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A story of finding a coin's pedigree by accident...

After purchasing a highly prized "Mid-Pacific Aloha Carnival Dollar" that depicts the great Hawaiian Olympian "Duke Kahanamoku" (So called dollar HK-721/Medcalf & Russell 2M-329) for my "Territory of Hawaii Souvenir" collection, I did an online search for similar coin in circulated condition.

The coin is not dated, but the Mid-Pacific Carnival was held in 1914 in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii. A rare "Dukie" in uncirculated condition in this link

After viewing an icollector hit, I started to compare coins. I noticed an erie resemblance as I looked at each unique feature between the two.

Obverse: A darken A in Pacific. Bumps along rim from D to P of Mid-Pacific.

Reverse: Nick below II of Hawaiian. Nick in the center of the I in Islands.

Patina matches in both observe and reverse. My photo is slightly darker as it was taken with my Android phone in my home office.

To my surprise every visual feature was an exact match!

In conclusion, my "Dukie" is lot #41 from Heritage 2007 Long Beach California auction.

Left image taken by me. Right image taken online.

Only 5 "Dukies" have been graded by NGC

Mine will be the 6th...


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