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The book Hawaiian Money: Standard Catalog "Second Edition" by Medcalf and Russell is the so-called "bible" for Hawaii numismatics. However, as a generalized catalog there numerous examples in which specific details are simply missing. This is a source of intrigue for me (filling in the holes in numismatic references).

In this journal entry are the results of researching medal 2M-225 (page 115 of Hawaiian Money) also known as the Duke Paoa Kahanamoku -- Father of Modern Surfing. Mintage was not listed in Hawaiian Money (weight is 1 oz., diameter is 39 mm, and metal is 0.999 silver). Only an obverse image is provided.

I can assure you that I have not handled this particular numismatic item with my own hands, but have found some most interesting information (including additional pictures). I have three specimens in route to me for further study.

My in progress research results (new information is identified and is being documented here for the first time for the numismatic community):

(NEW) 2M-225 limited edition design was commissioned by The American Surfing Organization.

(NEW) 2M-225 was struck in 1976.

(NEW) 2M-225 mintage is 1,596.

(NEW) 2M-225 was struck in a sterling silver proof finish.

(NEW) Striking of the proof sterling silver specimens required approval by the American Surfing Organization.

(NEW) 2M-225 can be located in the 1976 Franklin Mint Special Commemorative Issue Medal set.

(NEW) 2M-225 is SCI 76-30 in the 1976 Franklin Mint Special Commemorative Issue Medal set.

(NEW) 2M-225a (my addition to Hawaiian Money) is a newly discovered and unlisted variety in proof bronze (unlisted variety in Hawaiian Money).

(NEW) 2M-225a proof bronze mintage is unknown (however, it is a smaller mintage than the sterling silver proof).

(NEW) 2M-225b (my addition to Hawaiian Money) is a newly discovered and unlisted variety in uncirculated bronze.

(NEW) 2M-225b uncirculated bronze mintage is unknown.

Here is the current back story of 2M-225, 2M-225a, and 2M-225b:

The American Surfing Organization commissioned the Franklin Mint to create the medal. Franklin Mint struck and provided the completed medals (uncirculated bronze). Franklin Mint obtained approval from the American Surfing Organization to utilize the design for the 1976 Special Commemorative Issues Medals set struck in proof sterling silver. The Franklin Mint also struck a limited number in proof bronze later in the year.

The 2M-225 is eligible to be NGC encapsulated and graded since it is listed in the Hawaiian Money reference.

Wait...a Franklin Mint medal eligible for NGC encapsulation and grading? Yes...

2M-225a and 2M-225b are both unlisted in the Hawaiian Money book.

The question put forth to NGC is the eligibility of newly discovered medals of the same design but struck in a different metal and finishes ...


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