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  2. Here's my newest addition to my Faustina the Younger collection: Another long wait......this one's coming from Sweden, but I'm really excited to share her with you guys!
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  4. I see a lot of graded swatiskas ...
  5. Man I can't stand running, so I think of it more like floating down a lazy river on a raft during an endless summer. Sometimes you hit a log, sometimes you stop and get out on the bank and have lunch, sometimes you go exploring a bit further up the bank. You know you're heading downstream, but you really don't know where that is, and you really don't care. That's what this hobby seems like to me.
  6. Really? Id like to see NCS remove that spot without decreasing its value.
  7. Ok sorry forgot , working so I will post this evening🤪
  8. Thank you for your input,I will leave it alone.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your input and will take your comments into consideration for future releases. As far as the death of a member is concerned, many times, family members (of the person who has passed) choose to maintain and run the NGC Registry accounts themselves. It is up to their discretion if they would like to take down the sets or keep them up and visible.
  10. Dear Numis-F, Thank you. NGC will not grade or encapsulate anything with Hitler's portrait or any swastikas. Thank you, Lisa
  11. WooHooo! I will be submitting this one with my next collection
  12. That's a good observation, and such a note has been added to the VP page for Ike Dollars.
  13. It seems sharp enough to get 5FS at the least. There's even a possibility of 6FS.
  14. FDR's head has been shrinking since 1981 to improve die life. Having mottoes and legends close to the rim produced rapid die erosion.
  15. There was a sizable run of thick 1941(P) cents, and this was observed at the time. A Mint State coin would have some added value, but that one is worn and corroded.
  16. That is just strike doubling, aka machine doubling. It's interesting but has no added value.
  17. It appears that the planchet split sometime post striking.
  18. NCS can probably remove that spot, but the value of the coin may not be worth the cost. It seems to be lightly circulated.
  19. Thank you Lisa. My order ,4726717, has changed to finalized/shipped status and my coins are in the verification database.
  20. As someone who has forgotten to remove a coin a time or two (got reminded when someone else was registering a coin and then went back and cleaned up the set...) it would be nice if there was a way to ensure the coins were still in the sets or even still in NGC slabs. Perhaps if it came down to a cash prize the sets could be 'verified' in a manner noted above. Also, perhaps if a member has not been active in a year or so a gentle inquiring could be sent to ask if they are still collecting. And, last thought, perhaps a great set can be 'archived', so still visible, but not counted for rankings or prizes. None of this would be easy or simple, except maybe the part about inactive over a year.
  21. Not every clerk knows the Domestic Mailing Manual (DMM) inside and out. I've often had to go to a different post office when mailing in a specific way because a clerk somewhere tells me it's not allowed. It just happened at one of my favorite offices when I encountered a 'new' clerk. I asked her to please ask her supervisor, which she did. The mailing was OK'd by them,but now I have a clerk that doesn't like me.
  22. Can NGC remove single spots of corrosion on Indian head penny without decreasing value?
  23. Thank you. I put a set together it took five years. It's 223 years old and There is 19 in the set. Yes some are very expensive. But I did it out of my love of collecting. It took Five years because there so old. Still haven't found another set raw or slabed it was strengths famished die sinker. P. Kemoson. One of the masters of the age. All done because I love coins and tokens. All are MS.Think about it 223 years old all MS. It's up on the Registry. Thanks for your comment. Mike
  24. I have sets I know would win. The point being I'm old very sick and I did it for the hobby. The Coventry set unsaid if and I mean if I ever college it I would donate to the hobby. To show all collectors if I can do it you can. And incompetent never give up. Thanks Mike
  25. Thank you my friend. I hold nothing about those who do well. I say congratulations they have the means I would do the same. I did mention Gary in my journal. His work on L. G. F. is spectacular. I have told him that in every comment. Himself and I put sets together for the love of the hobby. He told me I can still win with the Coventry set. I didn't understand. But five years if you read my introduction it was for the love of the hobby. I also studied Coventry tokens and all my time was in them. I love that set. No one yet in six years has said there is another completed set . My research was constant. You weren't there when I started it. A dealer sent me a book. I fell in love with the detail the history. Five years and two to find one. Everyone helped me. When I was down they said don't give up. And i did not. There are plenty of stories like mine I respect every one and every collector. Thanks for your comment it's always welcome. Mike
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