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Some are blue labels and some are........

Hi everyone,

It takes a bit of getting used to the new ER, blue labels. They do look great, and set the coin off with a brighter color. I also got my multiholders today, but alas, they are that same old boring burgundy. It says ER on the label, so I guess it's OK. I but the coin, and the label only states what's inside. I see the minor coins look great in the new label too!

May this trend continue and everyone get a set to put away.

Thanks to the members that helped me this year with my sets. I have a lot of great friends.

P.S. I entered my two ER Presidential sets on the same day and time. My set #2 is now at the top of the page, and #1 is sixth from the top. I didn't do it, but it sure cramps my collection. I compete for the best, have the best, and now lose it's place because the computer modifies my sets? I work hard to obtain my coins and organize my sets. It's a shame to get help when I don't need it. I have asked the set be reinstated to the top of the page where it belongs. We'll see shortly.


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