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I guess it takes a miracle?

Hello everyone!

I just received my first 70 of the year. It's the 2010 $15 Canada Lunar Lotus, Year of the Tiger. It is absolutely gorgeous. I checked it out and it is flawless for such a high mintage strike. It's number 10507 of 19888.

The RCM has craftsmanship that is unequaled. Their coins show Canadian imagination and beauty. Their subject diversification and commemorative dedication makes them a great choice for collectors. Unlike the US, stuck on eagles and buffalos, they run the gamut with subjects, themes and denominations.

The biggest trouble is, jealousy ruins the grading of these specimens. PCGS and NGC must hate the RCM. The best I seem to do is a 69. Dealers get a token 70 once in a while, but even they take a beating. I didn't mention that my 70 is still raw. I microscoped it at 200X, and it's flawless. I would imagine a 69UC from NGC, and a 68 or 69 DCAM from PCGS.

WHY???? WHY??? WHY???

It's going to PCGS, as they will have a slot for it. Regardless, I am hoping to get a perfect grade. My fist pump is a little rusty after the competition. It would be nice to get a few nice coins early!

Here's hoping you all have a few irons in the fire....I do.

See what you think. I scanned it through the capsule.

I wonder if grading companies do it through the capsule too? That might explain some things.

Anyway folks.....I'm baaaaaaaaack! lol




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