A coin that would make Grandpa smile!

Lastufka Collection


Workin' my way backwards...

I'm working on a First Year of Issue Type Set. I started with the most recent coin types and I'm quickly working my way backwards. Figured that'd allow me to pick up a few examples relatively quickly and cheaply before I start getting too buried in the past... and auction receipts.

Picked up this very nice MS 67 RD example of a 1909 VDB Lincoln cent. Sure, it's not a San Fran example, but it sure is gorgeous. It currently has an NGC graded population of 78, with only one graded higher.

My Grandpa was a collector, filling books and rolls. Last week's pick up of a Prototype Reverse Sacagawea dollar probably wouldn't have done much for him. But this one would have made him smile. Hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Happy collecting!




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