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From coin collector to junk collector.

Hello all!

I guess the purple craze is catching on. Some of us figured it would be the easy way out on coins that deserve a grade. It looks like incompetence, or backlog, mandates a speedier way of getting coins on their way.

I'd rather wait a month to get an honest grade. I didn't mind NGC's, 10-12 days for a grade. What I do mind is sending a proof coin to have an ugly fingerprint removed(done well), and

having it come back as a "polished" coin. I didn't like sending a UNC, die crack error, to be graded, and it comes back as AU, and "excessive surface hairlines." It didn't get the label for the obvious die crack either. What I mind is sending five variety coins to NCS for evaluation, then seeing them come back as junk. Incorrect labels, different colored slabs, charges for coins they refuse to grade? Then you get half the points for it. Makes sense to me too!

NGC has slots in the Registry for non-existent coins. You start a set, spend thousands of dollars, many hours of research, to find there is no such coin. When you do find a coin that does exist, you are told "it's too tough to grade?" That makes no sense to me. Now you get to pay more for the combined services too.

As soon as I get my next set done, I can replace the "toe tagged" wonders.

I am tired of looking for "good" coins. Why bother when you can get anything and everything slabbed now?

From Intercept Shield to a shoebox.

I thought settlers were the ones that made this country what it is. I hope it doesn't catch on here.

Here's an example of ED.




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