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  2. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    Your entire premise is false. These so called "coins" are in fact earth crystals created by the natural processes in the earth itself. You are buying into the U.S. Treasury's lies hook, line, and sinker. They would have us to believe that stinky fingered bumpkins who trust in God minted coins! Where is the evidence for this! The English word "God" isn't even attested before 1611, a good four years AFTER the first earth crystals were given to Jamestown colonists by the scientifically advanced natives.
  3. 1958 DDO

    My point is that the one you showed is NOT the only DDO for that year. There is at least one other die known and there may be others. Your post seemed to imply that since it wasn't that one that it couldn't be a DDO.
  4. I inherited a coin collection from my dad and he has a 1850 $50 US Assay Office Slug - says imitation. Someone told me that there is a market for these and some collectors do collect them?
  5. 1945 P Jefferson - DDR-001 (I think)

    Nice DDR David! Quality varieties are out there; even when they are unsuspecting; so, congrats on noticing, and posting! Man....I want one.
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  7. Certified Coin Auction of 19th and 20th Century Coins at Closes Thursday, October 19th! The coin auction closes in two days! Don't miss out on these great deals! The first lot closes this Thursday, October 19th, at 8pm Eastern Time/5pm Pacific. The auction features NGC and PCGS coins--many in mint-state--issued between the mid-1800s and mid-1900s, with coins minted as far back as the 1808 Liberty Half Dollar and as late as a 1983 Roosevelt Dime Proof. The starting price for all auction lots is only $1, most with no reserve, and any coin lots that had reserves have been met! CLICK HERE TO VIEW LOTS AND REGISTER TO BID! Highlights include, but are not limited to: 1909 S LINCOLN CENT NGC MS65RD 1854 SILVER THREE CENT PIECE PCGS MS64 1867 SHIELD "NO RAYS" NICKEL NGC PF66+CAMEO 1912 D LIBERTY HEAD NICKEL PCGS MS65 1936 BUFFALO NICKEL NGC PF66 BRILLIANT 1891 SEATED LIBERTY DIME PCGS PR65 1893 BARBER LIBERTY HEAD DIME PCGS PR66CAM 1943 D MERCURY DIME NGC MS68FB 1912 S BARBER LIBERTY HEAD QUARTER PCGS MS66+ 1938 D WALKING LIBERTY HALF DOLLAR PCGS MS66 1900 S MORGAN DOLLAR NGC MS66CAC 1926 $2.50 SESQUICENTENNIAL GOLD COMMEMORATIVE PCGS MS65 1900 LIBERTY HEAD HALF EAGLE NGC MS65 1909 D INDIAN HEAD HALF EAGLE PCGS MS64 1926 INDIAN HEAD EAGLE NGC MS65 1908 SAINT-GAUDENS DOUBLE EAGLE PCGS MS65 Collectors can see the entire selection of certified coins within the auction by going directly to To head to the coin auction session, click here. is owned and operated by ComicLink. For more about the firm, which was founded in 1996, click here.
  8. 1945 P Jefferson - DDR-001 (I think)

