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  2. Well here's some I don't want .Lol. kit carson ,crazy horse,,yes all foreign coins .and a few us coins I don't want.well anyway everyone have a wonderful evening,because work day will be here before you know it:)
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  4. Sorry for poor quality pics. Was in a hurry. Light coming in is just sunlight.
  5. Bob, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. Think I am going to like coin collecting!
  6. Sorry about getting my obverse and reverse mixed up in the above post. I went back and corrected it. As far as a die clash adding to the value of a coin, it's not terribly uncommon on Seated coinage, but it probably does add a few dollars, for novelty's sake. It's definitely a keeper. And, welcome to the Forum!
  7. Thanks Just Bob, I thought it was something like that. Is it worth anything? Going t keep in collection just because it is unusual and pretty. Ron
  8. What you are seeing is referred to as a Die Clash. The obverse and reverse dies came together without a planchet between them , and the design of the obverse die was transferred to the reverse die. This design was then transferred to the coins which were struck from those dies. What you see between the "H" and the "A", are the horizontal lines of the shield on the obverse.
  9. There are only 4 varieties of the 1964D RPM and that isn't one of them. With the shape of the front stroke, I would say that it has taken a hit and flattened it.
  10. PMD means Post Minting Damage. The coin was damaged after the coin had been struck. There are a limited number of things that can happen to a coin when it is in the striking chamber, (known as errors) but there are countless things that can happen after it is ejected (known as damage) including in the Mint itself.
  11. Hard to tell what is going on between the H & A. The M is just damage. Certainly worth keeping as it is 90% silver and worth between $20-25.00. Not worth getting graded, it would cost more than the coin is worth.
  12. Nice eye appeal on this circulating dollar. Not perfect but will be a nice addition to my set. What say you!
  13. Alittle off topic : Is my google drive link still asking for your personal information? Thank you.
  14. Hello All, I recently purchased a half dime that appears to have an error. Being new to collecting I don't know if it is worth keeping, getting graded, or giving to the grandkids to play with. Any help is appreciated. Error is obvious on reverse with lines by the H in half and other by the m. Pictures aren't very good but the best I could get. Thanks, Ron
  15. Ending on Saturday, 8/17 - new Ebay listings Nice examples at great starting prices 1930 Lincoln Cent - NGC MS65 RD - old no-line fatty slab 1935 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65 Red 1938-S Lincoln Cent NGC MS67 RD 1939 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66 Red 1939-S Lincoln Cent MS67 RD 1883 Liberty Nickel No Cents NGC MS63 1913 Buffalo Nickel Type 1 NGC MS62 Take a look!
  16. Just not my thing to get into.Lol so for those that's in to this ,well as you can see they are the ones to seek and very good condition.Well someone who knows.let me know the post office is 3blocks away so let's get this day started.and if you really like them.Well you will love these to
  17. Thanks for the 8 coin purchase on those PF70UC's Jason. Good luck on building a great set and let me know if I can help you again later on. Rick
  18. Encased in a really rough, really tight bezel.
  19. That is a reasonable price. It looks really good in hand.
  20. 1925 - $20 American Gold Double Eagle Saint Gaudens MS63 NGC Luster Beauty Coin On Ebay
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