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    Earliest Purchase

    I know I've purchased coins before this one, but as near as I can tell, this is the first coin I ever bought in a Heritage auction back in June of 2000. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time and is still in my collection.
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    Wow!!.....Some Absolutely Gorgeous Coins Posted Here......Got this Beauty Last Week
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    Found another looker
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    Great looking coins here
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    Another looker
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    Couldn't resist putting together a sub-type set, what with the modest numismatic premium over common pieces. Makes a nice display. Went for stickered coins, as I do value another opinion and din't really pay up for the beans.
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    This one just arrived in the mail today, just a common date upgrade.
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    Just Bob

    Real coin or pieced together?

    I hesitate to respond to any of your threads, due to the combative nature of some of your earlier posts, and the strangeness of others. But, for the sake of future readers of this forum, I will pass along this information: This is an Irish one penny token, issued by grocer Edward Bewley in 1816, and it commemorates the end of the Peninsula War in 1814, and particularly the victory by General Wellington in the battle of Vitoria. It is copper, 33mm, and the lettering under the bust - I.PARKES - is the engraver's name. Here is a link to the token in W.J.Davis' token book CLICK HERE Here is a link to more info on Numista CLICK HERE Link to a recent (March 6, 2019) auction Click me And an informative Wikipedia article on the Battle of Vitoria is RIght Here
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    Post your most recent acquisition: US

    Picked this one up at a local shop on Saturday:
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    Follow the lead picture post.

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    So many beautiful coins I see and Hello to all!
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    Follow the lead picture post.

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    For the love of copper

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    2 heading out and these 2 are fresh
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    Wow nice additions of the NGC old fatties
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    Here's the pics I took closeup Mike!
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    Follow the lead picture post.

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    '41 is also CAC just reholdered. I'll get it restickered next time I send some in.
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    Is this IHC a forgery?

    Your coin has been "whizzed," that is, worked over with a rotary brush tool to simulate luster. This was done to a lot of XF and AU coins in the 1970s to sell them as MS.
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    Here are my NGC CAC slabs. All of these r currently listed on great Collections and ending 4/7
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    How is it I'm the last one posting on this thread... Here is another huge want coin now purchased. I got lucky on this one a bit as it was in the Stack's HK auction. An uncommon variety in a better than normal condition. Now I can finish a graphic showing the differences in the type I, II, and III 1870 yen coin without using 'artist renditions'.
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    I think you are missing the point. It does not matter if you said that it was damaged. If it is indeed a scratch, it happened after the strike, and is not considered an error, but is considered damage. Whether it was scratched one millisecond or one hundred years after it was struck, it was still after the strike, and thus is not considered an error. No one is trying to give you a hard time or pass judgement, we just don't always make ourselves clear.
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    How to prove a proof?

    Nothing - welcome to TravisHale World … Love him as my "brother" but his thought process is a little flighty Reminds me of myself a few years back before meds :-)
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    Damaged Morgan Dollar

    Four images of silver dollars, two with grease filled dies, one with a planchet lamination, and one with a strike through. None of which have anything to do with what appears to be damage shown on the dollar in the OP.
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    Tough better beauty! 👍
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    This one also received the star designation in addition to the bean. Sorry ,I have no slab shot.
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    Not my pics but I just purchased this pretty 64 I can’t show you the reverse cause of system overload.
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    1914 Buffalo Nickel Error

    That kind of die clash is common on early-date Buffalo Nickels, and the E PLURIBUS UNUM beneath the Indian's jaw is know as "chin whiskers."
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    Mine arrived today in case anyone is looking for theirs.
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    These are fantastic!!!
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    Just Bob

    1977 d nickel UMTED instead of UNITED

    UMTED: the Latin word for "It's almost time to replace this die."
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    Some of those have some really nice toning.
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    Post your most recent acquisition: US

    This one arrived in the mail today, it's been a while since I've filled a hole in the penny book, I think the last one was the 09-S, but still two holes left to be filled!
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    Earliest Purchase

    One of the first ones if not the first (cant remember due to too consumption of marijuana).
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    A few silver coins with the bean to go along with the copper I posted earlier.
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    Earliest Purchase

    My earliest 'purchase' was an 1853 Seated Liberty quarter. I was in the 4th or 5th grade and mowed lawns for a few bucks. One of my customers was an old lady up the street who had some old coins, among them an 1853 Seated Liberty. I agreed to mow her lawn for the summer if she gave me that coin. It was my treasure for decades and almost lost to time in an unmarked shoe box that ended up in the garage. I lost interest in collecting coins through college and early 30's. I stumbled upon this box and the coins in my mid-30's. I looked at all the coins I had in the box (just a handful) including this coin. I have looked at this coin 1000 times as a kid of course. Well under magnification I noticed something funky with the date and the arrow. I did a search online and read about the 1853/4 error. Hmm....I had never sent a coin in for grading so I decided to send this one in. It came back as EF45 and confirmed to be the 1853/4! This reignited my interest in collecting which has remained. I sold that coin and used the money to buy my first gold coin. Sadly I don't have a picture of the coin.