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Confused to say the least

Just when I thought I was within sight of accomplishing my goal of collecting a complete set of 2011 Silver Eagle holders with different labels and different eagles in ms70, I find out that the Mint is issuing 3 labels for coins from the 5 coins anniversary set.

This means if I understand it right and the kind lady at NGC explains it there are three coins, the "W" "S" and "bullion" coin to get the pedigreed label. Thats fine, except they can also come with the early release label. This now makes six to collect.

But wait there is more. If some are sent in with the mint box not sealed only the "S" coin can be graded in MS. It will get a brown label from the set and this also can get early release. So, that makes 8 labels available for the 25th anniversary set.

But wait, I understand that some of the big wholesalers can get their own label, which means if this is true, an unknown number of labeled Eagles to be obtained.

The mint also only produced 100,000, so how many will be sent in for grading? How high will the prices be? Could there be a certain coin that has less than 100 or even 20 with a label for it.

Your thoughs folks. Also correct me on my errors as I am going on gut feeling and some minor info from NGC.


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