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In by 9:00, out by 5:00

Hello everyone!

At a little after 09:00 this morning, NCS sent my NZ 1d KM-13A and "broken wing" 6d to NGC for grading. They were received by NGC, and labeled as what they were. Around 17:00(5:00PM), my second "British flan",(KM-13A)disappeared.


It is now just another plain old "run of the mill" 1945 penny.

As one can see a "broken wing" variety, it may get graded as such. My 1934 NZ, 3d, uncirculated(out of a roll), double die crack,was body bagged. Excessive hair lines?......this one is getting old.

I guess my circulation coins are destined for the purple slab?

If this elusive(nonexistent to NGC)1945 coin is so tough to find and even harder to grade, it should have at least a 5,000 point score if they ever grade one. They actually have a score for a coin less than MS. However, they cannot grade any specimen less than UNC. A strapless coin(easy to see) gets top billing. There is even a star point boost around a MS63?

This coin was made to be ugly.

I now have 4 "British flan" coins. Two are now plain KM13, graded by NGC.

One I gave, yes gave, to Papamesa. One is at PCGS, and the other is still here in a flip.

If you're like me and try to build complete sets, this 1940-1952 NZ 1d set isn't one for a beginner. As I see it, it's not even one for "experts".

So much for diversification.

My coins that have been graded, are still not imaged. They were done almost 3 weeks ago. Supposedly they were mailed on 9-3. I do admit I am happy with them, but would like to see them.

Thanks for all the friendly emails. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in this. Thank goodness I printed everything out. It may come in handy.

"The measure of any great collection is dictated by the PASSION of the collector". Sound familiar? NGC homepage?

Excuse me for being passionate about my coins.

Thanks to all and have a good week.

Here is what the new "Coroner's Tag"looks like. It seems like the varieties are stumping them. Even the labels are incorrect.

It's a 6d on the left and a 3d on the right. Musta been a typo?




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