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  2. My grandpa passed away and I found a shilling in a box of his. It has an edge around it like it didn’t get cut out correctly and then I noticed it’s double faced. So I can’t find a date because both sides are the same. I’ve don research but I can’t find any shilling mistakes, let alone their value
  3. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Post your most recent acquisition: US

    Just amazing!! Love the 1856-O, 1900-S is solid...looks so original and the reverse of that 1898 looks subtle green color blueish?? Evenly distributed across...I love it!!
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  5. I agree with Conder's assesment. : not genuine.
  6. Scoobidew

    NGC limiting Coin Lookups?

    You need to turn mine back on or I’m going with PCGS
  7. Zebo

    Auction Catalogs

    its time for me to start sorting through mine. U.S. & World catalogs, Domestic and International auction houses. Even a couple of limited edition hardback catalogs from some of the more pristegious collections.
  8. Beautiful and great additions.
  9. Those who interested to buy my coins i have 3 i post tomorrow. Im serious because i need a money and i lot a problem and to help my family so kindly respect my post. Again those willing i give a friendship hurry for those willing . Thank God bless
  10. Gregory Bologna

    Sealed 2018-S Ltd Ed Silver Proof Set 69 & 70 ??

    I understand now, and should not criticize NGC for the grading. In hindsight, I should have compared the sets of coins I submitted and tried to see any visual difference that might affect the grading result. Isn't that the first step of grading: Visual appearance? I could also have used my 10x to examine further, and I could have returned the disagreeable set to USMint. But I was in a hurry. Had to get the sets to NGC before the deadline so I could get the ER label. The grading cost was considerable. I still feel that for the amount of money I pay for NGC membership, NGC could have a benefit that if the first coin of a large USMint sealed set is not a 70, then stop grading and contact the member to see if they want to proceed with grading the full set.
  11. By looking at it it seems like someone used a melting tool, then pressed it into the spot. Idk weird. Lol
  12. Weighs 3.1 but doesn't have a d mark.
  13. God Almighty, this is hilarious. Don't know who's behind this but you are good. Thanks for the laugh.
  14. South Korea?? Do the Chinese know about this?
  15. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Unexpectedly Revisiting the Family Mint Sets

    We were looking at some 1983 coins and I was reminded that the quarter...not sure which mint...has a spitting Eagle variety and I forgot that we searched through all these back in 2008 and I pulled the ones that were noticeable...(I'll have to find them and take pics) anyway, weird thing about your post is it was with a Family member who was so sick from Cancer at the time and he tried to relax and take his mind off of it and we started with these 1983's and it lead to that variety of the finest times and special memories for me with an otherwise difficult person I could never have a normal conversation with, always ended up in an argument...but not that day, that day we were like treasure hunters and bonded over something most would consider a waste of time...I will never forget that Day.
  16. I see its a good value of silver based my research . I give a good and friendship price those are willing to buy my coins..
  17. Are you sure? Ok i research first if didn't minting. Based my research its a good value of siver Im right?
  18. One big problem with your 1797 Trade dollar is that the US Mint didn't start minting these till 1873.
  19. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Auction Catalogs

    I used to keep them, including ones sent to me, all the YN's get them now, as was done for me then...(there are 2 given by E.P. Newman I keep for my own reasons) the vast majority of these catalogs I believe hold an insurmountable abundance of knowledge and accurate statistics...someone actively involved with ANA in the Springs collects them for YN's also, you could contact the great people there and I'm sure it would lead to something...
  20. Yes this is a real don't worry I give you a document to a jewelry store to prove that is true. Im a honest because Im a religious person. If you are willing to buy my coins because they are many people who are text me right now to buy me coins.
  21. I can't wait to see the other coins you have. If they are as special as the first one, they should be real doozies.!
  22. Thank you have a good day im so much willing to sell for you and also I have 3 silver coins.. I post tomorrow.
  23. British coins

    1892 cinco pesetas Peru

    After further examination I’m now a little suspect on this coin as it has a B in the laureate of hair and should be an M if I’m correct also has no mint mark below wreath on front of coin. Could anyone share some light on these 2 points please. I was going to list today on eBay but I do not want to list incorrect details. I thrive on being a genuine seller not a dishonest one. If these too points suggest it is a modern reproduction then that’s how it will be listed. Hope someone can help ty
  24. Thank you...he recently bought them from South Korea. Internet scam?
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