    Absolutely right... i do see it now. I did not notice upon original evaluation
  9. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    All of your premises which I have had to identify for you in our prior message exchanges are unsubstantiated. This is why you have been wrong since 1972 by your own admission. As usual, you didn't try to answer the examples I gave or those in the past because you cannot. To supposedly support your theory, you again write in the abstract. If your claims had any validity, you would be able to provide specifics. The idea that future collector preferences are unpredictable is totally false. Here and in a in a prior debate, you listed art bars and tax tokens. Earlier in this thread, Chuck-E-Cheese tokens. Yes, these examples really support your claims and are predictive of the most widely collected and preferred coins for hundreds of thousands to millions of collectors, right? You cannot or refuse to see the difference between an actual preference and random chance. The reason silver dollars became "king of the hill" wasn't by accident. It was due to the removal of silver from US circulating coinage in 1965, the end of dollar convertability to gold in 1971 and the subsequent financialization of the coin hobby in the 1970's. There is no possible believable scenario you can put forth here which is going to lead to the same result for clad coinage or world moderns. Your demographic claim is also invalid. Remember my prior comparison between the ASE and clad quarters? If your theory was valid, then prior SQ collectors who in 1999 were maybe between ages of six to 18 and who are now 24 to 36 should be falling all over themselves to buy clad quarters today. The lower prices for the series (both silver and clad) since 2008 prove that nothing of the sort has happened and it sure isn't because these collectors can't afford it. Of the numerous logical errors in your theory, if I had to identify the single biggest one it is that you insist on lumping anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 coins into a group you call world "moderns". No one collects these coins generically except at irrelevant prices, just like you do. There is also no reason to believe this will change in the future either because it doesn't exist for world "classics", except with a handful of high profile collections, as I told you right here in this thread. There will be a low or very low proportion of individual coins or series from world "moderns" which will attain substantially increased popularity but still almost certainly not at the hugely inflated prices you imply. Otherwise, most of these coins are going absolutely nowhere financially.
  10. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    The whole point of my comment is that today's financial climate is not remotely normal which concurrently means that your comment about future wealth isn't remotely as significant to collecting as you imply because when the credit mania deflates, the purchasing power of most people is going to decrease with it if not collapse. This is aside from the fact that there is effectively zero causality between financial affluence and collecting anyway, yet you continue to claim otherwise. As I told you, in the United States, it has a somewhat higher correlation with white men but almost no correlation with anyone else or anywhere else. What exactly do you not understand about this concept and why do you keep on writing posts which imply this fiction has any merit whatsoever? If your claim was true, how do you explain the effectively non-existent participation for women and African Americans in this country and the (almost) equally low participation among practically all demographic groups elsewhere outside of Europe and the Anglo Saxon countries? The answer is that you can't because your premise isn't valid. There are plenty of woman and minorities in this country who can spend a lot of money on coins if they wanted to do so. The only reason they do not is because they choose otherwise and having more wealth isn't going to change this preference at all. The same applies in every single country on the planet. The whole idea that the collector base in most countries is as low as it is due to lack of wealth is nonsensical. The only reason you fail to grasp this concept is because you don't understand what motivates people to become collectors. Because if you did, you wouldn't continue to make the same repeated obviously inaccurate claim.
  11. Good luck but this place seems like a ghost town right now.
  12. Roman Empire, Page 6 = GOLDEN AGE I

    An impressive collection. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and photos.
  13. A new era of data for numismatics is here. With it comes a whole new range of possibilities and greater transparency. Chinese Coin collectors have been the first to benefit but we are not done there. More coming for collectors of U.S coins soon.
  14. Will do $1,400 shipped for both first spouse coins.
  15. Roman Empire, Page 6 = GOLDEN AGE I

    Another instalment on a well researched and thought out collection. thanks for sharing. Quite an acheivement!
  16. delete

  17. 1958 DDO

    Where did I say there can only be one DDO per year?? There could be gazillions, but for this date only 3 of those gazillion are known.
  18. Your definition of "wealth" is just as elusive to me as many of your others. I consider wealth to be very real and is the ability to produce, store, or transport item of value. "Debt" is not wealth but a modern concept (and process) that allows people to procure consumer items which they otherwise can't afford. It also allows government and industry to borrow from the future. This is believed to be the primary cause of production running at full capacity. There is a great deal of real wealth even if it can be hard to see amidst the debt and actions of financiers. Nothing at all is predictable except that the nature of humans will remain essentially unchanged. Watching things like demographics and the causes of individual behavior will provide insight into how current trends develop. It is illogical to expect all conditions today to persist indefinitely. The aggregate demand of any kind of collector is certainly one of the most ephemeral of all conditions to predict. Coin collectors move enmass from one collecting specialty to the next and over the generation have collected everything from civil war tokens to silver art bars. We've collected Lincoln cents, large cents, and 19th century proofs. Silver dollars became king of the hill in the late '70's. All the popular collectibles since 1965 when the hobby was shaken by the withdrawal of silver from circulation have been silver. To believe this will always be this way is "predicting the past" and this is where most would be Nostradamuses go wrong; they predict what they know. They predict was already is or was.
  19. 1994 wide AM

