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  2. Gotcha.....from my experience, it's rare for PCGS graded Canadian coins to get an upgrade at NGC, but it's not impossible. I'd say worst case scenario, you're solid at 64 based on the photos. Best of luck, though!
  3. Very nice coin, it's a great example of the 1949 dollar Are you crossing it to NGC or trying again at PCGS?
  4. No, they aren't. As you said yourself, the mint destroyed almost all of them.. That's correct. What you're looking for is a quarter with the same composition as a Sacagawea Dollar or of a similar composition. That's why they were destroyed. The experimental quarters were never truly a test for changing the alloy of the quarter. They were a test for the alloy of the Sacagawea Dollar and they were never meant to be released. As far as I know, they were only struck using the 1999 designs and only at the Philadelphia Mint. I found this site with some information as to what you're looking for: I could tell immediately that your coins were plated, and the D mint mark shown on the one obverse photo you included is another tell tale sign that it's not an experimental quarter. I've seen so many gold plated State Quarters, I know them immediately.
  5. So they aren't experiment quarters? I found a website that said it was destroyed because it costs to much to make. The planchette value was more than face value so The mint destroyed almost All of them and the roll was a new roll.
  6. Gotta love those primary sources! It's quite interesting to read how things were done back then but it makes me wonder if other World mints at the same time were undertaking the same processes. In particular, I wonder about France because they've made some lovely medals. I recently discovered that the French Mint struck some medals of some of the Roman emperors and empresses.....I'm trying like crazy to find out if they made one for Faustina the Younger. There's also a Caligula medal that I've seen that I'm considering trying to pick up because Caligula was, to quote a character in a British comedy show my fiancee likes, mad as underpants. If you collect Roman, you almost have to have something with Caligula on it. Thanks for sharing that Roger! It's always enlightening when you share some of your research with us! ~Tom
  7. Very sharp, Capone!! I dig Canadian coins quite a bit even though I'm no longer active in that area of the hobby personally, at least for now. It's still a treat to see nice ones. Thanks for sharing that!
  8. Those are very cool, kbikes! As I am a collector of coins depicting birds, I have to say that my favorite is the Year of the Rooster but I also really dig the Horse, Dragon, Snake and Rabbit. The Perth Mint puts out some really nice looking coins. Thanks for sharing those with us!
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  10. Mohawk

    Up for air after a while.

    Hi Kerry, I don't believe we ever talked when you were here before, but it's always good when good collectors find their way back. So, hello and welcome back! I can relate to a lot of what you said in your entry. I've been doing some soul searching myself over the past few months myself and I've had some major realizations about myself which have made me a much happier person and collector, much of which pertain to the fact that I've realized that I'm a minimalist. Like you, I have some main loves which I plan on focusing in on and indulging. For me they are Silver Roman Empress coins with a focus on Faustina the Younger and her daughter Lucilla, coins depicting birds and coins depicting babies. Everything else I did was basically clutter that I don't need, so it's being sold off. I've also decided to pursue my pursuits off of the Registry as I've decided that grading coins for collecting myself wasn't fun for me you, I needed to get back to being a collector, in its simplest terms. So I'm using stock books and 2X2's and I'm having a blast doing it! There's no wrong way to collect, provided you enjoy what you're doing and you don't damage your coins! And I think a smaller collection that is well selected is a great thing......smaller goals let you focus more and buy really awesome coins when you do make purchases. In closing, it's nice to cyber-meet you and I look forward to further entries and discussions with you! Cheers! ~Tom
  11. It's funny how that happens, isn't it? I wonder what it is about the 1969 Lincolns that get people. With the 1955 Franklin, I think part of it is the fact that particular coin has been hailed as a key date in the Franklin series for a long time (though there are scarcer coins in that series). As for the 1969 cents, I can't even formulate a hypothesis.
  12. Yeah......YouTube is terrible!! If I had a dime for every YouTube video that I know about who sensationalizes ridiculous things and spreads horrendous misinformation about out hobby, I could collect Faustina the Younger aureii along with my silver denarii. I've seen people post links to these people here, mostly newbies, and that makes the situation even worse. I wish YouTube would do something about's pretty bad.
  13. No book of prices will ever be "accurate" as a value guide, but one done right should at least put you in the ball park. As for "doing it right", how about being more up to date with types and dates than five years before the date on the cover (I have two double row boxes of coins going back 5 years that aren't in the latest issue), not leaving out part of or even entire countries, improve the images, stop dropping images etc. The major errors did start occurring right after they were sold to F&W, but the biggest problem and reason for the decline was F&W was constantly cutting funding and firing or not replacing staff that quit. The entire 500 years of catalogs and the other specialty world coin catalogs are all done by a staff of five to eight people. It is just too big a job for a staff that size.
  14. Update-The Ottoman 1327/3 40 Para in AU 58, one raw 1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar have sold and the links have been removed. The 1941-A Reichskreditkassen finally sold too!! Thanks So Much!!
  15. Hey William, Those are great albums that you found. I use something very similar for my Roman coins and I absolutely love it! I think you guys will love your albums, too And, I really agree with Mokie here: . It really does Now, let's hope that Roswell, NM elongated cent doesn't spawn some sibling rivalry in a few years.......... ~Tom
  16. It is also possible to have a floating roof on ANY year Memorial cent, but for some reason it only seems to attract interest on the 1969's. It's like the "bugs Bunny" Franklin halves, They are known on all years but only seem to draw any attention or premium on the 1955.
  17. From what I've seen firsthand with the "floating roof" pennies they are really common for some years. I recall checking a few tubes of late 60's cents for high grade MS in one sitting and I feel like 25-33% exhibited some form of "floating roofedness". I think any demand that exists is the product of disinformation and ad barking behavior to generate value where none should exist. (Thanks YouTube.)
  18. The french bronze that the Lincolns are made from is 95% copper, 5% tin and zinc. there is no mandated percentage for the tin so it can vary from 2.5% down to just a trace and still be the legal composition.
  19. You make some very good points Crawtomatic. However, from what I could find in my research, the "floating roof" cents are actually very common on many dates of this era and they don't have the kind of following that the Buffalo Nickel overpolished die varieties have. As I am anything but a classic US coin guy, I did fail to account for those in my statement, though. But there really isn't any demand for the floating roof cents that I could find, hence my assessment in my reply. The no FG's do seem to have some limited demand, however, at least in the case of the 1969-D Lincoln Cent.
  20. I was just going to say the same thing as Mohawk but probably wouldn't have been worded as well. They are just considered Novelty Coins with no extra value.
  21. The Treasury has been wrong before as well. Though I hate to bring up a coin which has caused some problems on here as of late, The Treasury initially declared the 1969-S DDO Lincoln Cents as counterfeits and destroyed several examples before figuring out that they were genuine. I think that Conder has the answer just right TPG wants to be on the hook for this one.
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