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  2. Hi this is a new discovered Washington quarter doubled die variety. I just sent it off to be attributed today.
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  4. My daughter brought me a coin for information about it. My research was unsuccessful. Hoping someone can shed some light. Thanks!
  5. Yes-my true core collection :). Add in Albania and medals and I am (quite literally) all over the map. Medals are nice as they can be anything. My last haul (eBay and Stephen Album auction sourced). It always amuses me to put a few together and see if I had a theme going. Other than females, these don't really have much other than tracking from Art Nouveau to Art Deco.
  6. Hello to all:). That's a nice coin! Also I go crazy looking at one coin,when I find anything wrong with an it keeps my mind running lmao.oh ! I came across a 1982 d penny.which doesn't exist however,I seems to have a S mint mark!
  7. I need to correct my self on the coin nerd thing. There's nothing wrong with being a coin nerd. I'm actually glad I am, or i wouldn't have found some really cool one's. 🧐😁😏
  8. I focused on that area as well and I couldn't find any "grinding marks" then again maybe I missed something and you spotted something. Unfortunately the heavy corrosion is terrible and I am not sure If NGC or any TPG will take a chance and certify it. The electron scope was around 70% magnification any more and the photos get blurry. Thanks for the input.
  9. Thanks Greenstang, that does look pretty cool though. I know I might be silly looking deep on coins I get, but I feel like a coin nerd on how I scan almost every little detail of the coin for any errors. If something doesn't look right my brain goes to every single varieties and known errors. Well not quite all, some I look
  10. You might consider a visit to local coin shows to talk to dealers or look at setting up a table to sell your inventory. If you are near any of the cities that host the bigger coin shows, that would be a way to meet dealers that might buy large lots.
  11. Not quite sure what you mean by "what is going on here", but that is a Proof Cent.
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  13. That just makes me want to send in a heavily PMDd zinc penny so I can compete. 😂
  14. A partial answer for you as I have a similar situation. Anything above $300 should go Standard, less than $300 you can send as Economy. They’ll need to be on separate submissions since all submissions on a form must be submitted to the same Teir. But you can indicate to ship them back together. In the top right corner of the form you can indicate which submissions you want to ship together. Hope that helps
  15. How can you tell my looking at a set if your holder has to have a particular label in order to be eligible, or if the coin itself just needs to be eligible? I do not see any indication of that.
  16. We need someone to get us back to US coins. I'm out of anything dated 1898.
  17. If everyone agrees that it is the exact same coin, why does it matter what the label says? I do not understand.
  18. Hello, BlakeEik. Thanks for the inquiry. In order for a coin to be eligible in a variety slot in an NGC Registry set, your label must have the variety printed on the label, such as a "2006 W 20TH ANNIVERSARY SET BURNISHED" Silver Eagle slot. If you need assistance learning where your coins are eligible in a set, please send your certification numbers to We are happy to assist. For labeling questions, please contact Customer Service at or at 1-800-6242-2646. Thank you.
  19. Hi, While the image is a bit fuzzy, the coin appears to have been scratched during production. This would be considered "Damaged," rather than a Mint Error.
  20. Thank you for sending the the instructions. They worked for most cases. I got an email rejecting two requests : Admin Comments: **** YOUR LABEL MUST STATE 20TH ANNIVERSARY TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE SET. THANK YOU **** My question is why? I bought the set and submitted the coins myself. I did not choose what the holder says or does not say. The burnished and proof versions are EXACTLY THE SAME COINS as the ones that did not come with the set. Why does the holder have to say that? And if it is necessary please explain why and tell me how do I get my holder changed?
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