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If I don't have them done by now............

Hello all,

I've been really busy doing the homeowner thing and sending a fewcoins to be graded. I can now enter my coins into two registries, but it's tough to compete here. I have a few I wish had been better, but after all, I chose to let PCGS grade them.

I do have a great 1d set. I am hoping for a #1 there. It's tough to compete against NGC dealers. It's even tougher to get honest grading. I may even have to use a few NGC slabs to edge out my competitors......what treachery!

I was lucky enough to have a few of the top pop coins in both, so wish me luck. If I don't make the top set, a #2 will be even better.

I wish I had all the grading fees I wasted this summer. My Canada sets need a little boost.

I hope everyone is rounding the final turn and headed for the deadline. The economy has been a little rough on a few of us. Good Luck to everyone and here's hoping all coins are back by the 10th.

Happy Holidays to everyone!




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