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What a ripoff!

Hello everyone!

I guess you knew my two Lincolns were coming.

FedEx is a joke. I had my subscriptions, expressed from the Mint facility (Indianapolis), and it took 13 days.

I can walk almost that far in 13 days.

The shipment went by my area, and went to MA. It sat there for the weekend. Then it took two days from their terminal to me. Did I get a refund on shipping? What do you think?

Did I cancel my subscriptions with the Mint? What do you think?

My seven day return policy was in question also. I sent sets back three times, at my expense, and still had to buy a few from friends. The Mint sent the sweepings off the floor, and fingerprints to prove it.

If you collect raw coins, use the Mint. If you collect graded coins, buy them already done. It is so much less stressful.

I am tired paying for things and services I don't get. Those that know me, already knew that!

Humans are involved, and they're subject to mistakes. If you think your coins are worth stealing, use U-PIC insurance. That's

www.u-pic.com. (someone asked)

It isn't on the postal label. I send coins almost everywhere, and never a problem. I actually rely on the integrity of the USPS.

Well, I used a whole Jefferson, but that's my side of it.

Great collecting to everyone!



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