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  2. markim

    Who me?

    Why does the red book say my 1923s ms64 is worth400.00 and Ngc say it worth 250.00?
  3. Once, they were all worth $20; at present there seems to be no distinction in price.
  4. Not sure if you can see it or not in the pics, but the front of his coat looks doubled at the top. About half way down.
  5. I have a set of confederate cent 2nd restrikes and after researching them it appears they are Bashlow restrikes. Most everything I read says the original dies were disfigured before Bashlow made his copies and that the original dies were given to the Smithsonian after the 1961 Bashlow restrikes were made. My question is, how were the apparently perfect Smithsonian 2011 restrikes made if they were made from the original dies as claimed?
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  7. The 1884 s is kind of a weird coin. It is common in circulated examples, but rare in truly uncirculated examples. The money spread between high circulated and low uncirculated grades is quite wide. Also, this is what the obverse of your coin would look like if it was truly uncirculated. Quite a difference from your coin.
  8. Thanks for all the information, I am just starting to get into coins so I need all the help I can get. Thanks again
  9. jgenn


    You will know the value of your coin when you find someone to buy it. Until then, you can estimate the value based on the recent sales of G$1 1849 Open Wreath AU details as shown in auction results on eBay, Stack's Bowers, Heritage etc.
  10. allan70


    Thanks BlakeEik that is a bummer i had a few PCGS coins that i was going to add to my set
  11. I got my big surprise that my wife and her mother have been sitting on for about a month and a half yesterday. It would seem that, while in Pennsylvania for work, her mother stopped at the Philadelphia mint, too the tour and these things. The Silver Eagle and the birthday set were for me, the coin explorer book was for Ben and the birth year set was for Sam. She also got a bag from the mint that’s also pretty cool. The book for Ben is pretty neat to look at. I hope he finds interesting later on. The 2019 Proof SAE is an interesting addition. I have one from 1986, 2006, and 2007. I had plans at one point to build a set of them in the original mint packaging but I never have enough budget for all of my projects so it didn’t have much in the way of legs 12 years ago. Now that I have a 2019 I’ll definitely be looking to pick up a 2016 for Ben at minimum. I love that she got Sam the Birthyear set. If I’d realized they made those at the time I would have bought one for Ben. Apparently when she was there they had them for 2017, 2018, and 2019 but were out of 2016. I went on eBay and they had them for 2014, 2015, and 2017-2019. Of course, no 2016. I made a saved search on my account, just in case one pops up. I’d love to have one for both of them, but, either way, I’ll make sure they both have plenty of things from their birthyear. After dinner I was holding Sam and told him, “Your grandma claims she gave you a present. In truth, she has gifted you with a few hours of boredom about 10 or 15 years from now when you have to hear me drone on and on about these things.” I was quite pleased. I'd say my mother-in-law hit it out of the park with this. The new 2nd dollar sets (except for the P-48a, which just made it through customs in New York) are in the 2nd dollar set on my registry now. The set is now 75% complete. I’m headed out of town tomorrow. I’ll be back over the weekend and then flying out again on another week-long trip. So I won’t be imaging the new notes and getting those pictures uploaded immediately, but that’s something I’ll be looking forward too. Of course, celebrations don’t last, and it’s never dull: Ben spiked a 103 degree fever today, so that’s had us pretty busy, taking care of him and keeping him separated from Sam.
  12. Thank you, Bob, I've added another picture for your review. Hope this helps. Thank you, so much, for your response. Deborah
  13. BlakeEik


    Hi Allan, A few years back iNGC reversed his decision without warning. You can no longer add PCGS Coins to registry sets. You can add them to your inventory and to custom sets only. What really baffles everyone is why they allow existing registry sets to keep PCGS coins. It is totally unfair to everyone else and they don’t care.
  14. allan70


    How can i add pcgs coins to my registry set or can i ? Thanks
  15. Well one way is to try and get one directly from the mint the day they go on sell and send it in to NGC! You got to be fast though, cause they'll go fast!
  16. Got this last week. I've been collecting for about 2 years, and this is my earliest coin! I thought it was a nice addition. Around G-4, even though liberty is full.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Just happened to be using the Coin Price Guide on NGC, wanted to see a past auction result, and read that Heritage was down when I clicked the Central States Auction. And a victim of malware, confirmed by them. In many ways, I miss the simplicity of life from my youth, a time when people walked their dogs without staring at a cell phone while doing so. Love the Internet… and hate the Internet. A Love/Hate relationship.
  19. Welcome to the forum. There was a prototype reverse die that was used to mint some of the Sacagawea dollars that were included in the Cheerios promotion in 2000, but your coin does not appear to be one of those. The picture is not clear enough for me to be absolutely certain, though. What is it about the tail feathers that looks different, in your opinion? By the way, you referred to your coin in your title and in your post as "gold." You do realize that the coin is not made of gold, don't you?
  20. Sorry but that is MD. See the shelf like appearance of the secondary 2, that is a sign of Machine Doubling.
  21. It's not like the mds I've saw so far, this is actually 2 separate 2s on each other
  22. Very sorry to hear. Thanks for the update and for letting us know that our financial info is safe. Hope that you are able to resolve it soon.
  23. Looks like this set got added, but it doesn't properly show up under competitive sets for Hungary. My coins add correctly to the set, but it looks to be in World (none)? Can you fix this please?
  24. Heritage would like to thank everyone for their patience as we work to restore our website. We apologize for any inconvenience. We have confirmed that we were a victim of a malware attack. Please be aware that client financial information (e.g. credit card, bank account info, etc.) is maintained by a third-party provider and is thus not affected. We expect to be back online soon. All currently affected auctions will be extended or rescheduled, and we will notify everyone accordingly. More updates soon.
  25. delaware2000 Sacajawea gold coinBottom tail feathers are different than the ones I’ve seen. Does anyone know about these coins?
  26. I received a price list from Miller's Mint the other day. I was interested to see a Barber dime listed as "1901-O Rev of 1901". In nearly a year since I became interested in these Barber dime type anomalies, having closely watched listings for 1899-1905 across many websites and price lists, this is the first time I've seen a Barber dime marketed with a reference to a reverse type. Perhaps these varieties are slowly gaining some recognition?
  27. Is there any difference in value of the first two varieties?
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