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I follow Dilbert and coffee?

Hi all,

You guys are too nice. I am truly flattered.

I am impressed that I am becoming a household tradition. Coffee,Dilbert, and NGC journals. I guess I have to compete with Dilbert? I really do appreciate all of you sending mail.

A few have voiced concern about some matters. Everything will work out.

To those asking about the changed label, I added the best image I can post in a journal. The coin that's on the label is strangely outside the slab.

For those of you on a treasure hunt, aka wild goose chase, you now can see what you are looking for. The elusive and impossible to identify NZ KM13-A penny. I may do a side by side shot for tomorrow's journal. That will be with the other non-gradable burnished coin.

I wish I could afford to send my $5 Braille. I can see it now.

MS65 Details Grading, excessive surface hairlines. It was made like that, so they'll be right on. I am still mumbling to myself about the 1945 PF or PL coin that was toe tagged "POLISHED."

I wonder if old man Krause, or any of his "experts" are still alive? He, or his cronies, say there was a proof coin that year(1945). I guess it would be impossible for me to get one? It was submitted as such, but now it's just a polished coin.

Anyone remember wooden nickels? I bet they purple slab them too.

I dug out my raw Canada coins tonight. Twenty two pounds of silver. Greywolf should start trembling. All proofs, and all PF69 Ultra Cameo. There are no 70s for Canada. Oh, there is an exception. I am not it.

They do have some beautiful $20 coins. Their mintage is less than the 1995 W proof Silver Eagle. The respect they get is even less too. Hey......according to definition, a 69 is a perfect coin to the eye.

Eyeball this image and you be the grader. This one isn't rocket science.

Good night everyone.........good night Dilbert.




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