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  3. I have some Roman silver coins I collected when I was in the service, they are pretty neat to look at, but I don't know a lot about Roman coins or their value or desirability to collectors, I'll include pictures of the coins in a later post, but for now i'me just reaching out to the community for information about Roman coins and collecting them.
  4. Early Commemoratives. Each one has a separate story to tell.
  5. I really hate when people misunderstand things, I can't make it any plainer than this it's not the comments about the coin that upset me and never was it was the cheap cowardly comment about my father , and say what you will if the situation was reversed you and anyone for that matter would have been as angry as I was especially with my father dying, so one last time , I didn't threaten him or anyone with violence, honestly it's ashame I didn't Express it more clear, that's the combat veteran in me were terrible at expressing things properly in writing, so I'll try this, what's the best way to shut someone up and make them feel stupid, show them in person they are wrong and let them feel like a person_too_unaware_of_social_graces, so, (one )take him to the shop my friend owns (two show him the coin and text's, (three) take him to the hospital were my father is , then he's going to feel about 2 inches tall and that's what I meant by we can settle it in person , again that is as plain as I can make it.
  6. I absolutely agree, that's why I also said that NGC should punish Wolfe75, there is never a need to threaten violence over such a little thing.
  7. It can be regrettable when this sort of thing happens, Matt, I agree with that. But there are also some members you don't want. A guy who reacts this way to comments he doesn't like would fall firmly in that camp, I'd say. Wolfe75 seems to have quite an anger problem.
  8. I do agree with this, Mokie. It is kind of silly to get so worked up over a coin. I wasn't worked up about that......I just don't like violent people and threats of violence....probably weird to hear from a Roman coin guy, but it's true. No matter what Bob did, how Wolfe responded to it was far worse. No one should be threatened with violence because someone doesn't like what they say, especially over something that is relatively trivial, like a coin.
  9. To r420. Here's 4 82 pennies that were pulled from the train wreck. I don't want to guess on any small dates cause I don't want to be wrong . With all thoes coins and how they look, there's nothing? Oh well. I'll just pull up my panties and carry on
  10. Where are you located? If you in the tristate area I could give you an estimate David
  11. I inherited a rather large collection of coins from my father that I would like to sell. Some are mounted and graded, some are not, some are in rolls, some are loose coins, some are mints sets, some are proof sets, and some are just loose pocket change that my father saved. He bought and sold coins his whole life and would save his pocket change and then sift through it. I guess he was looking for that diamond in the rough. There are thousands of coins, old and new. Hundreds and hundreds of wheat back pennies, silver coins, foreign coinage, commemorative coins, and paper money, domestic and foreign. There are also a few gold coins. I don't know how to go about valuing the collection, without paying a coin collector. dak
  12. Hi Collector3745, Well.....first off, your photos are definitely improving. As far as your cent goes, I don't think it's a doubled die. From what I can see, I think that you have some die deterioration on the Liberty, which can fake you out when you're looking for things like Doubled Dies. Better luck next time! ~Tom
  13. Ok, let me try the bath @Mohawk @Greenstang Thanks, I'll keep you posted.
  14. I'll bet he hasn't Deposito......I love the mental picture of a couple of mischievous kiddos running off with dad's Steelie roll. Thanks for the laugh!
  15. Well, Kramden, that's a lot of cents at once and the photos of each coin are pretty small as a result. From what I can see, they're all Philly Mint Large Dates, so it wouldn't matter if they were copper or zinc as both types are very common for the 1982 Large Date. Other than that, I don't see anything unusual about them from the photos.
  16. Agreed with Bob...heavy PMD. That cent has had a tough life.
  17. Agreed with Jonathan and Greenstang....heavy PMD and wear.
  18. Agreed. Someone was messing around with this one.
  19. Agreed with Greenstang, Manuel. I think we'll know more after an acetone bath on this one.
  20. Well, I'm glad that I got to you before you did that, Manuel!
  21. Looks to me like glue or some other substance has been spilled on it. Soak it overnight in acetone and see if it comes off.
  22. Okay Wolfe... You sent me some PMs that I haven't read and I don't believe that I need to. I think we can discuss this here and I think that's the last discussion you and I are going to have. First off, I can understand why you were upset by Bob's reaction. I can. But, I was not dumb nor unfair to accuse you of threatening violence because you absolutely did. What else could you possibly have meant by these statements: There is no other way to interpret that. I'm certain that you were not inviting Bob out for a cup of coffee to have a constructive dialog about why what he said upset you with that statement. What Bob said was upsetting to you, and some other members seem to agree that he should have been more delicate or he should have left it alone entirely and they may have a point. What Bob did was bad form, at worst. Not polite maybe, but also not menacing nor threatening. You, sir, by coming back at Bob and others with what you did was absolutely an implication of violence and that goes beyond bad form. It is menacing and threatening. It's also unacceptable, completely unacceptable. It is never alright to threaten another person with violence or to imply a threat of violence toward another person because you do not like what they say. This kind of thing is never okay. If I'm being stupid or dumb for telling you that any implications of physical violence against other people are never acceptable, then I'm stupid or dumb. Bob may have crossed a line with you, but there are ways to handle that without doing what you did. But you crossed a much more important line with your highly confrontational threat of violence. Your misdeed was by far the worse one. As I said before, I reported you to the Mods and I stand by it and there should be punitive action taken against you for this. This was unacceptable Wolfe. And that's all I need to say to you.
  23. Looks like the face has been intentionally removed. Not an error. PMD
  24. EEESH! I just noticed, looks like Lincoln got decapitated
  25. Welcome to Coin Chat A little hard to tell as the photos are slightly out of focus but it appears you might have a couple a small die chips and either a scratch or a gouge in the die. Whatever the cause, they are so small that you can only see them under magnification which to me makes them insignificant.
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