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  2. I too am having great difficulty with ngc and error coins. They have no official terms and definitions. There is no procedure or minimum qualification for errors. Only a "specialist" that makes discussions.
  3. and rest assured that they are not being marketed to you, but to the Collectibles landscape
  4. I had an 1807 CBH I sold on eBay. When it arrived, it seemed that someone took a metal pole and banged the package with one end of it, and bent the coin. Sent Insured $400, the USPS offered me $14.75 to settle and they get to keep the coin. The funny thing was, I received more on eBay for it damaged than I did undamaged. And make no mistake, my P.O. knows exactly what business I'm in and have an idea of the things I mail, and never said a word
  5. you cannot send Insured through-the-mail fungible items: coins, banknotes no matter what era-all that must be sent Registered Mail for claims
  6. Why not allow PCGS and just not assign points. Then at least you can record and share your entire collection with others who have an interest
  7. Most prices are dropping with collectables , obviously...especially with modern Comms. Programs? No problem... This is no joke...http://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/12/steve-cohen-buys-roy-lichtensteins-masterpiece-for-165-million.html https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/11/arts/design/agnes-gund-sells-a-lichtenstein-to-start-criminal-justice-fund.html Foundations thrive on these transactions. I love good looking coins , artwork etc as I do eating a healthy meal. Yup, reality check (S)
  8. I found it strange that there was a download in process when authorities showed up. You cannot tell a book by it's cover.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I still wonder if someone hacked his computer with a remote access Trojan and framed him.
  11. Update-I am sold out of 1981-S Type 2 Kennedy Halves for the moment. Thanks So Much!!
  12. I usually view "porosity" what's left after the corrosion was gone. As for the "porous" vs. "porous planchet" argument, I think that the "porous planchet" argument is the excuse to push off a porous coin as a "no problem" coin more often than not. I believe that you have to have a fairly high grade coin (at least EF-45 or AU-50 or better) to make the "porous planchet" argument credible. If the coin was struck on a porous planchet the dies would have smoothed out some the porosity when the coin the struck. The porous part should look like it's part the design. To have that you need to have quite a bit of the original mint surface remaining. I know that's a very subtle distinction, but if you have graded coins for a long time it's possible to make it. Another aspect of this is die rust. You need to be able tell the difference between a marks made by a rusty die and post mint damage. Once more a high grade coin is necessary to make that distinction. Here are a couple of examples. Here is a Mint State Fugio Cent. I am quite sure than any of the roughness you see on this piece, especially on the reverse was on the planchet when the coin was struck. Sorry, I can't get the picture function to work to do the second coin.
  13. Some modern coppers show porosity in strike weakness and is notable on a few 1950 proof Lincolns where you could find this on Lincoln's shoulder. Most proofs are fully struck but mine was a cameo and an early strike. None the less it was obvious porosity and not planchet marks or corrosion that didn't strike out.
  14. I just saw the Harrison slabs. I would not buy them. But it's my choice. Fortunately we all have the ability to make a choice.
  15. I don't know if anyone remembers, but SilverTowne struck a bunch of .999 oz rounds with The Pawn Stars characters on them, for the shop to sell privately at their store and on their site, at 5x spot I think it was. They sold out
  16. OK, now you're "getting it"; it has a HUGE following, a subculture so to speak If Marketing isn't 'your bag', that's OK. But, It Works
  17. Thanks for the info Burton. I took a chance. It's nice, but doesn't fit my individual Intercept slab holders. I don't have much invested in it, so I like it for what it is.
  18. Exactly what that is..... a show
  19. You have no idea how that show is filmed...
  20. I would get this coin authenticated, from your photo the fields look to smooth, as Jason stated the coin looks too good. This would be something I would expect to see with an MS 64 – 65 coin . It is highly unlikely that a coin in that condition would be uncertified. Is this coin a recent purchase?
  21. The only thing Rick Harrison is good at is running a pawn shop. Anytime he's offered something valuable including coins he calls in so called experts. As always these coins are just a sales gimmick and it doesn't bother me as long as my coins are graded and handled properly
  22. I recently posted a sovereign for sale on the Money Market Place web-page. Someone who was unfamiliar with sovereigns asked for more information about them. This somewhat surprised me because I consider the sovereign the Chief coin of the world. First introduced in 1489, the modern version of it (1817 - along with the famous St. George design by Pistrucci) celebrated it's 200 year anniversary this year. I am glad that he asked the question. I am considering writing a summary about the collectibility and history of the sovereign. The sovereign covers many Monarchs, has both (depending on year) the famous St. George and Shield reverse) and has many varieties. The Sovereign was minted in seven mints in five countries. It is a fascinating coin with a very long and distinguished history. Thoughts? This forum has been a little dead lately. A little life would be nice.
  23. Coins subject to programs don't continually rise, either. In fact, they typically fall much more and faster than other coins, once the program's end. Please provide a few examples of common coins that you believe "continually rise". I know of none. I've been a full time dealer since 1979 and yes, I know how "bid and ask" work.
  24. How many of my International lots have been stolen just after clearing Customs in NYC? Or, the $3200 coin (worth 30K!!!) sent from England via eBay's Int'l Shipping Program, which gets clipped just after clearing Customs-no accountability for packages that should've been sent Registered... Oh, and here's a Great One on case you didn't know: Coins cannot be sent Insured with your expecting to win a Claim filed for Damage, or Loss
  25. OF COURSE it's a Gimmick. NGC and PCGS have had gimmicked labels for years now; so what? You don't collect them? So what. I don't collect them, but it's not my place to call them out on it. They will sell, and pretty well at that (subculture).
  26. I gave a pile of Old Dealer Stock foreign coins, in 2x2s, to a friend wanting to start eBaying. She had no idea about anything numismatic, and felt lost. I told her to go on eBay, do a search in Coins of what was written on the 2x2, and see what pops up...
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