Inadvertent NGC Body Bags



My Pearl Harbor Casualties circa 12/12/12

While on my Hawaiian vacation, I was dismayed in learning that three of my 1941 Remember Pearl Harbor medals from my NCS/NGC submittal were flagged as "Ineligible Type" (class of coin, medal or token that NGC does not certify).

Wait ... what do you mean they are "Ineligible Type"?

After I arrived back to the east coast, I sent an email to NGC to explain to me which specific items in the Medcalf & Russell reference book (Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog) where ineligible and eligible.

The medals being returned back to me were 2M-379, 2M-380, and 2M-382. Only the 2M-382 had undergone conservation.

Someone on the NGC staff replied in an email and apologized for the mix-up. Apparently, the mix-up occurred during the NCS to NGC transition. The 1941 Remember Pearl Harbor medals are eligible for encapsulation and grading.

The medals arrived back to me today. They will be mailed out tomorrow. The turn-around time will restart.

I estimated I will get these medals back in 31 days (5 days to NGC, 21 business days at NGC, and 5 days from NGC). However, with the upcoming holidays (NGC closure and snail mail delays) I should not expect the coins until February 1st.


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