On July 10th, 1973 the Bahamas officially became an independent nation ( I also own the $10 silver Bahamas coin from 1973 with their Independence day and sailing ship- a large 1.5 ounce silver coin.) So back to the original title of this journal-- along with the remaining dollar coins to complete that series, I had a wonderful $2 Flamingo coin from 1972 that I believed would easily be an upgrade over my existing MS66 for that year. There have now been 199 Bahamas $2 uncirculated coins submitted to NGC from the 1966 thru 73 series and I am proud to say, we now have a SINGLE Perfect MS70 in the books and encapsulated to stay that way. Without further ramblings-- here is the first picture of this scintillating beauty. Best of luck with your submissions my friends and as always, happy hunting........
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    For the love of copper

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    Follow the lead picture post.

    I guess this works?
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    1884 s morgan

    Excellent post!
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    Follow the lead picture post.

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    If you really care about it, why don’t you call NGC?
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    I remember your posting this ats, really great coin and its awesome that its going into another fantastic collection. I do remember getting a chuckle reading all the replies to your thread on PCGS about how you should be crossing it lol; so much Kool-Aid over there. Its nice to see someone else who can enjoy the coins they own without the need for "the right" plastic brand. As a side note I can certainly relate to your feelings on completing a long set. I bought the final coin to complete my 09-58 Lincoln set about two years ago, a tough 25-S that is in a PCGS holder so alas my registry set will never look complete. That brought a great feeling of satisfaction but also a weird let down feeling as I am a set builder and now have no set to build. So for the past two years I've bought a few coins to fill out a couple of year sets I had started but its been weird not being on the chase anymore.
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    Oh dear! Another lamb being led to the slaughter. When will they ever learn? Your PNG dealer should be brought up on charges. They are supposed to be preventing this kind of waste of time and money.
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    I submitted a coin graded ms 67 rd by IGC, and it came back ms 67rd NGC what a gift
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    1964 SMS&1982D Small Date Lincoln Cent

    Yep, I agree completely. We said our piece, tried to help to no avail. Enough of our time has been spent on this one.
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    A nice "birthday present" from PMG.

    I got a nice "birthday present" from PMG today: They featured one of my Zimbabwe note sets! https://www.pmgnotes.com/news/article/7791/PMG-Registry-News/ Granted, it's not actually my birthday, but it's close, and I don't think my birthday had anything to do with the timing of this, but it's fun none-the-less. My actual birthday present also arrived in the mail today, ordered just a few days before I found out this article was coming out - it's a group of new notes for my 2nd dollar set. My wife refuses to let me have them until the actual day, but that won't keep me waiting long. The new notes will include a P-47, a P-48b, a P-51, a P-57 and a P-59. Later on I'm going to be getting a P-48a in the mail soon as well. It's one of the rarer varieties in the 2nd dollar series and it'll be a real jewel for that set once it arrives.
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    1995 penny doubled chin

    Thanks crawtomatic, I really look for the varieties. But I come across ones that look like one there saying on variety vista and what to look for. I also look through The NGC varietyplus. But what I'm trying to say though is like an example the 1996 d double I posted a couple of hours ago. I looked in the red book and seen a 1995 DD but no pics. I went on line to see what it looks like on a 95. And my 96 d looks just like it. What I'm saying is I'm defently looking for the varieties,but I'm finding some examples on other years. I know collectors are looking for errors in high grade coins. So I know if I found that one that nobody expected to be out there, it's not going to be very valuable because it's been through circulation. I try to change it up sometimes when I'm hunting. I'll keep hunting for that cool one.
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    Can anyone suggest a few good books and also a few good sites on the internet to search about coins.. Please n thank u
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    Something that's been buging me for awhile now!

    You may not like the answer but I believe that if you sent in PCGS to NGC or NGC to PCGS as a crossover then it really is about ego with the graders. I have about 50% same or upgrade with ANACS small slabs ( quite a few actually go up) but the big 2 almost universally downgrade 75% of the time. As an aside, I forget who did it but a collector/member tried an experiment a few years ago and posted the process on the chat boards/forums here. He sent in 20 ASE's and received MS69 and 70's on all 20 coins-- he documented each coin and photographed the process as he cracked out each coin and re-submitted them ( line by line and numbered on the submission form for accuracy).. the result? 13 of the 20 coins changed grades!-- with 6 former 69's becoming 70's and 7 70's dropping to 69's... I believe personally that as well as coins are minted and packaged today that 69 or 70 are indistinguishable 90% of the time. Another story to finish-- I had a 1917-D reverse Walking Liberty Half graded as MS62 and felt it was nicer ( plus the price jumped, at the time, from $1500 in MS62 to over $2000 in 63).. I sent that sucker in TWICE for grade review and the coin was just sent back to me at the same grade with an invoice. I was so frustrated I ended up selling it to a dealer friend of mine for cash and a St Gaudens generic. Long story short, he sent it in again to NGC but this time cracked out of the PCGS holder -- he got an MS64 grade which was over $3500 back then. Never was sure whether it was because of his dealer status or the fact it was not in a PCGS holder but he got a significant 2 grade jump where I just got a charge on my debit card. I have a discerning eye for Walkers and have 3 coins that I KNOW are undergraded or at least would be an easy + if sent by a dealer, but I will never waste the money again on regrades or crossovers.-- Crackouts are another story however, I have had some hit/miss luck with those ( but then the risk of a coin in a current NGC slab coming back as ungradeable is a big risk too as I have had about a half dozen NGC crackouts come back in a bodybag as "artificially toned" or "cleaned" when the coin was untouched from slab to flip to grader)
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    Can anyone translate this shorthand note?

