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  2. Great collections fees going up

    I didn't notice - what is the paypal fee these days? Guess I should look it up - but others may want to know.
  3. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    As a new collector look how awful your modern collectable coins look. Lobbyists control it all. Teddy Roosevelt roll over in your grave cause you wont like what you see. Most coins have such low relief that they look like crude fakes. And small dollar coins starting with Susan B....... Of course Gasparro knows his work was hijacked right ? You can buy a nice frosty near gem proof Walker for around that 500 dollar budget that was thrown out there. Please don't take this the wrong way; I don't wish to turn away new blood but rather would like to attract them to legitimate numismatic material in lieu of politically motivated charms.
  4. Error List

    Thanks, this is good stuff very appreciative!
  5. Error List

    The CherryPicker's Guide is a good book, but I think what you are looking for is Alan Hebert's "Price Guide of Error Coins." This book describes how each type of error is created, why it looks the way it does, and how to identify it. That's the book you really need.
  6. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    Yes, I have made a similar point elsewhere in other threads. The typical American is flat broke. My "pessimism" here is independent of aggregate economic conditions. Combine my opinion here with my prior economic comments and you can draw your own conclusions on the implications for the price level.
  7. Error List

    Thanks for information I'm very appreciative!
  8. Edward VII was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and assumed the British throne after her long reign, in 1901. Although Britain was still considered by many to still be the worlds premier superpower, by 1901, her uncontested superiority was in a position of being challenged, by the United States and more crucially, by the recently united German Empire, which by most accounts had the worlds greatest army and was during this time beginning to build up a navy, the object of which was to one day challenge the British Fleet, not seriously challenged since the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. At the same time,at the beginning of Edward's reign, Britain still adhered to its policy of Splendid Isolation, not seeing the need to entangle itself in alliances with foreign countries. But the rising power of Germany soon led it to look to gain alliances, first with Japan in 1902. Its interests, unthinkably at the time, began to align with those of its centuries old enemy, France. Edward played an important role in gaining for Britain an alliance with France through his visit there in 1904. From that visit grew the Triple Entente between Britain, France and Czarist Russia, all of which ended up fighting on the same side against Imperial Germany and the Austro Hungarian Empire in World War I. The Us also eventually joined that conflict, in 1917, 100 years ago. Although the bronze coins made during this reign are plentiful, I dont see all that many that are still in blazing red uncirculated condition. I have just recently completed a set, pretty much all MS 65 or 66 Red, with one or two exceptions, where they were graded as RB but still have 75 percent plus red. I will post a few here today, the 1902 High Tide and 1902 Low Tide varieties, as well as examples of the 1903 and 1904. Many of these pieces were obtained from a source which purchased and wrapped these pieces on their original release, so that they preserved their original red more so than most. I will post some more next time. Enjoy!
  9. Error List

    Cherry pickers guide
  10. A sparkling example from the Randall Hoard. Gorgeous reds and browns shine with full mint luster. Truly gem and beautiful! PGS MS65RB CAC Approved! $2800 shipped within the US. Payment by check or Paypal + 3%
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  12. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    You guys are really looking too hard for something that will explode in the future. The new collectors of tomorrow are video game players. Raised in coins and collections but strapped with college bills and new house endeavors and such. It is so hard for them to figure out which direction to go that coin collecting is the last thing on their mind.
  13. Error List

    Hello and welcome to this forum. I think what you may be searching for is a 'variety' list. An error can happen to any date or any denomination (a coin that was struck twice, or off-center, as an example), a variety is a specifically struck coin that is unusual in some fashion because the die was unusual. Things like the 1955 doubled die Lincoln cent, for example. I'm not aware of a listing of these things, but for starters, here are some Lincolns you could search for. The aforementioned 1955....The 1972 doubled die is another fun one. There are perhaps as many as 9 varieties of this date. THE 1944 D over S Lincoln. 1960 P small date cent, 1970 S small date cent, the 1983 doubled die reverse cent, the 1984 double ear cent, and the 1995 doubled die Lincoln. That's a good starting point. You would have to be quite lucky, but it's not impossible.
  14. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    The fact is, most people, regardless of age and financial affluence, would rather spend their time and money doing something else. And today, there are far more options available than in the past. The proportion and number of non-collectors who aspire to pay any premium for any coin is inconsequential, just as it was when you started collecting. The overwhelming reason for the much higher price level of today and since the 1970's is not "collecting" but financial buying. Remember the threads on the PCGS forum by contributor Owen Seymour? You should because you commented in at least one. He seems to have a some idea of the interest by the younger demographic group, based upon his stated claims of his customer base. Why don't you ask him if he sees the same problem you do? I don't believe he does. I don't believe the hobby is at risk, only the currently and exorbitantly inflated US price level which is what this thread and the two articles in the OP are really talking about. A much lower price level will result in a much larger number of financial buyers being replaced by fewer hobbyists, but this hardly means the hobby isn’t viable. It just means it won’t be as profitable for those who work in it and those who own the (most) overpriced coins will lose money. For actual collecting, I see this as a positive because it will enable a much larger number much greater options. How can that be negative?
  15. Error List

    Hello, I really want to know if there is a list of errors for all the coins, I am fairly new to coin collecting so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Dassier Medals

    I like it!!

    Somebody else actually said that. I'm sorry I'm not that dealer. I always buy with understanding that I can return it for refund. Aren't Some Ebay sales final ? Also some dealers' sales are final if you pay over time (which is fair).

    Would you every really buy them truly sight unseen though? (Sight unseen does NOT mean you buy it without seeing it and then once it gets there you look at it and decide whether or not to keep it or send it back. Sight unseen means you buy it without seeing it and as long as the holder says what it is supposed to it is yours, no returns.) Too many people use the term sight unseen to mean purchased without having seen it in person yet, and if I don't like it I'll send it back.
  19. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I've seen fakes of most of those before, but I've never seen a fake 1986 Statue of Liberty dollar. Weird. Just wondering, why did you buy these fakes?
  20. Dassier Medals

    very nice
  21. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition
  22. 1969 s cent doubled die?

    Sorry but no. This is what you are looking for.
  23. Dassier Medals

    Here is one of my better Dassier medals, recently acquired. Part of a 1731 set offered to the public, after being presented to George II. This medal has been damascened, said to be rare as an expensive option. Quite the looker.

    Slabbed or not --- Sight unseen is insane. A coin is worth it's beauty so sight unseen is a naive way to go at adding to your collection. No matter who the 3'rd party grader is. if you like the look then ---- barter for it.

    As a dealer sight unseen purchases may seem logical. However I would never sell or purchase my coins sight unseen for many reasons. Mainly my coins are above average for the grade and I expect to sell for more than sight unseen prices. I would also expect to pay more than sight unseen prices for the coins I purchase. There is way too much ho hum material for sale these days and this tends to drag down prices which is another reason the hobby is not attracting new blood.
  26. Great collections fees going up

    GC has to charge more for pay-pal fees. You can't expect Ian to eat the higher charges that e-bay/ paypal charges. I no longer charge 3% pay pal as the charge has gone up. Price has to include cost inflation from other businesses used.
  27. I've been meaning to post more about circulating Isle of Man coins, but have been tied up. So until I find some time - here is a new purchase. Not sure why I bought it - just wanted to see it in hand I guess.
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