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  3. Hello coin guys... Its me the original one that posted the post lol. 1st off i work from 8am to 6pm & thats why i havent responded. Ive always been interested in old stuff antiques & coins. Just really never persued it ya kno? I realize & respect the fact that you guys are experts and have been doing this a long time but I think you all are wrong about this coin there's no way Acid can eat just the middle part of this quarter and leave the outside edges perfectly round like that you can tell up close that it was stamped over another coin . you're going to think this is very funny but I do believe this is the same coin that's on eBay for $35,000 uncirculated... Let me explain why when I look at the coin through my very strong magnifying glass LOL I can see the 1941 stamp that the guy on eBay is showing up close in his pictures just Google 1940 error coin stamped over Canadian quarter you'll see what I'm talking about y'all are probably going to say this rookie is crazy or he don't know what he's talking about but I do believe I have that coin sir it's just very old and been through a lot.. I figured this text would get y'all talking a lot or whatever you cool coin guys do! I got a few other coins that I'd like to send pictures of probably not worth anything but I thought they were cool so I hung onto them over the years......
  4. Picked up two rolls of state quarters from my bank yesterday with U.S. Mint wrappers. 2007-P Montana and 2008-D Oklahoma. These was a first for me with U.S. Mint wrapped quarters. The 2007-P Montana's were scratched up and only saved 14 out of the roll in MS. The 2008-D Oklahoma's were all in MS condition. Surprised that I did not have two complete MS rolls, being directly from the mint. So if anybody buying bags or the rolls from the mint beware!
  5. It's amazing - the stuff of science-fiction movies of my youth will be his normal.
  6. Note: For the record, this coin [as displayed on my wife's cheap, knock-off] cell is appropriately sharp with detail, color and contrast and, for all intents and purposes, presents as though it were in the palm of my hand. My cell is strictly talk and text. No internet.]
  7. I have tested the gold coin with my sigma metalytics machine and it came out fine. I bought the coin what it's worth in gold.
  8. Only if I did not already have one in my Whitman album. Otherwise, I would spend it.
  9. Face value is $2.50. If someone sold it to you for that, something is amiss.
  10. Hello I'm new to the forum. I bought this gold coin just face value due to the solder on the obverse of the coin. is it possible to remove it? Thank you.
  11. Just Bob, would you hold onto this quarter? I would not, too much ridge damage for me..
  12. Oh I have read through ( not completely of course ) some the threads you mention. And believe me, I am quite jealous of some of the pictures. Not just the coins themselves but the quality of the pics. Now back to the op I didn't mean to hijack the thread
  13. I have heard of tranquilizer touchstones (and beads) but am unfamiliar with this. I get it now. So unlike the purported healing properties of a copper bracelet, this is a more tactile product. [I specifically bought a double-thick, pure silver, 1804 dollar from the Intaglio mint but it was in such pristine condition I nixed carrying it around.] Your idea is better. Can't argue with success. All the best!
  14. Don't take it personally. I don't think anyone expects new posters to run out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of photography equipment just to post pictures of a coin that they found. Or, even multiple coins, for that matter. I think it is more of a longing for the days - not that many years ago - when top quality pictures were the norm - pictures posted using digital cameras. Go back and look at some of the long-running threads, like the "Follow the Lead" or "Latest Acquisition." Look at some of the work of Robec, Mark Goodman, and (many) others. The difference between those pictures and the majority of what is posted now is amazing. I know that I miss those days, myself. I remember multiple-page threads about proper photography technique, and the best type of lighting, and "which camera fits which budget," etc, etc. I remember a photo contest, where an especially hard-to-photograph coin was sent around to different members to try their hand at capturing the look of the coin. I personally never advanced beyond a Kodak point-and-shoot, but I learned a lot about how to light the coin, adjust white balance, crop and adjust the photos, etc. These days, I use a $75 Samsung Galaxy J3, so I really have no room to complain about picture quality, but I do still try to use proper lighting and technique. My pictures are nowhere near top quality, but they do all right for posting pictures of entire coins and tokens. If I ever have to try a close-up of a small area, though, I may be in trouble. Really, all we ask is that posters try to present the best quality pictures that they can, using the equipment that they have. If someone puts forth a little effort to provide me with a good picture, I certainly don't mind putting forth some effort to help them with their questions.
  15. Oh-oh! Much like Paulie in Goodfellas (1990) who readily admitted he knew nothing about the restaurant business, I know nothing about ETFs, BTUs -- or UFOs, for that matter. Mr. Goldfinger1969 (any relation to TekashiSixNine? Just kidding!) with all due respect, I have reached an age where engaging in speculative pursuits is not in my best interest. Goldfinger1969: Well excuse me, Roostermeister! QA: I know. I know. It was temporary insanity. G1969: Well, alright, I was only trying to be helpful. QA: I know you were and I appreciate your honesty. Thanks for the reality check. RWB.
  16. Lord I miss the little ANAC/ PNG holders.. I much preferred the size.. And ANACS modern coinage grading was brutal.. Not to mention the beautiful cobalt blue rings that Morgans seemed acquire...
  17. Pocket Pieces have calmed millions of Nerves and I gifted a Peace dollar to my father to use to help with some neuropathy he acquired in his hands after too long on the surgical table.. My Mother (Who turned 96 last week) still has it and I will probably leave it with her when she passes..
  18. NGC has certified about 300 of them. They are found here:
  19. It appears to be RDV-006, the normal reverse die for that year for both the Philadelphia and Denver mints.
  20. This quarter would go into my reject roll to be returned to bank. Don't waste your time with Washington's in this condition.
  21. Ha! Ha! Ha! "Horse blankets" was the term they used for the oversized bank notes from another time and era.
  22. I meant a complete $1.00 set of Silver Certificates. I like the large notes.
  23. Ok so there is no mint mark on this quarter but the arrows into the leaf tell me it's a proof design but I cannot find anywhere that a proof coin was made in Philly,so how would I classify this coin?is it just a regular qtr?
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