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Oh well



Appreciator of coins

No I am not offended. When I can buy a NGC ms69 2011 silver eagle on a Monday and sell it for 2 1/2 times what I paid for it the next week to help fund my goal, that is not true collecting I guess. I look at my endeavor like when I was small and had all the blue trifold books to collect pennies nickels dimes etc, when you found one you were excited, no different here. Actually when I do finally accomplish my task and I have maybe 8 to 12 labels that are rare or hard to get I guess I did make it then, because The coin is then also rare, and like they say, buy the coin. I suppose it's like going after that elusive Morgan CC or Lincoln penny, Numismatics is what you make it. OCD probably not, ain't got enough money for that to occure. But the same could be said about someone who has been collecting and accumulating a certain collection for years, I call that determined and passionate, but also OCD. Just jawing with you all, loosen up and ENJOY your particular endeavor. I am, and I will be the only one in the US maybe to say "I have every 25th anniversary silver eagle holder with the different labels and mint marks in ms70."

Thank you, you have been a great audiance.

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