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Here's what they look like?

Hi everyone!

A few slabs(appropriately named)came back today. I imaged the QEII, New Zealand pennies, and they are looking quite good.

The 1945 NZ George VI looks good, even though it lost the"British flan", KM-13A, pedigree. They must have hit delete on that line of the label. It's now in a slot though. I won't argue the grade. My "backup" coin is there now.

LineItem Year Mint Mark Variety/Pedigree Denom. NCS Grade NCS Comments NGC Invoice Number NGC Grade NGC Comments

001 1945 NEWZEALAND KM-13A PENNY 3324801

002 1965 NEWZEALAND BROKEN WING 6P 3324801

As you can see the 1945 variety does have an NGC number. We'll see in a few days. There's the "P" thing too. Why can't they even copy the submission form right?

I added an image to yesterday's post. It's the new "Coroner's Tag" you get instead of a body bag. The mortuary will soon be a great place to visit. I haven't even tried to enter them.

Today's image will be another fiasco.

I picked up a 1934 NZ 3d from a dealer that broke them from a roll. Almost every one had at least one die crack. This is very common with the NZ 3d. All I wanted was it to be graded as what it is. The image in yesterday's post will show you why I am upset. It was a UNC/BU coin. Excessive hair lines? No mention of either die crack. One at about 4:00 and a smaller around 8:00.

OK.....the smaller one IS minor, but the other is there. NGC will not label it a a die crack. "Too minor,not recognized". This isn't a US coin where everyone votes on the "errors".

I guess it has to be a Silver Eagle, or a Presidential dollar to be major? The coin is smaller than our dime. It won't have a die crack with a route number.

Even the label is incorrect.....both as a matter of fact.

It's labeled as a 3P. It's a 3d. My 6d is now a 6P too. So much for an accurate description.

Out of the eight I got back today, four are basically worthless.

If I were in the major leagues, a .500 batting average would be unsurpassed. 100% of my money went to sending them to be evaluated and described as what they are. I have them back, and they are mine. The labels have been changed to protect something.

I liked the body bag thing better. Now I have to go out in the shop and put them in the vise.

As soon as I can complete this set, I will be done. New Zealand and circulated coins just don't work.

I will resume my quest for the perfect PF69 $20 Canada set. Only a select few get 70s. The prejudice, here too, is overwhelming.

Hey.....feel free to look at my questionable sets. I do image them for all to see.

Take a look at this and just go, hmmmmmmmm?

If I seem a little upset. You're right. I get to do this on $770.00 a month.

Have a great day!

P.S. I just added the two purple beauties into their respective slots. I hope the scans are adequate to prove my point.




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