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I'm one of them too.......to a point

Hi all,



You guys are right. I have said it all along. Dealers can have any set they want. They only have to pay for the 69 and 70 grades in the proofs.....how sweet is that?

I give up trying to compete with NGC dealers. I finally went to PCGS for honest grades. I may lose to an NGC set, but my coins are still mine, and I'll put them up against the finest grades in any other slab. Yes, my sets have blue slabs in them now. I used to hate PCGS too.

No one did New Zealand coins until two of us started a few sets of circulated coins, and NGC ran us out the door. Excuses of won't grade, can't grade, and purple slabs became commonplace.

I have a passion for the NZ coins. I've made a lot of new friends and even belong to the NZCCA. I spent all last year looking and grading the QEII penny set for the competition. I had the best set(still do)until big money bought grades from NGC to pass me in the last 20 minutes before the deadline.

The scoring for NZ coins is too far off on the varieties. An AU50 is not an AU58. It gets the same points though? A PF65 and a PF70 Silver Eagle get the same too?

No imaging and no descriptions should disqualify a set too. Dealers have so many coins they can't be bothered showing off their prized possessions.

Did I get robbed this year? Sure! Am I pissed? Sure!

Do I have the #1 set now? Yup! Do I have images and descriptions? Go look......that's what I image them for. I have them all. You can only see what I am willing to show you.

I am proud of my coins, NGC and PCGS alike. My sets are for all to see. I obscured a few(temporarily), while I am working on them.

NGC needs to revamp the Registry. Dealer's sets and Collectors's

sets. We can't enter in theirs, and guess what........?

PCGS even has a Poor Man's collection. You cannot enter a MS coin. Only AU and down. They also need to end the grading discrimination towards the little guys and World coins. My worst Canadian PF68 is better than a PF70 Eagle, but........

Dealers make their money on high end coins......period.

I don't have $100 grand to compete with them either.

I'll take my PCGS MS64 and say it might be a MS66 in NGC, but I'll do it the hard way! I'll earn my #1





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