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In my opinion,it's the best for less.

Hi all!

If I wasn't on W.K.F's iggy list I could offer an option. A few of us, on limited budgets, had the same imaging problems.

I personally bought a Epson, Perfection V300 Photo, scanner.

I got it(new)on eBay for $74.49 shipping included. It isn't like a pro's studio camera, but I am happy with it. Installation is a snap and it will take some shots a Hasselblad never thought of.

Another Society member has a Canon he got at a garage sale for $3.00. It's every bit as good as mine.

I don't play with the colors, just shoot them for slots @ 266 dpi. 300 dpi@ 48 bit color is a tad too much.

If you want a journal image, about 96dpi works.

The nice thing about the scanner is it's the new LED, and it scans to a file directly.

No need to buy my "help." Find out whatever anyone else has to say. Weigh the pros and cons, and make your own choice. Look at other's images and ask.

If in case you do feel indebted, my fee is.........

A new scanner of you choice, and happy imaging. Kids love to do it, and they will usually outsmart you with it. Believe me, I know!

It's just my two cents, from a dumb old man.




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