On a Hawaiian Trip



My mindset is in the land of Aloha...sort of

My birthplace is Honolulu, Hawaii. I grew-up on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii (aka Big Island). My career keeps me on the continental US, but I often have vacation trips back "home". In all my trips, I allocate a period of time in which I pursue my Hawaiiana collectable hunts. From coins to documents.

I have been advocating the concept to read as much as you can about a coin or coin type, as a mater of fact, anything that is of collectable interest to you. But,on occasions you have to go with your gut feeling...

The attached article is about a gut feeling purchase I had. In the end, I donated this item to the Iolani Palace as they did not have an example...It feels good to donate a historical piece in which it can be admired by many. I donated the item in 2010.

My article was printed in a newsletter published by the Hawaii State Society of Washington DC.


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