    Still looks like a 1 to me. The vertical is still to close to the 9 to be a 4. And frankly other than being posted sideways, the first image is the better one.
  20. Book Project

    I just got the news that I did not get a grant. 16 applicants for two grants. Congrat's to David Gelwicks and Lawrence Korchnak!
  21. 1958 DDO

    And I suppose there can be only ONE DDO in any given year right Robec? Just because it doesn't match the MAJOR DDO for that year doesn't mean that it can't be a DDO. Although I agree with Davids in that I don't see it. However distorted hub doubling often doesn't show separation and could be very difficult to identify in an image.
  22. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    The entire system of American coinage is a fraud perpetrated by the U.S Mint. Coins were actually formed by natural processes in the earth. They are in essence earth crystals. The very scientific Native Americans understood this, and used these earth crystals as a means of understanding the scientific principles of the earth itself. The so called "writing" on these coins are actually an intricate part of these natural processes, and are the very origins of the English word "God." But the greedy U.S. Mint, which is profiting over the "minting" of these coins, is involved in a massive conspiracy to deceive the American people of the true nature of these earth crystals. They would have us believe that coins were minted by stinky fingered bumpkins who trust in God. They have no evidence for their claims! Has anyone even been inside the U.S. Mint? NO! Tour groups are not allowed! How very convenient! Most people do not know this because they have been deceived by the federal government. But historical records attest that these earth crystals were traded with the first English settlers at Jamestown in 1607. Think about this. The English word "God" isn't even attested until the writing of the King James Bible in 1611. Why you ask? Because the very origin of the English word has its root in the naturally created earth crystals, and the U.S. Mint is perpetrating a FRAUD TO DECEIVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! They are getting rich by enslaving we the people into servitude to a system of coined currency! It is about time people woke up and realized that these coins are earth crystals formed by the natural processes of the earth and NOT by stinky fingered bumpkins who trust in God!
  23. 1945 P Jefferson - DDR-001 (I think)

    last picture top left can see last O of MONTICELLO looks doubled
  24. 1994 wide AM

    Here is a little better picture it's clearly a 4
  25. Update-the 1967 SMS Kennedy and the 1981-S Type 2 Anthony Dollar have sold and the links have been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  26. Is My Coin "Too Good"

    Here is the rub... Crack it out and say goodbye to MS-66. If you decided to recertify it may come back in anything from an MS-67 to a "AU Details Artificial Color." Enjoy the coin, I have cracked out many coins for an album set (I tape the slab insert to the inside cover of the album.) But, recognize that it is a one way street. One trick I use for a coin that I know that I am going to use in an album is to buy a "details" coin that I think might pass for original. Here are my 2 most memorable crack out/recert coins. These were coins that on close inspection I thought were good original coins; that the "Details" grade was inappropriate. 1) 1909-S Indian 1c was in an ICG AU-58 corroded holder. I cleaned the coin carefully with some old Coin Care (the stuff with the now banned TFTCE (trifluoro-trichloro-ethane.) After removing a small amount of verdigris I sent the coin to PCGS and got it back in a PCGS AU-58 holder. The second 2) and my favorite is a 1923-S FH Standing Liberty Quarter that I bought in an NGC AU details improperly cleaned holder. It really did not look cleaned to me. I CAREFULLY dipped it, let it dry for 24 hours and PCGS put it in an AU-58 FH holder. It is now in an NGG MS-61 FH slab and is now in my NGC registry set with picture so you can judge for yourself. I love the albums and I loved the spending time on the NGC registry as a way of enjoying virtual albums. The business decision to no longer allow PCGS has really slowed me down. For most all of my registry sets I have an album as well and for many I only have the album (Lincoln cents, Washington quarters where it make no sense to me to slab a 1964 quarter for the registry.) Buy the coin not the holder... And enjoy the hobby.
  27. Interesting and good luck for us. The more research the better. Thanks for sharing.
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