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  2. No Mistakes

    Probably the best advice I've received today. Thanks and you know the funny thing is it makes sense to me.
  3. 1931s error penny

    Hi Mr Rick, Thank you for your input. I understand all the negativity that Im getting from this penny. I never knew that there was never a error for this year. My wife and I are new at penny collecting and enjoy it very much. Its only been a couple of years as collectors but we are hooked.. Jim
  4. 1964 Kennedy halves

    I other words what messydesk is saying, you can only expect to get the bullion value of the 90% coin silver out of them. Perhaps you might get a bid battle going with e-Bay bidders who are looking for a good coin to start/finish their Kennedy half dollar collection, so make sure you include the Mint mark such as D or P. The 'D' will be marked under the eagles talons the 'P' coins are not marked. Good luck!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Update-I'm out of 1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Halves for the moment and the 1996-W Roosevelt Dime have sold and the links have been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  7. 1931s error penny

    At first the eye brows raise a bit!!! But then the wiry letters from the first die stamp bring the eye brows down below level with suspicion. Thanks for sharing this with us!! Rick
  8. 1931s error penny

    Unfortunately your probably right..I will know soon if you and all the others are right. It seems that when something out of the ordinary appears most collectors/ enthusiets aren't prepared for something other than the voices of professionals. Im getting the whole picture. If it isn't listed or already been found than it's got to be fake. So far I've been offered quite a bit of money for this fake/forgery penny without having it graded. Maybe I should take the money .loll Jim
  9. Why sell it - a keepsake from your grandfather should mean more to you that just $$$.
  10. No Mistakes

    The only way to check pricing on ancients is to get a positive catalog ID and run that through something like Worthpoint to see what it's hammered for in what conditions. What people offer it for means nothing. What people actually forked over for it is everything. Let's suppose I have a billon heavy maiorina of Magnentius. If I'm selling it, and I know and publish that it's a Sear 18791, I am probably not afraid people will look to see what other S-18791s have sold for, or for that matter what it's listed for in Sear (however obsolete; VF US$60; EF US $175). If I don't give the catalog number, the most logical explanation is I hope no one will look up what it really is. Why would I not want them to do that? Because they might find out I'm asking too much, and am hoping for a new collector to come along and pay me too much. So, here's the best guidance I can give you: just don't offer on anything that doesn't assert a catalog ID. Anything with a catalog ID, you can research prices without having to invest the many hours it took some of us to learn to make positive IDs. The seller's credibility is associated with his publication of a catalog ID for his offering; if you question his ID, you can at least theoretically look it up yourself (as I would do, and without disrespect intended; anyone can make a mistake). All educated buyers and sellers of ancients have the skill to make positive IDs; that's a big part of the education. Ancients are great, but to buy them without firm IDs is just setting yourself up to be taken for a ride.
  11. 1931s error penny

    There are no known Double Die Reverse varieties listed for 1931S. I'm fairly certain your coin is fake.
  12. No Mistakes

    The biggest challenge I had when I started collecting ancients was actually knowing what was available. There are so many different types, from many different cultures. "Ancient" coins spans literally the entire history of civilizaition, from China to Britain, and covers about 1500 years. I suggest starting by figuring out what you like, or want, and then look at past sales to see what is available and at what price. Ebay is actually not where I would look for ancients. Try Vcoins
  13. USPS Tracking Number

    do I get a tracking number
  14. No Mistakes

    You are correct, but, I have a good knowledge of US Coins and I know where to look to find the right price. Yes, I'm a newbie with ancients but I hope you understand that unlike US Coins I have absolutely know idea how to validate an ancient coin price. All of the varieties and so so much I don't know about them. Before I come to the forum I do my best to find out what "Sold" ancients went for but then there is all of the other stuff. I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time but I come here as a last resort.
  15. No Mistakes

    Excellent advise. Research or be fleeced.
  16. pcgs

    "PCGS has always been this way." Yup, but if you collect classic coins, there isn't enough NGC-graded material out there to make registry competition possible. And, it's not just keys and super-expensive coins, it's pretty much accross the board with any coin even marginally challenging. For an easy example, take the 1931S FB Mercury dime in mint state, a difficult, but hardly impossible date. I have NEVER seen an NGC-graded 1931S FB dime in ANY MS grade anywhere ever, and I've collected Mercs since before NGC opened its doors. There are a few listed in the pop stats, but crack outs and cross-overs render them essentially non-existent. Many other tough Merc. dates are the pretty much the same---18S, 19S, 23S, etc. In comparison to some classic sets, the Merc dime set is a snap. I have 10 or 12 NGC sets I started well before the NGC-only change in January 2017. I haven't added a single coin to any of them since, not one. Several of my sets are "Best in Category" though they are incomplete and will always remain incomplete. However, they'll stay "Best in Category" forever even though utterly stagnant since it'll be virtually impossible for anyone to find enough NGC coins to over-take me. In all of my other sets, there has been no movement in any of the other top sets in the past year. They're all zombies, standing but dead. That's hardly a "registry."
  17. No Mistakes

    No offense but to put it into terms you might understand better, your request is kind of like a newbie coming into the forums and saying "I don't know anything about US coins but I think I would like to buy one and I want to spend $250 to $300 on it." Kind of like "I have money, someone take it away from me!" If you don't know what you are doing, take the time to learn, and spend small amounts while you do so.
  18. 1931s error penny

    Thank you sir..Ill post the results the penny as soon as Anacs returns it to me graded.. Hopefully Im not grading a fake penny as you mentioned but if it is fake at least I can say that I tried. If not fake than I can say I found a error 1931s penny ! Jim
  19. No Mistakes

    I think he wants too much for that. Search Ebay for 'denarius' just to see how uncommon it is to pay that much for one, and how many more interesting/uncommon emperors are available for that kind of money.
  20. 1795 FH $1 for the Registry Set

    That is a gorgeous coin! Congrats!
  21. Learn to Grade Coins!

    Order now so you have some reading over Christmas break!
  22. No Mistakes

    Here's one I found that looks promising. URL is:
  23. lincoln memorial cent

    There were no Lincoln Memorial Cents before 1959. The memorial itself wasn't built until 1922, so your coin is most likely damaged in a way that makes the date seem to read 1920.
  24. Blockchain Miner

    Blockchain Miner
  25. 1887 dollar coin.

    Cleaned AU, removed from mount 1878 7TF Morgan dollar is worth about $30 unless it is a rare die marriage. If you disagree, that's your prerogative, but that doesn't mean you're any more correct in your assessment of its value.
  26. No Mistakes

    Hi, I collect almost exclusively US Rare coins, but, I have been interested in ancient coins of late. I'm looking to spend $250.00 - $300.00 on one but I am so new to this that I'm afraid of making a grave mistake. Can anyone help me to make a wise decision? Ebay prices on sold items are all over the place and I have know idea how to tell the different verities. Thanks.
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