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Holder Labels



How many

I collect holders that have different labels in them. This yr, 2011 Silver Eagles MS69 has 18 holders with different labels counting the Burnished that just shortly came out. Yes there are browns, flags, Early Releases, etc, but I consider each label as it pertains to a certain coin. So that is why I count the Burnished also, even tho it has the same five labels that were previously awarded, well almost. You see there are different mints that produced Eagles, different mint marks etc. So what do you think? With the 5 coin anniversary set due out soon, how many different labels will there be for it? 1, 3, or 5 like the Burnished and for each different coin in the set? Let me know what you think. Also I will be loading my MS69s to my custom collections as a new collection hopefully this week, save for one burnished I had to return. Also if anyone knows of more label for the silver eagle let me know. I am still missing 3 MS70s.

Thanks for your ear

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