Come on NGC, is this the best ... Part 2



Still not happy about that rattle but...

A reminder of part 1, coin came back slanted in holder with a little rattle to it. See past journal. After thinking about it for a day I knew NGC wouldn't put the token in crooked and desided it most have turned due to the looseness of the token in the slab, the rattle. I started tapping the bottom right corner of the slab on a table and after about a thousand taps, okay, maybe a hundred, I noticed that it had move a bit, not much, but some. I got me a cup of coffee, put on a little SuperTramp, Breakfast in America, and started tapping away. Somewhere around "Take the Long Way Home" and a couple of thousand taps I noticed that I had turned the come a bit to far. I flip it over to the other corner and started tapping again. Somewhere around the middle of "Just Another Nervous Wreck", wich I was, I had the token perfectly centered. Sorry to NGC for going off on a little rant in my past journal. Now I just have to get rid of that rattle.


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