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  2. These days, it's not that the young people aren't interested; it's the lack of disposable income. Their cost of living relative to what they earn has many of them struggling, and it doesn't allow for much spending on stuff like collecting. There is however a problem with attracting YNs to the hobby. I think many coin clubs and shows could do a better job of it.
  3. It been awhile since I been on here I used come on here all time , lately family , work , surgery kept me away from my hobby of coin collecting . I Recently started collecting world coins I’m taking a break from my US coin collecting . About few months ago I had my daughter at local small coin show with me she 18 now , I also have 2 older sons as well I used take them to coin shows few times when they were little ... Anyways we were looking at Morgan dollars one of most common coins we see just about every dealers table ... I was showing my daughter “wow look at this Morgan 1882-S MS66 $200” it was nice coin , she said to me what difference ? Coin next to it looks the same just about every dealer table has Morgan dollars until your eyes bleed ! You can’t miss it , she some what right also prices throw her off there tons of MS66 Morgan dollars out there why prices so high ? Not everyone buying them ... I explained to her that’s the way market is ... the Market is sky high on prices these days it amazes me people even have the money to spend on coins of higher quality I’m fortunate to grow with grandfather who showed me passion of collecting , seems like 60’s, 70’s, 80’s even 90’s we were exposed to this hobby not greedy about prices and money .... today I see a lot lesser kids or younger folks at coin shows , I’m beginning to wonder if future of coin collecting and market will be strong as it is today ? We all are growing older , we will need pass our collection off or sell it . How can we sell our Collections if no younger people aren’t interested in spending thousands and thousands of dollars for a collection ? How will dealers make a decent pay on coins or stay in business if not enough younger people aren’t interested in the hobby ? I see more and more younger people are interested in technology and electronics... it makes me wonder
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  5. Hello, Please provide your NGC certification numbers as well as the country and we will add your request to our queue for review. Thank you.
  6. Hello, and thank you for the inquiry. There is typically a 3-day wait time for transfers to be processed. An automated email is sent to the previous owner to approve the transfer. If the previous owner approves, or if no response is received after 3 days, the coin is automatically transferred to you. In rare cases when the previous owner disputes the transfer, an NGC Registry representative will conduct an investigation and contact both you and the previous owner. Many sellers use stock photos to represent the coins that they are selling. In this case, the certification number of the coin that you receive may not match the coin shown. Please wait until you have a coin in hand before entering it into the NGC Registry. Thank you, The NGC Registry
  7. Welcome to the Forum Brooke. As stated, those just look like regular Ike's unless you see some thing we don't. To avoid confusion, always start your own thread andmake sure you show both sides of the coin. If you think you have an error, please specify what you think it is.
  8. I started off without light to show it isn’t polish.There is a frosted golden appearance to the high points of the coin on the obverse and reverse. The coin has a deep strike on both the obverse and reverse; the finished field is almost mirrored with a deep contrast to the devices especially the hair, creases on the cap, and bust. There is a sharp contrast between the golden lettering, and wing tips of the eagle on the reverse against the pastel blue mirrored finish.
  9. Weak strike / die adjustment and strike throughs errors are difficult on non reeded edge coins but your coin has Erica and cent fairly proud so I'm going to say struck through filled die nice find
  10. Hi @Brooke Serra, Welcome to the form. You should start your own thread on your coins, I am no expert but I think what you at showing are just common clad Ike Dollars. The P coins have no Mint marks in those years, The Silver ones have a S mint mark.
  11. What’s the result of NGC grades on your coins? Did they slabbed the ungraded coins?
  12. 1932 $10 Indian Head Eagle Gold NGC MS62 Coin Ten Dollar Uncirculated On Ebay
  13. Can someone help my verify my Bicentennial Ike silver dollar it has no mint mark. It looks be be a rare coin I’m a young amateur collector, that inherited my collection from my WWII Veteran Grandfather. I have other Ike silver dollars with errors and mint flaws. I need someone that knows what they are doing to inspect my coins.... Thanks A Bunch God Bless!
  14. How about in American Silver Eagle Bullion. A set call it the (last year of the Silver Eagle 2020). Enter Proof, Burnished & Standard MS. Then in American Silver Eagle Bullion. You could also have a set called Last year of the Mercanti Eagle special varieties 2020. With congratulations set, fun show, West Point Struck, etc. You get it all the different special Eagles from the last year of this Majestic, Captivating and highly desired coin with so much history. It really deserves one or two if not more special sets with just this coin the 2020 Silver Eagle and it’s different variations in it. Maybe even a signature set with different variations but all with someone’s signature. Thanks Chuck Webb
  15. Thank you guys so much for the education. Really helpful. I am going into it pretty certain that it is a Doubled Die Variety which I would like to get confirmed. If it is then I should be alright, but honestly this is my first go at grading so there may be a long road and a steep learning curve in front of me, but other then the "rim fin" I feel alright about this one. Thanks again you guys.
  16. Can be aggravating at times. Especially in my instance when I had the brilliant idea of attributing my whole Morgan collection, 106 coins. There are still those buggers that you cant figure out and the guys over the VAMWORLD way are real good at helping out. I still use my phone for the full pictures and my microscope for the close ones. Phone Pics on full manual - Takes a little time but the better the pics the better someone can help you. Good Luck
  17. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here. Can't wait to chat and share stories about coins with you.
  19. It's either a 2000 or 2008. I'm pretty sure 2000. So what would this be considered as. Can't find nothing about it. I don't think that would be a grease die. Really interesting piece.
  20. Yes, I see it now. Same cracking all the way around, the doubling on date, the gouge and the tilt on the cc It's all there, Thank you! Now I have 6 more to analyze (this is fun btw!)
  21. Your not seeing the important picture I think. Very bottom of the 7A page it will have a full size version of a 7A coin - both sides ... It has ALL the similar cracks on it ...
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