    It says "I'm going to sabotage the master dies for Longacre's new twenty."
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    This will bring a smile to any "Coin Doctors" lurking out there.
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    Update on the personal front

    Congratulations Revenant! You most certainly deserve it! Enjoy that cruise with your wife!
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    1883 Morgan - need help Picture Grade -

    Looks like to me it may be kicked out as environmental damage obverse - Rim damage is a little more than I like to see
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    Is it worthy :)

    I get tips, so I have a ton of change saved, and have come up with my own system of filing them. I do MUCH research, and do not want to waste time and money on coins that are not worth slabbing. I will be keeping all my NEAT AND UNUSUAL errors to myself tho 😊 I bought 2X2 for them. ❤️ I will be asking you informative gentlemen more questions in the future. Thanks again.
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    How to prep for grading?

    I didn't at first either. I waited until I did understand it before sending any coins in.
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    If you are asking "Are they?" I would say no. Especially since there is no known 1917 Matte proof Lincoln cent.
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    1981 Lincoln cent

    Not as common in recent years as it was early in the series.
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    Supplies on a budget

    Wizard is a great company, they donated 120 one-a-year 1909-2009 Lincoln Folders to the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatics for their KidZone at cost. Saving us well over $200. I personally buy quite a few supplies from them.
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    Supplies on a budget

    I would see if I could build a friendly relationship with your local dealer (some of them are basically personality-disordered and/or are Aspies and it's not plausible, but try). Dealers take in *spoon*tons of old binders full of old plastic album pages. If you secure your coins in flips, it won't matter much what material the old pages are made of. If your dealer liked you, and you asked him to save you some of the old pages, he might be willing to do so, especially if you bought something (anything) every time you came in. Dealers respect regulars, even small-spending regulars. Most know that small collectors can evolve into big collectors. What I would do is take them all off the dealer's hands (he would normally throw most of them away), then chuck the rattiest ones and use the better ones. As for inexpensive supplies, I don't think there's a cheaper way than cardboard flips. Those I would buy or obtain new, because older flips can contain materials detrimental to coins.
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    Just Bob

    1967 penny strange Obverse

    I agree. It's a spender. Welcome to The Forum.
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    Finally joined...

    Having been a member ATS for a decade with the same username, I'm not sure why I didn't join here, so here I am. I'm looking forward to meeting other members.
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    Because it is Longacre doubling not a DDR.
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    Just Bob

    Value? 1945 nickel

    A quick look at the NGC price guide tells me that it would need to grade MS67, (or if it has at least 5 full steps, MS66,) in order to make it financially feasible to have it graded. To be honest, between the glare and the scratches on the holder, I can't see it well enough to make a call on either the grade or the steps. Since you have the coin in hand, try comparing it to the pictures HERE, and see if you can determine what the grade is.
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    There are great coins in BOTH of the two top tier holders. You would be missing MAJOR opportunities, if you restricted yourself to just one service. Crossing and cracking seems risky, expensive and unnecessary to me....Besides, I like older slabs and refuse to destroy them. Even more crazy would be spending large amounts on key date duplicates that may or may not be superior or even equal.
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    1776 continental currency $1

    The texture of the surfaces and the details. If you look at enough clear on-line images of genuine examples, you will see obvious differences.
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    My understanding is the shells were NOT commonly made and mostly were only made for the pieces in his own and James Watt's personal collections. Several years ago when the Boulton and Watt collections came on the market many of the pieces had the shells, but many of the new owners immediately sent the coins in for slabbing and just discarded the shells. The shells were custom made for the individual coins so a shell for one coin typically will not fit a different one. I consider the shells a unique item of Soho history, and a provenance item for the Boutlon and Watt collections. It is a shame that so many of them have been thrown away. I have two pieces from Boulton's collection and one from Watt's, unfortunately mine did not come with shells even though they came directly for the initial sales.
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    1901 indian head cent

    I agree with @Just Bob. That pitting I see troubles me. I collect high end Indian cents and if anything, the IHC series is known for its immaculate fields.
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    Just Bob

    1982 d penny

    Good for you. Many people would rather let someone else do the work for them.
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    Finally joined...

