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  2. I agree with Just Bob on the Mint Mark. It possibly looks like something is there from your pics. I looked at VV's listings for this year's RPM but I did not see any Mint Marks with the same positioning as your Cent. Unless those are just spectacularly placed die chips....... I'm not sure. I will wait on the experts to comment.
  3. Want to know how it works in reality? When you finish reading, it will make sense. I reserve the admiration for my own mentors. I am the least of my kind by comparison. There's a guy in our club who is published on, and he makes me look like an ourangoutang (not on purpose; he just knows that much). I just about qualify to hold the book for him while he looks it up, or hand him loupes or tools, maybe sweep the floor or do some dusting. And he always gives most generously of his knowledge. I still remember when he invited me to his house to view a collection of medieval Indian
  4. It is at the very least a very slightly Misaligned Die or MAD (without seeing the reverse to tell if it is an off-center strike). Not that it is worth more than face value but it is still a minor strike error and pretty neat and worth throwing in a 2x2 if you'd like.
  5. Thanks guys! @RWB im gonna added to my album so he can join with his friends
  6. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you ancients gurus. The level of knowledge and research required is impressive.
  7. Speaking of bullion coins , I noticed bullion coins from other countries carry nice premium over some graded silver eagles , some of the world modern silver bullion coins are worth sending in for grading even if it comes back graded 69 (depends on mintage if it’s low some series bullion is less than 1000 minted) . I have about a dozen or so bullion coins I’ve bought raw still thinking about sending them in at end of year for grading probably just send proofs in for grading since I had pay over $100 for them since they were scarce … the rest of BU coins can sit in airtite capsules not worth sen
  8. Hello Ali, Could you please add a new slot for this coin in the "Canada - Silver $5, Commemorative Issues, 2017-Date, Specimen" set? Thank you very much and have a great Monday, Brett
  9. Jeez, Bob, how in hell did you find that? Amazing example and yeah, looks to be a perfect match. Looks like the Caliph is carrying a wooden paddle. I can make out more of this blown-up image. As the OP surely knows, the legend on the obverse is the Kalima (basic statement of Sunni Islamic faith). The reverse I can't make out very well; looks like the Bismallah "In the name of God..." which is normally followed by "the merciful, the compassionate" but I am not quite locating that part of the inscription. Of course, this coin leaves out the dots, which are integral parts of the letters, so that'
  10. Thanks it's taken 21 years to build my proof die crack collection. Very hard to find them for sure.. Ken Potter could write a book on them for sure...
  11. I have a world modern in and world modern is significantly worse than US modern right now. No clue why. Maybe NGCs efforts to go beyond the US are paying off.
  12. If you are NGC its great! I just hope they don't get sloppy in their grading trying to play catch-up. I just mailed a package in yesterday to be graded. I hate the wait but the anticipation is all part of the game.
  13. The coin is worth a few cents in copper.
  14. If you tell us the "error" you saw, members can help you understand what happened and why.
  15. Please, put it back in the roll where it can rest in peace.
  16. That "S" mint mark looks interesting. It would be nice to see a clear picture of it. There is a RPM listed on Variety Vista that looks similar.
  17. It seems like one of our favorite things to do lately is complain about turnaround times at NGC. The popular narrative amongst the unhappy is that this is clearly NGC slipping but NGC says the problem is they're just slammed. They aren't blaming the problems on logistics - like not being able to get enough slab parts or inserts. They're just getting 800+ packages a day and that working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day isn't keeping up. That suggests that they're dealing with double or more the peak volume they're normally equipped to handle. But I can't help but wonder WHY they're so sl
  18. The history in that submission is really quite staggering. The fact that there are survivors after 200 years in such excellent condition WITH shells is impressive. What a terrific submission and preservation project. Well done
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