Come on NGC, this is the best you can do?



You didn't get it right the first time and this time either.

I had this "Conder" token graded by NGC several years ago and when it came back they had put the obverse to the back of the slab. Not really a big deal but I did write them a small email about it and never heard back from them. I recently purchased two more "Conders" from ebay and the slabs were so scuffed up you could barely see the token. I packaged up 5 token for reslabing including the backwards token and sent them off. Well, they came back yesterday and they did flip the backwards token around so that the obverse shows on the front but take a look at what they did wrong this time. I think it may be out of alinement due to the fact that the token rattles in the holder. I've tried to rattle it back but it doesn't seem to be moving. I would think the person putting these coins in the slabs would know you can't have loose coin knocking around inside the holder. Seems like they could do a better job than that. I wonder if I'll hear back from this time after they get my email.


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