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The bigger the greed......the bigger the need?

Hello everyone!

It's all about money. They(eBay) could care less about the coins we buy and sell. I bought raw coins from the best in the business, and also from some I thought to be shady. When they got to the graders, both were junk. So much for selling valid coins through eBay. Graded coins need an obverse and a reverse scan? The serial number is it's verification.....isn't it? Raw coin images can be so fuzzy, you can't tell if it's even a coin.

I hate to have a coin(or anything) lost in the mail. I try to insure everything of mine, as it is mine. If I sell something at auction or whatever, I always offer, and recommend, insurance.

Some buyers question $6.50 for a Priority flat rate box from the Post Office. I tell them to stop by and pick it up. It's free that way.

I recently lost 2 coins from New Zealand. One was destined for the competition, and the other not. The seller had another, and replaced it within a reasonable time. I could not ask for anything better. Ebay and PayPal(mandatory for coins)is not even guaranteed over $50.00 unless sent Registered Mail Insured.

Dean is right. Where does responsibility end? I try to send everything in a Priority flat rate envelope or box. Why? Four reasons. One, it is larger and harder to lose than a small bubblepak mailer. Two. In a larger package, it doesn't look like a coin or coins. Thirdly. I can insure it, get either regular delivery confirmation, or signature confirmation. Fourth...it is fair price to everyone. Click-N-Ship allows for a scan form and free carrier pickup. They scan your package when it leaves your hand. Bingo! Proof they got it.

You can send a customer the tracking number. It sucks when something really gets lost. It's not the money.....it's the item. Not all of us have, or can afford to send, another as replacement.

With all the problems, I still believe eBay is partial to buyers.

They quickly refund money before they even know the facts. We as sellers have to prove authenticity and scan each item for sale. A buyer only has to win, and say they didn't get it, and there goes a spotless reputation. Ebay doesn't drop their(or PayPal) fees if an item is lost either. They've trampled me a few times in the past. Ebay is going to get everything they can out of both parties. They do it for a living.

Let's hope we all pick up a little from everyone involved in this matter. Integrity is the key word. We all can be victimized at any time. Watch those you buy from and those you sell to. I find that low feedbacks and negatives are usually a good indication. The less I deal with eBay, the better I like it.

I like to stay with dealers, even though I have to compete against them here. Reputation is a factor also. I am happy to say that everyone I have dealt with in the Society has been most pleasant and honest.

Let's hope it all turns out OK?

I have a list to make out for Santa




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