    Yes, I know--I picked up the expression from you. The only business decision by NGC that I didn't agree with was the one concerning the Registry. I don't think that the software is that bad, though---I like the looks of it and have had no trouble with the user interface. Despite that; I have still decided to remain loyal. I am very sorry that you feel, as you do, since you are one of the earlier, long-standing members both on the Registry and here on the boards. You've been a great contributor and I'm glad that you still check in from time to time, at least. I always enjoy your posts and I like seeing your coins.
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    Unopened lincoln cents

    I'd go with Die Chip since the 5 and the S both exhibit the blob. Not as exciting as an RPM but a sign of extended die usage.
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    Unopened lincoln cents

    Chances are that if all the coins are toned this is not a true unopened roll as usually only the end coins and perhaps one or two next to the end coins would have been exposed to the elements enough to be toned, I'm not saying its not possible but unlikely. As far as the color goes these days toned is in and many collectors (not me I prefer mint red) will pay big money for properly certified toned coins. If you think the toned coins you have look legit then I would suggest sending in the 3-5 best most colorful examples for grading to see if NGC agrees that these are natural or at least market acceptable. If they grade at least MS65 or better you have a shot at selling them for a profit. 54-s is a super common coin as tons were saved in rolls at the time, if you look at the pop NGC has certified 7,248 in MS66RD and 875 in MS67RDand prices range from under $20 for MS66 coins and under $75 for the MS67's. The RB and BN pops are lower but have been rising due to the increased demand for toned coins which is a more recent development in coin collecting and those coins are bringing $50 and up depending on the grade and color. There are no significant varieties for this date that would be worth saving/selling. The woodies while very cool will never have much value or widespread appeal, only a small handful of collectors would have any interest in a 54-s Woodie so I'd put those in 2X2's and see if you can find one of those few buyers on ebay. Please update with more pics as you go and best of luck with whatever you decide to do with them.
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    Just Bob

    Unopened lincoln cents

    What is your ultimate objective? Do you want to make money off of them? Are you hoping to find some high grade examples, or some superbly toned pieces? Are you looking for individual pieces to add to your collection? Plan to pass some down for posterity? The answer to these, and other questions will help determine what you should do with them. On one hand, if you open them, they will never be "unopened rolls" again. On the other hand, if they remain unopened, you will never know what is inside. I personally would sit on them for a while, just so I was sure that if I finally did decide to open them I would not regret the decision later. ( I have sold, traded, and given away several coins that I did not think that I needed at the time, but now wish that I had kept. I try to think long and hard about irreversible decisions, now.) A few answers: no, a rainbow toned coin is not necessarily AT. Coins toned in mint bags, Wayte Raymond albums, early mint sets, bank rolls, etc., are perfectly market acceptable, and many beautiful examples have been posted on this forum over the years. Yes, I recommend wearing cotton gloves, and handling coins over a padded surface. You can never be too careful. Congrats on the score, and I hope you enjoy the coins, and the experience, however you choose to proceed.
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    coin values as related to registry

    Thank you both
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    Added to my NGC Registry set today.

    Looks like a superb accurately graded coin with that never dipped luster to me. Nice catch since sounds like you were waiting for it. If you don't mind me asking has your set put you in a squeeze financially over the years? I'll admit my set has pinched me here and there but have no reservations whatsoever.
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    Added to my NGC Registry set today.

    Nice pick-up. I know what you mean about being close to completing a set and the drive it takes to do it. I also know the feeling that other sets that are in progress will be at a more relaxed pace. You have a very nice collection and I also like the holder. Congrats.
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    Re-ordering a custom set

    I just use decimals. 35, 35.1, 35.15, 35.2, 36, ...
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    Ultimate Ike
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    Just Bob


    Welcome to the forum. I have never submitted a coin, so I can't help you with your question, but I love your sausage.
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    Finally My Icelandic Kingdom Era Set Is Complete

    Sounds like the set was complete a while ago and some things just needed to be graded. Congrats and the grades and on the fact that they're now a complete NGC-graded set.
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    Finally My Icelandic Kingdom Era Set Is Complete

    My congratulations also on the grades you got. They are a reflection of a discriminating eye, and in particular your eye. It's just nice to have NGC agree with your assessment. BTW, my daughter is getting married and wants to have her wedding in Iceland. It seems that I will be traveling to Iceland in October of 2020. Have you been there before? Gary
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    1964 SMS&1982D Small Date Lincoln Cent

    Hey Mason, Have you figured out yet why nobody else on here believes what you're saying??? It's because of this guy, and the TV ad tagline for the company he represents: "We know a few things because we've seen a few things."