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  2. As you mentioned if you use the priority flat rate box you will be charged the priority flat rate plus the registered mail charges. I would not be surprised though that is you use a priority EXPRESS box you might be charged the Priority Express rate plus the Registered mail charges. And the package would then just be handled as a regular Registered mail package. This is probably where people get the idea about Registered Express. They think if they use an express box and pay the higher fees that it will get there won't.
  3. looks like a polished regular 1969 S cent. definitely not the major DDO, and I seriously doubt it is an impaired proof.
  4. Not an error, just a five cent piece that has had the surface ground down.
  5. In the coin world, I have found it most helpful. Enjoy.
  6. Where Aorta will really show its worth is when someone shows you a worn AE3 where they can't even identify the emperor, and you'll reach into the middle of the informational mess and pull out a positive ID. They'll think it's sorcery.
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  8. Maybe I could answer some of your questions, but it is very difficult to understand what you have written. Do you have some specific question about competitive set awards or custom set awards or journal awards?
  9. Just Bob

    Flanders Coin Graded

    I second that. That is a real looker.
  10. Not only have I seen it, I own a couple. I think I may start using this word, too.
  11. Just Bob

    OGH Rattlers

    This is not scientific evidence, but it is anecdotal: of the limited number of gold CAC stickered coins that I have seen, I do not recall a single one that was not in an early holder. Evidently, JA thought these were deserving of an upgrade by today's standards.
  12. If it's not, it should be. If you have any experience with zinc coins or ancient bronzes, crudulation is a necessary term at times . Have you ever seen an ancient suffering from bronze disease? That is the very definition of crudulation.
  13. You make a good point. I didn't mean anything bad about the Red Book either, but some of what I wrote may sound that way. We sold a lot of them at the shop I worked at because it IS a good reference for US coin collectors. I agree with everything you said .......especially about Aorta! I thank you again for suggesting that to me.....I always have my head in that book now!
  14. Yes there are some scratches. I am not seeing consistancy. I just started several months back searching wheat pennies and nickles. Still learning what to look for.
  15. Thinking about it, I want to make sure my glib-but-truthful statement on the red book isn't taken incorrectly. I think it can be of great value, especially to new collectors of US coins. Often to experienced collectors. I just have never had the need for one myself. Now, Aorta--can't get along without it.
  16. Update-the raw 1981-S Type 2 Anthony Dollar has sold and the link has been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  17. 4 days left to bid. Errors, wheat pennies both silver and regular, 2005 Kansas In God We Rust! Legit! And many more!
  18. Buying a Redbook is a good first step when starting out collecting US coins. The prices in there should mostly be used as a guide in comparing one coin or series to another. As far as the actual price that you may pay, I have found the Redbook to be high in some instances, low in others. A good second step: be patient. Learn as much as possible about the coins you want to collect. Being an informed collector will help you make wise purchases. Welcome to the forum.
  19. There is no registered express. There are only to types of registered mail: First class registered (only if under 13 oz.) and priority registered. Both travel at the same snail pace so when you are under 13 oz. always choose first class registered and save a couple of bucks. Use of any USPS priority packaging for a registered shipment requires the priority registered rate. And yes, you can take advantage of flat rate priority with registered mail, you just have to pay the additional registered fee.
  20. Your posts are incredibly infomative. Thank you again. I will look forward to building a good relationship with a reputable dealer. You suggestions are greatly appreciated. Perhaps we will "speak" again. Cheers to both of you. Warm wishes, Bruce
  21. No problem. Always glad to help! Better luck next time! ~Tom
  22. Hi Bruce, No problem. I'm always glad to help out. Jonathan also brought up some very good points with his response. My fiancee and I are some of our favorite dealer's favorite customers.....we're always polite, we pretty much always buy something and we always pay cash. We're also knowledgeable and have been able to help customers out when the guys at our favorite shop are slammed, just as Jonathan was able to. And many good things have come our way from this shop, as Jonathan has said. We're probably headed out there tomorrow actually......gotta go see if they have any new British stuff for my fiancee and any ancients or bird coins for me....I'm hoping to find a new addition for my budding Faustina the Younger collection. And, to Jonathan, dirty secret here as well.....I've never owned a Red Book either. What I know about it comes from my time working at a coin shop! I read the shop's Red Books so that I could know what was in there when I sold them....and we sold A LOT of them! Cheers to both of you! ~Tom
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