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  2. Time to once again play roll the dice

    Weve got some dramatic buildup going. You are the ony one that sees what I hope I see...come on baby triple that how dice work?
  3. Time to once again play roll the dice

    The reverse certainly looks better.
  4. Since we are on the topic of pedigrees -- some very nice U.S. Double Eagles with pedigrees for sale on eBay. You can register for the auction if you have very deep pockets.
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  6. Karen H

    Ok. So a Missing Clad Error with a dime, it would encompass either ALL of the OBV or REV or both, to look like a penny and with no areas left looking like the dime, right? So, my question is...what's up with this dime? I also included the front only of a dime I found today that is totally whack. Sometimes I don't see well so can't tell if there is another weaker strike over or if it's like stained or something. Thanks y'all!
  7. ICG Coins graded by NGC

    Experienced dealers and collectors can usually tell if a coin has been cleaned. If you are worried about that, I would find a coin dealer in the area you live to ask them about the coin. You are experiencing a great learning opportunity in that demonstrates multiple organizations that grade coins are giving their opinions and they are different. I am not as experienced as many on here, but "cleaning" is often times evident from photos, so if you include some, someone may be able to help
  8. An SAE that just keeps on toning!

    I actually like the look of the older photo of the obverse. The newer one just looks a little too contrived for my taste. Of course, it doesn't look anything like some of the blatantly AT coins on Ebay. Some of those things are horrendous.
  9. Time to once again play roll the dice

    Back in the day, we'd call this "cigar smoke' toning. It wouldn't get past the 'sniffer' ATS.
  10. do you know the year of this coin?

    Then it's after 1964
  11. Time to once again play roll the dice

    Good luck, the other 9 pics and it's still hard to see past the spots. However, seller does state colors and with a 30 day return policy it could be a re-roll. Anxious to see your pics.
  12. So that makes it a PR 68 HCAM ? By the way, I don't mean to hijack this thread, but if there is anyone on the forum who has NOT taken the time to view Bill Jones' type sets, make it a point to do so. It is a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. The obvious care that he took in choosing each coin clearly shows, and the information included with each one is very educational.
  13. I just posted a new "Owners Comments" on Page 6 (Crisis) of my NGC ancients custom set "The Roman Empire." This new essay is for a denarius featuring Auqila Severa. My opening thesis is that Severa's reign was one of the most unusual among all Roman Empresses. This statement is largely based on the belief that she was a vestal virgin, and thus sworn to 30 years of celibacy (and not allowed to marry). Even though all the ancient histories mention she was a vestal virgin, there are no surviving artifacts to confirm this. Even if she wasn't a vestal, her reign was unusual in that she was the 2nd and 4th wife of Elagabalus, the Emperor who was a fanatical devotee of the Syrian sun god Elagabal. Indeed, the first wedding between Severa and Elagabalus was actually a double wedding - simultaneously, there was a diving wedding between Elagabal and Vesta. One of the points I pondered about this coin was that the reverse depiction of Concordia includes a star. Here is an excerpt of my thoughts on this..."Apparently, the pairing of Concordia with a star was unusual on Roman coins, and, interestingly, the exact same pairing can be found on the reverse of Roman denarii featuring Elagabalus’ previous wife, Julia Paula (for an example, see the preceding coin in this collection). It is reasonable to speculate that the star in this instance represents the eastern sun god. By extension, the message on this coin’s verso is to advertise not only the imperial couple’s concord, but also that between Elagabal and Vesta." I haven't seen anyone else speculate this, so I am wondering if this is a reasonable hypothesis or not. In any case, if you are interesting in learning more about Severa, please check out my Roman Empire Collection...
  14. Anyone have errors to post?

    Welcome to the NGC chat boards, Dr.
  15. Time to once again play roll the dice

    Do you have a pic of the reverse?
  16. The picture of the Franklin is over exposed which makes it impossible to say. Only one side of the nickel shows any cameo, but I'll give it the bennefit of the doubt and say the obverse looks more like a cameo. Our hosts gave this Franklin half a cameo.
  17. Time to once again play roll the dice

    It is not a coin that I would buy. The spots in the toning would not make me happy, and the color of the toning is not attractive.
  18. Time to once again play roll the dice

    I hope it looks better in hand, from that picture it looks pretty ugly.
  19. Anyone have errors to post?

    The shearing effect seen on the second 9 is due to damage from a counting machine or some other kind of contact. The coin was not made that way.
  20. 1962 jefferson error??im not sure help plz

    Answered in the Newbie section...
  21. 1962 jefferson error??

    That's an example of die erosion. The die steel is simply wearing away, making for a blurred rendering of the date. It's a die state and not a mint error or variety, so there's no added value.
  22. Hi Terry, Would you please send your certification numbers to We will be happy to research the best way to display your coins. Thank you.
  23. Time to once again play roll the dice

    I'm hoping that what the shadow area is exposing is also all over the rest of the coin. We shall see on thursday!
  24. Time to once again play roll the dice

    I think you won
  25. An SAE that just keeps on toning!

    ...better stop it before it goes 'terminal'
  26. 1962 jefferson error??im not sure help plz

    Dunno...looked at the known varieties and none mention the a date spread, only in the motto.
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