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  2. Newcomer here and I am looking to buy the 2016 Silver John Kennedy Half Dollar and Silver Franklin Roosevelt Dime NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo if anyone has these to sell Thanks for your time William
  3. Hi, can any please help me to fine the pop list. Since that change this I can not fine any thing, I only hope that I can fine your Nasser. Thanks don
  4. Your coin appears to me to be the small date variety. It is also missing two of the identifiers found on the large date variety. Coagman: I do not disagree. When I sent it to PCGS, I was convinced-- from my comparison of the same markers you looked at-- it was a Small Date and was quite surprised (and still dubious) it was designated Large Date. But who am I to question the almightly authority of PCGS (!?) Seriously, were I to get down to brass tacks in selling this coin, I would let any buyer know of my doubts. Thanks again, Mike
  5. Today
  6. Hi Mike, I am happy to read that you found my comments useful. I find the story of the Fort Capron Treasury hoard interesting and for me it enhances the fun of owning such a coin, even if it can’t be definitely traced to the hoard. I once owned an 1856-S $20 with saltwater surfaces. Like your coin, it had the same matte-like granular surface texture and was free of bag marks and abrasions. I am somewhat surprised that these coins are not more in demand considering the popularity of the gold coins from the 3 major shipwrecks. The large date variety makes up approx 15% of 1854 double eagles, and the differences between the small and large date variety can be challenging to distinguish if you don’t have a lot of experience with the series. Your coin appears to me to be the small date variety. It is also missing two of the identifiers found on the large date variety. Sorry to be the bearer of this bad news, but it is still a cool coin.
  7. Rick - sorry to hear about your wife. Sounds like an ordeal. Hope tht you are not exiting the hobby by selling everything. You've added some to the conversations here. Best of luck.
  8. I have an NGC 70 2011 (w) PM with offer if you like. I don't think they were a big seller early on, now registryguys can't find them.
  9. Coagman: A sincere thanks for furthering this discussion by pointing out the possibility of the Ft. Capron hoard as possible (yes, I understand, totally unproven and unprovable) provenance/attribution AND noting but for the inability to establish provenance and the often slight difference in PCGS/NGC rating between a 55/58 and a 62, this might be/have been a 50K coin. Pictures are attached. IMHO, this coin is a stronger strike with less rub, if any, than the NGC 55 Large Date shown on their site. It also has a pleasing matte appearance and would fit in with a high grade or Registery Set of (Early) Liberty $20 Gold Pieces. For the right price, it is for sale to yourself or any other interested party. Thanks again, Mike
  10. We lost a few along the way, yes Michael, EZ_E, daft Dooly and Mike King has not been around. I miss these guys.
  11. If you are doing research, I know that you can arrange to view some of the portions that are not on display. I have not been, but I would really like to. One day, it would be awesome if they could build a dedicated NNC museum....
  12. Whatever happened to michael? I haven't seen that guy around in a while.
  13. Only a small portion of the collection is displayed - it would be nice to view the entire collection - but that will never happen.
  14. Nice - I especially like the half sovereign and half eagle.
  15. I would like to see the National Collection also. When I get time, I would want to know what is there. Back around 1975 we tried to see some of it but were told many were in storage and many others were not there but were in exhibits at other locations such as museums and other such locations.
  16. Completely agree - also love the photo of the older than dirt gang!
  17. Very nice - Charlotte Dude.
  18. Seems to me the 'bar code' adhesive sticker and straps would lend more credence as to where the monster box came from, that a the signed off packing slip inside the box. Course only the certifying company gets to see that first hand in this case.
  19. Bump....please pm if interested. thanks, Chris
  20. I am thinking about making the trek to the Smithsonian to see the National Collection. Since they renovated - has anyone been to the exhibit? If so, what did you think about it? Do they have anything displayed that is not on their web-site? Also - what is their gift shop like? Pure tourist junk or do they have anything for real collectors?
  21. Thanks to all who commented on this post. I have a better understanding on coin collecting, especially with "Moderns". I'll be a little more cautious on buying in the future.
  22. Please post the results when they come back.
  23. It has been a few months since this journal was posted. It seems this place has been converted into a ghost site. With that being the case I bid farewell to all the friends that I have met here over the past 10 years. Sincerely, Rick
  24. The final conclusion is might be mints regular business strike from the polish proof die version of what myself believe However myself decided to send these beautiful silver coin to these company for grading purpose and wait for result Surely come back to show everyone later after receive it again from oversea respect my thought without arguement
  25. Thanks for the info guys. I have a paid account so I'll look into other places to move my images.
  26. I'm in agreement!
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