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So many friends, so little time.

Hello all!

I am overwhelmed by everyone's response. Friend and foe, alike.

I have to add a few answers to everyone that asked for certain coins, or sets.

If my collection sells before the Registry Awards, I will release everything for you to compete.

I do not wish to break up this collection. The quicker I liquidate, the quicker I can get other plans rolling. To my friends out of the US, I wish I could sell to you, but customs would flag the collection just by the volume. To my NZ friends, I appreciate all the help you gave me to establish some fine sets.

My coins will NOT go onto eBay! The fees would kill me, and PayPal only allows a partial payment. Send me an email for the site if you are seriously interested. The description will explain the sets I will be keeping, etc.

To all of my friends in New Zealand and Australia,

I am sorry if I let you down by putting my hard sought collection for sale.

Selling is something I will regret, but my future depends upon it. Competing with, (and against), other Society members will be missed.

If this collection isn't for you, perhaps you have a friend or acquaintance that would enjoy this hobby for fun, or investment?

Thank you for the thrill.

I am really not going away. I am just going to be a "back burner" member. If the collection doesn't sell, I will probably entertain the thought of continuing at a lesser pace.

Keep up the good work, everyone. You have been a great inspiration.

Have a great time, and good luck with the 2010 Awards.

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