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Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

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Richard Lobel minted many Edward VIII coinage  - mostly in the 1980's

The picture attached is of a bi-metal coin given to me by Richard Lobel when he visited my house in South Africa. I have only ever seen two of them around so must assume there is a low mintage. Perhaps 10? Not sure and Richard remains silent to my inquiry.


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2 hours ago, morganthebrave said:

XRF scan indicates  around 90% silver...was a bit tricky getting the reading when the coin is encapsulated!

Not quite Sterling, but better than the 80% that you had estimated. :banana:

What ever happened with the piece that NGC claimed was fake?

And, did the gold crown that was lost in the mail ever show up?

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Hi Just Bob

Not had chance to get around the re-submission of the 'fake' 60% silver medal. Why would any fraudster attempt to make a medal with 60% silver? Why not just laminate it with silver....anyway will need to work on closure for this medal at some point in time.

Did receive the gold crown - much to my relief! :roflmao:

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Can anyone tell me what year this coin or medal actually can be? Looks gold feels heavy like gold? What steps shall I take before submitting it?20190508_133802_Burst01.thumb.jpg.9a7f876374e1d7c4fbb525f162531c3f.jpg20190508_133848.thumb.jpg.c3febe4b9474e0883a0b71f9b1abe43e.jpg

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Richard Lobel issued coinage around early 1980's. FM43B AE, gilt. 

The above image you are showing is fairly common in copper and nickel and slightly more challenging to collect the AE gilt that you may have as shown. If it is gold you can do a test or weigh the coin. 

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