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I can melt all my Eagles now.

Hello everyone!

We all collect metals taken from the Earth. What is done with them is quite amazing. I've had platinum and gold. I never had a silver bar. I've had aluminum and tin cans. I have worked all year on a pre-decimal penny set from NZ. I chose NZ as no one was interested in a few lousy half silver,cupro-nickel, and copper coins. Ebay had a half page of New Zealand coins and they were extremely cheap. I guess my passion for these unimportant sets caught on. You can tell by all the new sets in the registry and the large number of pages on eBay.

I still say that the average collector has no chance against a dealer in a competition, but rules are rules.

As the deadline approaches, I see the flood into everyone's sets to get organized for the judging. Me too. I have to arrange a few sets that I am so far behind on.

Regardless of the outcome, I have done what I can with the resources I have. I may not be able to hold the #1 sets I have, but, I still have some nice stuff.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, here's one worth at least 25 pounds of .9999 gold. Mintage 10

Happy Collecting!




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