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This isn't fun anymore.

Hey there Rick,

Thank you for your offer on the trades, but I think I am going to just sell as much as I can being myself to letting go.

I think that if I was to trade/buy any more stuff, I would just want to put it up on the Registry, and that is exactly what I want out off.

I have been collecting for about 10 years now. I have been an active player on the registry for about 8 of those years.

Over those 8 years I have added, deleted, re-added, re-deleted sets over and over. I would probably have around 200 more "First Place Ribbons" if I didn't keep deleting sets.

I have dropped out of the Registry twice now, and this will be the third time. But i am pretty sure this time is it. I have went from U.S., to China, to Australia, and now to Great Britain coins. Through all those changes and all the research I have done on those coins, I have had countless problems with NGC and their serivce.

Every time I started in a new country, I would have a new set of problems with NGC. Coins mislabeled, coins mounted backwards, wrong metal type...you name it. And as I got more and more ignored, I would just go into my "Control Panel" and delete everything.

When I was doing Lunar coins from China, I really didn't think NGC could do any worst. I mean it was everything you could imagine, almost every order had something that needed fixed.

BUT THEN CAME BRITISH COINS!!! Oh my God!! I don't think anyone at NGC as ever even seen a British coin. Over the spand of one year (all of 2011) I spent around $17,000 (just for information, this amount is about 1/3 of my take home pay!) on grading and had around 28 orders. Each order ranged from 15 coins to 40 coins. And in EVERY order there was a mistake by NGC. I was on the phone with them more then I was on Ebay.

And almost every person I talked to had a tone. Like I was wasting their time or something.

The final straw was when the "world coin expert" told me that a coin that I had in my hand did not exist. And, hold on you're going to love this part, it was graded by....yeap you guessed it, NGC!!!

Now, the same company that graded a coin, put it in their population report, and had it listed on the Registry on their website and then said it does not exist, is the very same company that is telling me that PCGS is no longer acceptable. WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE!

NGC is only about one thing, that is money. I have now realized that and I have changed my whole collecting goals because of it.

My heart goes out to people like "Mr. Bo Jingles" and everyone like him because I know what it is like to find out that someone is playing you like a fool.

I have so much more to say, but really, what's the point? You have two options, put up with it, or leave it. When the #2 in charge (Scott at NGC) tells you that some mistakes won't be taken care of, I guess that answers all the questions I have.



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