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My Best Circulation Find from the Past



The year was 1995. The location was Southern Maryland. The find was ...

In May of 1995, I stumbled upon a news article about a woman who unloaded a few coins at a coin shop in Annapolis, Maryland for a whopping $200 a piece. With this news, I rushed to the local bank to purchase a new box of coins.

I opened my first roll and started to delicately view each. As I detected something odd with the coin I would place it aside. I looked at each coin with a 10X loupe. It was tedious and my eyes took a beating.

To my surprise I found a grouping of these coins. Not having a picture of what I was looking for, I assumed these were the $200 a piece prize.

I latter found a picture online and they were an exact match in what I had in my possession. In total, the value of my find was $10,000.

What I found were fifty (50) mint state 1995 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln pennies.

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