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  2. Not necessarily. It is your money and your coin, of course, so you are free to do as you choose. The cost of grading that coin, however, would be far more than the coin is worth. Just as an aside: I have been collecting for a number of years, and, although I own many graded and encapsulated coins, I own far more that are raw. The same goes for the hundreds of tokens and medals that I have collected. Only a handful are graded. And of all of the graded coins that I own, all were purchased already encapsulated. I have never sent a coin, token or medal in for grading. I can't say that I never will, but, so far, I have never felt that is was necessary.
  3. Read this article by David Lange. It will help you see the difference between hub doubling, which is often referred to as a doubled die, and the more common and generally worthless mechanical doubling. LINK
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  5. I don't see any Doubling on the ear. FYI it is not worth sending a coin in to be certified unless it is worth at least $150.00 so that eliminates even most of the minor errors which are probably worth less than $10.00
  6. WOW!!!!! I guess then that's all I find I wish I could tell better on the DD Will you also look at the other post I made and tell me about that. Greenstang please
  7. It's got a severe case of MD with some damage on the 0. No extra value but you can keep it a sample of MD.
  8. Hello can anyone tell me if this is a dd on the ear, I never can tell much about the dd's and I am new at this BUT trying to learn, I find all kinds of coins just wish I knew what to send in IF anything at all for that matter. I LOVE doing this I need help though and don't have a coin dealer near by and the coin shows don't come to Arkansas either. THANKS to you guys for being so nice and helping!!!
  9. Hey this coin isn't in good shape but I think I have a double die on the date? Can you tell me what you think and what would you do with it? IF ANYTHING LOL
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  11. Here are directions to hide/obscure your NGC Registry set on Log in to your account and go to the set in question. Click on the edit/pencil icon and then click Edit Set. Check the Private check box to obscure your set. Then click Save. Please note, any sets obscured on or after July 1, 2019 will not be eligible for 2019 NGC Registry awards. Please let us know when we may assist next with the NGC Registry.
  12. Thank you for the request, Jaelus. Our senior team will research your request and respond via email when a decision has been reached.
  13. Thank you for the request, Perfect-70. Our senior team concludes these coins have adequate representation in the competitive NGC Registry. You may create Custom Sets, if you wish. Please let us know when we may assist with the NGC Registry in the future.
  14. Please be aware that the inner core of 65, 66, 67, 68-D, and 69-D Kennedy halves are identical to the 1971 and later ones, all copper in all cases, so that edge means nada. The only thing that changed was the outer layers.
  15. Good explanation VKurtB. Grease is sort of a generic word and can also mean the compound used when polishing dies which will give the same effect when it fills the cavity of the letters and is not removed properly.
  16. Dear NGC Registry! in the category: Multi-Country (Incl. Euro) there is THOUSANDS coins set (and it intended to keep growing): Summer Olympic Games, Host Country Coinage, 1952-Date, Complete Thus is why some important Olympic sets of one Country were created: Lod Angeles, Atlanta, London, etc...! I am suggesting to create new set which is now a subset included in the above mentioned set. So I am suggesting to create new set (consisting of about 150 coins itself) : Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games (1977-1980), Complete and probably also 2 subsets: Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games (1977-1980), PROOF Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games (1977-1980), MS+PL These sets could be under category: Multi-Country (Incl. Euro) or RUSSIA (USSR)
  17. Think not about "grease" per se, (It has groove, it has meaning, and it is "The Word".), but think of congealed oil with fine particles of metal in it. When these bits of "metally oily crud" end up on a coining die, and get into the text recesses on the die, there is no cavity into which the metal of the planchet can flow, and letters seemingly "disappear". The violent motion of the die, and it is violent, eventually can shake the crud loose.
  18. You immediately eliminate all outbound shipping costs, before anything else. You also can "combine" forms for savings on inbound shipping, several types of forms, such as 1) Regular U.S., 2) Modern U.S., 3) Regular World, 4) Modern World, 5) Gold, etc. I always have more than one type of service, and that doesn't include specials, in price and/or service, that are frequently attached to shows.
  19. Thank you! Please also add the following silver forint date/mm set for Hungary: Hungary - Silver Forint 1868-1892, Circulation Issues Coins in this set: 1868GYF AR Forint (1868-1869) KM-449 1868KB AR Forint (1868-1869) KM-449 1869GYF AR Forint (1868-1869) KM-449 1869KB AR Forint (1868-1869) KM-449 1870GYF AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1870KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1871GYF AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1871KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1872KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1873KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1874KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1875KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1876KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1876KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1877KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1878KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1879KB AR Forint (1870-1879) KM-453 1880KB AR Forint (1880-1881) KM-465 1881KB AR Forint (1880-1881) KM-465 1882KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1883KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1884KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1885KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1886KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1887KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1888KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1889KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 1890KB AR Forint (1882-1890) KM-469 (BAROQUE SHIELD) 1890KB AR Forint (1890-1892) KM-475 (FIUME ARMS) 1891KB AR Forint (1890-1892) KM-475 1892KB AR Forint (1890-1892) KM-475
  20. A grease filled on date and Liberty. Not a DDR.
  21. Looks like an 82, grease filled die. Let's see if I am getting better at this and let the pros confirm.
  22. What are the average savings when submitting at the shows? I am sending 7 coins today. cost is high and maybe I can wait for a show.
  23. What are yo doing next to the sink? Step away from the sink with that coin and I hope you are not about to attempt to clean it.
  24. I think he has potential, take him under your wing. He could be a great collector if he is willing to learn. He just need so much guidance. I do too.
  25. I have a very small group consisting of some copper (toned and bright red) and a couple of bright untoned silver coins so I'll update this thread when I have the pics, will be interesting to see how these turn out.
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