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Is it really a PF70ER?

Hello everyone,

I just received a 2011 Sac PF70ER in the mail, and was examining it when I found 2 tiny die cracks between 7 and 8 O'clock on the true reverse of the coin. The coin is definitely a 70, but I wonder if any more of you have noticed this. With the relatively small number of 70s, as compared to other years, might they qualify as a "mint error" also? If you have one or more, I'd like to know.

On another hand, are any of you sending in coins to be graded, and they are coming back with very low grades because fingerprints have been added while they were out of your control?

They all boast about how they can handle raw coins with bare hands, but they have to stop eating chips while grading. PCGS did the same thing, so they're all guilty. Their reply? "You must have sent it to us like that." While it was only a 69 when it went to them, they made it into a 65. All I can hope for now is silver going higher so I can melt it. I never open the capsules......I guess the Mint does it?

I scanned the cracks, but they're tiny. Let's hope we get a special slot?

Good luck all!


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