The Results - New white Tuxedos



Oh , tell me I didn't do it again?

(July of 2010)I just rejoined the Registry for another year so I had the five free submissions to send in and what did I go and do? I went down to the bank box and got out 5 ANACS grade Ireland coins to cross over into NGC slabs. That wasn't the problem. Instead of doing a crossover and making sure that they'd come back a certain grade or at least in the ANACS slabs, I went and cracked the out and sent them in as raw unslabed coins. Doing that always scares the hell out of me. What made me do it you ask. Well, I've done both ways before, break out and cross over, and always came out ahead with the break outs. I'm not saying NGC downgrades a coin when reviewing it in another companies slabs, but it seems that way to me. Anyway, here's what I sent in and what I think they'll come back as - 1928 Ire. proof shilling, was a ANACS -PF65, mirror fields with great blue and purple toning around the rims, I thinking this may come back a NGC-PR66. 1951 Ire. shilling, was a ANACS-MS66, mark free fields with a touch of uneven gold and yellow toning, nice eye appeal, hoping this one comes back as a MS66 but a 65 is possible. 1939 Ire. half crown, was a ANACS-MS64. Blast white centers with colorfull toning of mangenta, blue and purple somewhat unevenly around the rims, better come back as a MS-64 but there are a few bag marks here and there that could knock it down to a 63 but I'll stay with my MS64. 1942 Ire. half crown, was a ANACS-MS65, somewhat like the last but not as blast white centers and a few less bag marks, this one could come back as a MS64, lets hope not but that's what I'm going with. Last is a 1963 Ire. half crown graded MS67 by ANACS, well deserveing of a 67 grade but I just don't see NGC giving out that high of a grade for a somewhat modern date, one small pin- and some light tan toning evenly over the whole coin, I'm going to have to say MS66 with a shot at MS67 if the grader is haveing a god day. When the results are in I'll repost this journal and let you know the results and how I feel about them.(Sept. of 2010) THE RESULTS ARE HERE. 1928 proof shilling ANACS-PF-65. My worst fears have come true. Here I was thinking this could come back upgraded a point and it comes back down graded a point. I think they're off here but now it's in a NGC-PF64 tuxedo. 1951 Ire. ANACS-MS66. It's back as a NGC MS-65 which I said it could. No complaints. 1939 Ire. 1/2cr ANACS-MS64. Here's one I was thinking would go down a point and it comes back going up a point.I'll take a NGC- MS65 anytime. 1942 Ire. 1/2cr. Called this one right. The new Tuxedo on this NGC-MS64 fits real well. 1963 1/2cr Ireland. ANACS-MS67.This new Tuxedo looks a bit dirty as it only came back as a NGC-MS65. Not sure what they saw that I didn't. Not to bad, I know, four of them went down in grade but the one that went up a point is worth the most so I'm happy. Oh yeah, I just broke out some more and I'll report what happened when it's all done and over.


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